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  1. Post MNP Experience

    Sir, Have you verified the call charges including for incoming calls. I have post-pay connection so call charges can be verified only after bill generation. I think i could not explain my view. "By local call" I mean call gets connected without prefixing "0" or "+91" and it had nothing to do with call charges.
  2. Post MNP Experience

    Recently I did National-MNP by porting my "Idea"s Delhi/NCR connection to "Idea" UP-West circle's. After, N-MNP, I noticed that I am able to call that number ( i.e. ported one) from any Delhi/NCR mobile as a local number i.e. without prefixing "0" or "+91". Then I tried to call some other UP-West's number from my Delhi mobile number and all the calls got connected as local call. The same is happening when calling from UP-West number to Delhi/NCR number. Has anybody else noticed this ?
  3. Suspicion for Fake activation

    Dear Friends, 2-3 days back, one person visited my home claiming he was from "Idea" verification dept.and wanted verify my documents for my new post-pay connection. But, actually I did not take any new post-pay connection. I was not at home at that time and my wife who was facing him, called me to inquire if I had applied for a new mob. connection. I was just talking with her, mean while that person started his bike and ran-away. Now, I am afraid of any fake activation in my name. How can I know if there is any fake connection being used in my name ? Do writing a mail to "IDEA" appellate work ? Or where else can I register a complain for the same ? Pls. suggest as I am really worried. Currently, I am having 4 post-pay and 1 pre-paid mobile connection in "Idea".
  4. One of my friend who was associated with Airtel earlier (Lucknow) is now with "Jio" since 3 months and some 2 weeks ago, he too said something like that.
  5. Are SIMs used for Data and Voice Different ?

    Thanks to all for your prompt suggestions. @ scott1391990, My location is Vasundhara, sect-2c, Ghaziabad.
  6. Are SIMs used for Data and Voice Different ?

    Then what could be the reason they are discouraging to use unlocked dongle ? To sell theirs locked dongles ?
  7. Hi, I am using Reliance 3G in an unlocked Alcatel dongle from last 3 months. I was continously facing problems of frequent disconnection and sometimes even not connecting. I logged several complains, but all in vain. I, then gave request to port out to Vodafone, but Voda executive told me I would not be able to make voice calls from their's SIM which would be used for data. I then visited "Idea", and they too informed I might use for voice calls, but it is not recommended by the company. Both the executives of Voda and Idea, said, SIM used for data are different from the SIM which are used for voice. I asked them then how Reliance was providing both services on the same SIM. The "Idea" executive was clueless, but the Voda executive told that could be the reason for my problem. Experts, can you pls. throw some light on this issue. AFAIK, there should be no difference in between the SIMS.
  8. Dear Friends, I was at my home town at Bareilly for last 8 days. There I decided to get a local R-GSM connection. For it I visited Reliance store, but was surprised to see that they guys were discouraging post pay connection. One executive was telling " sir, we advise you don't go for post-pay connection as Reliance is going to shut down its operation from 31st March,2013. It will be better you chose a prepaid connection". I could not believe this b'cos AFAIK, there is no problem with Reliance related to licence, but since it was from a Reliance store employee, and 2 nos. of Reliance Store have been already shut down in the town, I could not discard it fully. Do any body have more details about it ? One more thing, I tried to get pre-paid connection from 3 retailers too, but got 3 different plan which are as follows- Retailer 1> SIM cost Rs 100 in which Rs 96 was as core talk time with /second pulse. Retailer 2> SIM cost Rs 100 and Rs 45 to be credited into account for next 3 consecutive month with /second pulse. Retailer 3> SIM cost Rs 70 with a core talk time of Rs 70 with /second pulse. Lastly, I got it from Reliance Store in Rs 100 with 18000 seconds. Now I have one question in my mind, how can each individual Retailer has an unique plan with it ?
  9. It is all share plan, Above calculation is for 3 connections(Minimum no of required connections) O.K., Thanks
  10. "Recently, Reliance has unveiled One Bill for the family concept in India. The plan, as claimed by Reliance Communications, enables users to save upto 50 percent. As part of the plan, Reliance Communications will offer free 3000 minutes of Local/STD voice calls, 3000 Local/National SMS and 3GB of 3G Data available on a sharing basis." Is it " all share plan " or a new one ?
  11. I took Reliance 3G connection for my niece at Delhi/NCR. Though not happen to check it on roaming, but was confirmed by web word guy and CC too, that data roaming will be free.
  12. Can someone pls. explain how MTS and TATA retain theirs CDMA spectrum after auction ?
  13. Different types of SIM cards

    I did not know that even SIM cards are of different type. Pls. someone elaborate what are the differences among these three types of SIM card. Are these SIM cards are compatible to each other ? I mean if a nano SIM card can be replaced by a normal or micro SIM card or one need a nano SIM card to replace the same ?
  14. Reliance GSM 3G Modem Query

    Dear Friends, Need your suggestions for my niece who needs an internet connection. Actually I am using MTS for last 5-6 months and am quite satisfied with it and suggested her it too, but she is more keen to use Reliance 3G through unlocked dongle available in market. Pls suggest what will be better ?