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  1. BBM Released For Android and iOS

    Haven`t tested it a lot. But for a day and a half it was running, It was giving a lot of Alarm Wakelocks in My GSII.. So, Uninstalled.
  2. No the ipod i had is not classic. its ipod video 80gb. cant locate it yet. So far i think Ankit will get Nokia ruim cdma Mukesh ji will get Dell HTPC remote BB Flip for Alok ji waiting for other members to show interest and reason. Bhai, transferred the shipping charges for the phone
  3. @VA, Sent you a PM with address. If Nobody else is interested in that Reliance Modem of yours, May i Have it please.. Mainly because the Tp-Link Router I`ve right now have become old enough to drop connections frequently and It does have wifi. so, with this modem + that router, I may have a stable connection.. Pls reply 4 this query. And that modem is not locked with Reliance, right??
  4. check pm. I already informed you, the DTDC fellows not accepted the phone to your address and requested you can it be send it through ordinary postal service. Please inform through PM Gopal Ji, EMS Not Possible.. Or else I can give you a different Address(in Chennai).. Thank you..
  5. Gurugopal ji, What about the courier charges for the mts phone.. Please do tell Sent from my LT18i using Tapatalk 2
  6. Android Mobiles From India

    Waiting For the Magnificient OPPO Find 5 :-)
  7. So, Even After that 50% reduction, It must be around 4-5 times what MTS had to pay back then right?? Hoping MTS wud stay.. But one thing is if they`re forced to pay this huge amount, then i dont think it`ll be feasible for them to provide the same cheap services they had provided..
  8. Sorry I'm not able to get your sir @ kapil Sent from my LT18i using Tapatalk 2
  9. @ni0987 oh promo calls/sms will come. no doubt in that.. i only wanted to say they don deduct money by activating packs on their own..
  10. News Snippets

    License issue of Sistema Shyam Teleservices has taken to international level, as Russia warned to go for international arbitration in case Indian courts do not resolve Sistema’s licenses. Alexander Kadakin, Russian Ambassador in a cultural event in New Delhi said, “If the issue of cancellation of 2G licence to Sistema is not resolved in Indian courts, we will go for international arbitration,” The Supreme Court of India cancelled all licenses issued on or after January 10, 2008 on the ground of irregularities during spectrum sale. This verdict affected 21 of 22 licenses of SSTL (Sistema Shyam Teleservices), which operates under MTS India brand. The company has submitted a petition with the apex court seeking a review of the decision to cancel licences and also decided not to participate in the upcoming 2G spectrum auction. Sistema’s point of view is they applied for CDMA spectrum on 800 MHz band where there is no demand, while other players went for GSM 1800 MHz band. Till date Sistema, who owns 56.68% of the company, invested $3.1 billion in this Indian telecom venture. Russia previously asserted it will not allow this huge investment go waster for internal problems in the country. Russia Govt. holds 17.14% shares in SSTL and is very unhappy on this issue, said that “great repercussion” of this issue will affect not only on Indo-Russian bilateral cooperation but also for its foreign investments in India. There are also reports that the Department of Telecom (DoT) is going to support the curative petition filed by Sistema in the Supreme Court challenging cancellation of its licenses in 21 circles. Source: http://telecomtalk.info/russia-international-arbitration-mts-indias-licenses-restored/101951/
  11. AFAIK, MTS dont do dirty tricks.. I`ve been using 3 mts numbers for about 2 and 1/2 yrs as of now and they have never deducted a paisa unnecessarily..
  12. Nexus 4 - The Next Google Flagship Phone is Official

    I don think selling N4 @299$ will be a loss for them and they do it just for improving their brand value..
  13. Nexus 4 - The Next Google Flagship Phone is Official

    hoping it`ll come @ a similar price point to india...
  14. ^^^ seems to be the talk out there.. http://voicendata.ciol.com:50080/content/news1/112101701.asp Lets hope it helps MDA
  15. Discounted/Free apps on Market/Play Store

    Pls guide me how to generate a virtual credit card..
  16. Apple iPhone 5 & iOS6 discussion

    I think it`s 2130 today and not 2230..
  17. Ok, heard ppl saying that it gives more than 512 kbps.. anyway, for you to get 38 GB, is it almost always on ??
  18. @kanag, is bsnl wimax giving 512 kbps or more?? and what's bsnl 2 on 3? is it 2g plan in 3g network?
  19. my balance is not getting deducted.I'm using net and net as un and pa.sss. even the tn customer care confirmed it..
  20. Yes U can,, I`m using it with unlocked Reliance ZTE AC 2737