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  1. mail me ...........gdeepp@gmail.com ..... it will also work for call dear
  2. Smartphones that will work on Reliance 4G

    @atishj i think not yet bro jio work on a app which will work in 3g handset .........speed willbe like as 4g .............so see what will happen
  3. mail me dear gdeepp@gmail.com
  4. lg LS770 with DATA ON JIO
  5. was download it and flash it but same result ............no network and ask for unlock code ................. after i convert my xt1093 to t- mobile pure xt1095 same .there no service and ask for unlock code so what is wrong dont know thanks
  6. Helo DR.Faramroze how can we download it want to try it please help ...........and only flash GPT.bin, NON-HLOS.bin and FSG.mbn from ATT Victara 5.1 ,.......these file and got (gsm global mode ) unLock .and no need modify nv thanks
  7. DEAR Bro @ drmadhu bro which sim card is coming with jio handset they are also register handset IMEI so they will not work with other handset ........ directly
  8. LG g3 us celluar worked with JIO lte see pic
  9. hello Dr.faramroze was try to unlock my moto x2 for GSM but no success ......when restart its show Roming sign on signal bar after it disappear .also on lolipop 5.1 data not work for MTS normal or RG type sim .(on 4.4 its work with normal sim)......is GCpro key unlock stock ROM for gsm sim ........... or can we unlock boot loader and flash indian X2 rom for gsm unlock ........... and please sir advise me is GCpro key is unlock mostly lg htc samsung handset its worth for money sir or z3x is best for making TOT file or unlocking sir ......please reply thanks
  10. hello sir can i flash your QCN file in my handset ???????????? what will be wrong if i flash sir and GSM unloking need lolipop or also work in 4.4 thansk .........and Qcn view show has many difference in my QCN backup compare yours 8061C4EA_2 my 4.4 xt1093.txt
  11. hello Dr. Sir i have moto x2 US Cellular so i change nv in QXDM after reboot its didn't show signal as it was before as asking for UNLOCK CODE show same POPUP after nv change i checked again all nv there were changed as u said and stick so please help it have android 4.4 ................. I have another moto x2 us cellular with android 5.1 i want to use BOTH on GSM ............... CDMA work fine in both sir thanks
  12. Hello Dear Dr.Faramroze my tribute 5 didn't stick to Global Mode as u said All did successfully but got this problem all time change in SMaster (Phone)seting change to globle it show network but in network setting it show CDMA or LTE CDMA so please help (Home oprater in Build prop is Chamel..and Numaric is 000000)
  13. where from u dear which state dear RIM is close now ONLY MTS TATA AND BSNL IS Avail so see locally which one is available
  14. Bro botloader should be relock or locked when flash RRU
  15. u can try a rest RTN ##72786# it can help dear or change sim card and reply