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  1. TATA CDMA Shutting Down?

    TATA cdma restarted in mumbai now they r giving new cdma sims in mumbai circles
  2. if you have backup of EFS restore it. or repair with cert. i hv not got the backup of efs can u pls guide me how to repair with cert
  3. strange problem in lg tribute ls660 meid hex is changed to 35030526000000 due to this i cant enable diag mode and program it for reliance cdma hv any other got same problem can someone fix this
  4. send me ur meid i will send spc free
  5. All about LG Tribute Sprint LS660 OMH

    i can fix lg tribute ls660 sprint/boost/virgin softbrick or stuck on lg logo after fix it will be completly on factory stock
  6. All about LG Tribute Sprint LS660 OMH

    LG tribute 2 ls665 hv new update zv4 of 277 mb for those who hv rooted and removed qcrilmessagetunnel.apk pls do not update your phone or it will softbricked and there is no stock firmware for lg tribute 2 ls665
  7. lg sprit from us cellular what is the model no of us cellular lg spirit ? as in ebay there r only metro pcs phones model no ms870
  8. it's true this happened to me also if ppo loses any parcel in new york we will never recieve refunds i m waiting for refunds of 4 parcels since 3 months bUt no replies there is no security for ur parcel purchased thru ppo ITS 'RAM BHAROSE'
  9. how to remove/disable activation on lg tribute 2 ls665
  10. ppo is now totally risky i hv lost 3 parcel all new phones in new york valued 300 dollars all together when asked ppo they told we can do nothing BEWARE - DO NOT BUY FROM PPO
  11. Every one wants to sell mobiles these days. If you are buying from a regular seller and importing through PPOBox, then they will contact your seller and try to purchase phones from him themselves. They have their own store on eBay so basically it is conflict of interest. now new problem is that i am recieving invoices 3 times of same item every day from ppo
  12. lost/stolen 2 parcels in ppo box A023724 deliverd at new york 28th september showing in usps (DELIVERED IN/AT MAILBOX) A023724 deliverd at new york on 23 rd july total value 15000 i think employees of ppo are picking parcels from usps individually and stealing from outside.. its completely risky purchasing thru ppo now
  13. free spc code for lg tribute and lg volt also for other phones for sprint boost and virgin condition only new phones should not be activated in any network i can give spc for free only 2 days mail me @ anand9892.2008@gmail.com
  14. All about LG Tribute Sprint LS660 OMH

    ting.com is still working for activation of new tribute ls660 to get msl/spc but it should not be activated on sprint previously they will charge 9 dollars for activation after 1 month (payments credit card thru amazon.com) there shud be a way to get it deactivated with no charges I GOT A WAY TO GET SPC/MSL FOR NEW LG TRIBUTE/VOLT BUT IT SHOULD NOT BE ACTIVATED IN ANY NETWORK 150 RS MIN THOSE WHO WANT TO GET SPC
  15. All about LG Tribute Sprint LS660 OMH

    shortcut master lite is good software but very dangerous to brick ur phone but this does not works on lg volt or lg tribute waiting for someone to reveal the process for lg volt and tribute