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  1. CDMA is indeed a great mobile technology, but it is being killed across the globe for spectrum refarming for 4G services. LTE is the convergent for both GSM and CDMA. RCom will shut down MTS CDMA in near future once the merger completes. Tata will also follow the trend.
  2. I want to port out my R-GSM (previously R-CDMA) no to Jio. However sending sms to 1900 from my 933xxxxxxx is not working. Is there any trick for R-GSM to generate port out code?
  3. In Kolkata, I am still enjoying awesome voice and data on MTS India. But CDMA's days are over. If Tata Tele merges with the combined entity of Rcom-MTS-Aircel, it's for sure they will kill the CDMA first.
  4. Jio Prime is welcomed by COAI, as they are thinking it gives the incumbents to play at a level. But as it charges Rs 303 per month which is nearly double of country's ARPU per month - that means either people will continue to spend on Jio leaving aside his/her previous connection OR they will not use Jio.
  5. So the new scenario would be: 1. Jio 2. Airtel-Telenor-Augere-Videocon 3. Vodafone-Idea 4. RCom-MTS-Aircel-Tata 5. BSNL-MTNL
  6. I am currently using Redmi Note3 and Huawei honor holly 2 plus (still on MTS CDMA) and looking for upgrade. Suggest a smartphone with following features: 1. VoLTE (No need of Jio4GVoice) 2. Internal 32 GB + Seperate MicroSD support 3. 5.5" display 4. Snapdragon processor
  7. Currently using Redmi Note 3 and I will buy a new phone for my brother - all of RN3 + dual SIM & seperate MicroSD slot. Any suggestions ?
  8. ^^ Vodafone is the most business minded company in Indian telecom. Since the days of inception of 3G their target for 3G circles proves that they are also the prudent most company in the long run.
  9. again this thread I am reviving. Just want to know your experience after the announcement of demonetization by PM Modi.
  10. Jio4GVoice app is unable to detect JioFi2's mobile no. on my Huawei Honor 2 Plus. It's saying ' Invalid Mobile No'. However working fine with other phones.
  11. is there any app on Android which can show GSM/CDMA/HSPA/LTE band details as well as how much bandwidth (in MHz) the operator is using? NetVelocity shows the band (2300/1800/850Mhz) for JIO only, and no details of channel size or how much spectrum allocated. Sent from my TIT-AL00 using Tapatalk
  12. I don't think so band selection isn't possible. The device on my xp, works very smooth and seamlessly shift from LTE2300 to LTE1800 to LTE850. Sent from my TIT-AL00 using Tapatalk
  13. I am also using JIOFi 2. But I did not receive any firmware update on this and it's working fine till now! Sent from my TIT-AL00 using Tapatalk
  14. Jio4GVoice will work if you are on Jio data connectivity (direct data on mobile or JioFi WiFi). It does not work on other WiFi network. I did not test it on Jionet WiFi, so can't comment on this.
  15. Yesterday I found that sudden increase in speed while I am indoor and found out that Jio added another 5MHz in Band 3 in Kolkata. With 2 channels of 5MHz Jio LTE on 1800MHz is now smoother than before. Speedtest shows around 6Mbps most of the time now. In Kolkata and Rajasthan Jio has 10MHz on 1800MHz, in other circles Jio has to get remaining spectrum from RCom.