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  1. Guru Ji, In bangalore they are not giving SIM with IMEI. They are asking for coupon code as well. I have an iPhone 6s, can i use the IMEI to get a JIO SIM?
  2. Guru Ji, Can we get multiple JIO SIM's using the same samsung mobile. My friend has S7 Edge, i got 1 sim using that phone and using it now on redmi.
  3. As per TT " 7. Is the SIM card locked to a single handset? Yes, the SIM cards which are available through LYF smartphone purchase are locked to the device. So you have to use the SIM card in the device to get unlimited data, calling & Jio app contents. If you put that SIM into another different 4G phone, you wouldn’t be able to use the unlimited benefits. However, the same does not apply to sims which are under partner preview offer with devices like Samsung, these sims can be used with any 4G handset after the preview offer is credited. " Is this true? can we use Samsung activated JIO sim in other mobile without breaking the free unlimited offer? any body tried?
  4. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    I from bangalore. Luckily i ported out to other network just before this stupid network upgradation. I have already paid my advance rental before porting. Now i have got a bill saying that i have around 800 rupees which got adjusted from my initial deposit. How will i get this amount now? i sent an email to customer care but no response from them.
  5. Wait for REDMI 3S, The specs looks good will come for about 6k with 4000mAh battery and finger print sensor. Sent from my m8whl using Tapatalk
  6. From camera will work with updated kernel. But no success on GSM unlock yet. Search this thread for updated kernel for Front camera. Sent from my m8whl using Tapatalk
  7. Yes it works. Follow the below thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-e-2015/general/how-to-verizon-moto-e-2015-gsm-network-t3098953 Sent from my m8whl using Tapatalk
  8. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    I'm from Bangalore, Karnataka circle with 2 postpaid CDMA connections. I am getting atleast 5 calls daily for getting the new 4G sim. But i dont want to migrate to the patchy RGSM network. Somebody in this forum suggested to port out before migrating to 4G. Hence i submitted a port out request on saturday and submitted my forms to Airtel. They said it will take exact 7 days for the request to be complete. I believe the CDMA network will be shutting down only after 30, June. I already paid my this month bill in advance, as i dont want the porting request rejected because of outstanding. Will there be any issues in porting out? Even though i submitted port out request, Should i need to get the 4G sim and register it now?I dont want to loose my numbers.
  9. OnePlus invites

    OnePlus X INEE-6074-48E2-30CB
  10. Yes, I would also recommend Coolpad NOTE 3. I ordered about 6 mobiles for my family and freinds.When i first ordered one for my friend I never expected that quality and features for about 9k. It has fingerprint scanner also where you can store upto 5 fingerprints and its quicker too.
  11. HTC One M8 Discussion Thread

    In M8 data is not working if you are having APN configured. Delete all the APN's and keep it empty, then reboot you phone. It will work. Which OS version are you using? tried Cyanogen or any other roams?
  12. OnePlus invites

    OnePlus X IN65-7A1F-2305-8D29
  13. please anybody? Yes, Works.