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  1. @ Jasmin shah Mr Raju is in my list for next development of product. We are developing powder loader, where I will require help from veteran as there are so many considerations.
  2. Sorry for delayed update due only one reason - project not completed. I got beautiful HMI and PLC, Attrishji sent me sample software for HMI and PLC. Based in given software I learnt a bit about programming for PLC with reasonable success for my small and basic application. After programming PLC, my software did not worked as intended so tried to find solution. Upon successful failure to resolve problem, I approached one PLC programmer, who informed me that PLC has some problem, which I sent for repair. Dealer repaired and sent but as per programmer it still has same problem, so will have to talk to dealer and resolve issue. Will post photos and update further once it is implemented successfully. I never knew PLC could be so economical and easy. THhanks attrishji
  3. One of my friend is consultant and he roams around all over India for atlleast 20 days in a month. He has to go from major cities to small towns of India to visit various projects his company is looking for. He is COO He wish to change his BB Torch and want to switch to ANDROID for obvious reasons. Since I am not user of GSM data since years, I am not sure, how reliable GSM data would be while on roaming for Emails. I have also no idea how GSM guys charge data while in National Roaming on other networks? He is user of Airtel. Can some one guide me for the same?
  4. Best Of Internet

  5. At about 35K such specs laptops are avaialble even in India with warranty Attaching few dealer pricelist. Street price may be lower. Dell Pricelist 9-3.xlsx HP- 13-3-13.xlsx Lenovo 11-2-13.xls Toshiba- Mar 2013.xlsx
  6. 1X Data Not Keeping The Phone Engaged!

    If phone remains engaged, means it is on 1X.
  7. I recently replaced battery of my acer laptop. Now I want to dispose it off. Upon inquiring with Acer, they do not have any battery recycle or collection program. Is any one aware of such collection system where it can be disposed safely? Thanks for help.
  8. Thanks for help. Disposed off battery at Nokia care. They have drop box. No questions asked.
  9. CDMA OMH - Motorola Droid Razr

    JB is good. I have not been able to update though due to modified system filesystem which I am unable to restore to stock. <br /><br />So I am on leak jb. Official jb is even better as it is highly deblotted. <br /><br />You may have to re provision only if radio is updated.so of coming from ics re provision is must
  10. Means Nokia accept any battery?
  11. New Business Ideas To Share

    We all think many business ideas every now and then, we see latent demand while moving around. Many of those ideas are really way ahead of time and some are really need of an hour but they are not tried by any one. There are other reasons as well for why all ideas are not converted into business by original thinker as he may not have courage or experience to put idea into practice. Person may be occupied enough in present situation that any new commitment will fail for sure. Anyways, lets share ideas which we all get, some one might make money and may be awarded for being innovative!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first Idea: Proposal : Lucky draw coupons for small time retailers Probable customers : Small retailiers Why : In order to compete big format retailers, small retailers need to be competitive in price, presentation and above all they need to satisfy greed and basic nature of men to get things free. Big format retailers usually offers cash back, vouchers, bundled free stuffs, lucky draw coupons etc. How : Proposed business sells lucky draw coupon to small time retailer (e.g. Rs. 2 per coupon - please don,t discuss on this, this is just an illustration). In turn retailer offer customer one gift coupon for purchase amount fixed by retailer (It is at discretion of retailer, pan shop may put Rs. 100 and grocery store may give one coupon every Rs. 200) Proposed business transparently declare to all its customer that they will distribute say 70% of total coupons value in draw. They will spend say 20% in marketing and 10% retained as profit. End of given period, lucky draw is held and winners declared. This is just a brief idea. For business one need to expand and develop the idea but as far as my observation is concerned, such concept has latent demand in market as may small time retailers are feeling suffocated due to their inability to offer their customer FREEBIES There may be certain laws applicable to this business model which I am not aware about. So not mentioned.
  12. I am using Samsung printer since 6 years and about same printing duty. <br /><br />In 15 years I have used 3 last printers, this is third one. <br /><br />Simplicity of HP is great. But Samsung are equally reliable and far cheaper .
  13. Only if it remains unlocked from ROM / software.
  14. Motorola Droid Razr M (Global)

    If routed there are many wifi tether apps in market.
  15. Good AA Battery for Camera?

    For nimh batteries if you get quick charger then it can charge 4 x 2500 mah batteries in 60 minutes.
  16. Bricked Samsung Epic 4G D-700

    If it is not starting in download mode then it is bricked. However you can try inserting charged battery and see if it comes up in download mode. It should come up. EPIC 4G is tough nut to brick
  17. Budget 2013-14: 6% Duty on Mobile Phones

    CVD is calculated on total Assesible value + Custom duty
  18. Android Updates For Your Phone

    Motorola and Google together are biggest joker. They don't know what they want to do
  19. Based on suggestion of "ATTRISHJI", I have procured nice 4.3" touch panel and PLC. He also sent me sample program for testing. I will have to get developed appropiate software from professional person. It will save me from so many headache. Thanks attrishji
  20. Thanks, will keep you guys posted.
  21. What Made You Happy Today / Recently?

    @kanagadeepan Can you post more details like cost, area required for solar panel, battery and inverter etc? In gujarat we have terrace solar plant policy, so there is earning potential in it.
  22. I bought motorola atrix hd from hetal, it should meet your expectations.
  23. Laptop Charger Replacement

    Couple of volt does not make difference. It it is more than 2v then it's a matter of concern.
  24. Laptop Charger Replacement

    It can be done, only precaution need to be taken is to ensure zero spark gap as current is high, hence spark could be dangerous. Aftermarket sockets are of poor quality.