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Found 15 results

  1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 on MTS

    Anybody able to get MTS working on Redmi Note 3? When i put MTS sim in RN3, I get full signals both for 1X and Evdo but get some error regarding ESN being not compatible. Due to this neither Voice nor Data is working, even after showing full signals. Any method to fix it ? Read somewhere on this forum that older Sims are compatible with RN3. Is it true for both voice & data? How to recognize which Sim is compatible? Please Help .....
  2. I bought MTS Mblaze Ultra Wifi Data card @1200 on 5th April which was activated on 8th April, 2014. I got Rs.999 plan with 40GB data per month. After using it for few days, I felt satisfied and contacted Airtel to surrender my Airtel wired broadband (because of Airtel's insane pricing). Airtel offered me an excellent retention plan which I accepted. So, I requested MTS to terminate my number. They didn't reply to my emails but when I posted this on Twitter/Facebook, they told me the due amount which I paid same day (24th April, 2014). I was told that the number is terminated and I have no dues. Last week (after 7 months of disconnection), a friend wanted to buy similar data card and I offered him my data card. He took it to MTS shop and they told him that this data card is permanently disabled and it can not be re-activated in his or my name. I find it quite strange that the data card I bought can't be used on MTS (or any other network) even after 7 months of paying what they asked. The model of MTS Mblaze Ultra Wifi Data card is LAVA DF800. I am raising this query here to know what option I have to use this card. Thanks.
  3. Step 1: First Pls,go to https://www.facebook.com/DCUnl... And first like their page,so at the left side of the page in middle click on get free credits app with star golden symbol & follow the upcoming steps. 1)When you click on that free credits app with star golden symbol then with facebook symbol free credits will appear. 2)Then click on that facebook symbol free credits,after that it will ask for confirmation as ok or cancel,so press ok & continue. 3)Then,wait it will ask you to create a username,so create a username & see if it accepts & if it accepts it then a ok button will appear.just below it.Then,click on ok! 4)A message will appear as password is sent to your facebook email id address. 5)So,now login in to the email account which you use it for logging in with facebook,account.Then,in mail go to spam & you will see a message from dc unlocker with the password.Normally it would cost you 400Rs for getting those 4 credits,but dc unlocker is giving those 4 credits as a give away in fb for promotion! CAUTION: Pls don't blame or abuse me if something goes wrong.Mostly,it won't happen if you follow the steps clearly as being instructed.So,do it at your own risk! First of all before all this comment here your MEID in http://unlock4modem.in/unlock-...& Kamelsh Sir will provide you Firmware update code & also the dashboard update code,but ony sometimes Cdma dongles will ask for dashboard update code,but for sure they will ask Firmware update code! Step 2: Then go to https://yadi.sk/d/biVHl7E7L8W9... & download that 21.3 MB Dashboard file. Step 3: Then download DC-Unlocker - Huawei CDMA Modems Unlocker client v.1.0033 from https://forum.dc-unlocker.com/... Step 4: Read this instructions/tutorial on EC1561 unlocking from https://www.dc-unlocker.com/ec... ,but pls don't proceed.Just read it. Step 5:Extra Internet other than the Mts EC1561 should be connected.I my case I have connected extra 3g Internet from ovi suite using my Nokia 5230 phone with the help of usb cable! Step 5: Important Don't connect other dongles expect one dongle at a time i.e EC1561 only & also the extra internet should be connected like wifi or ovi suite 3g internet. Step 6: Pls be sure that default MTS EC1561 software is preinstalled in your laptop successfully without any errors,if not sort it out & reinstall it. Step 7: Now,remove your EC1561 from your laptop! Step 8:Now,pls be sure that you have connected that extra internet from wifi or using like what I have said in step 5! Step 9: Now Run the downloaded DC-Unlocker - Huawei CDMA Modems Unlocker client as administrator in your laptop. Step 10: Open User Account data tab, enter your username and password that you received after credits purchase. Click "Check account status". Step 11: Now,Navigate to Help tab and click Access support area,You should be redirected to support area website! Step 12: Type "ec156" in search field and hit enter! Step 13: Select "EC156_Firmware_TCPUR001B106D00SP06C000(Normal).zip" then click on download button,for your reference if you are confused have a look at the tutorial as what I had mentioned in Step 4! Step 14:Now extract it and keep the extracted two files in a single folder along with the .bin file! Step 15: Now,close DC-Unlocker - Huawei CDMA Modems Unlocker & then disconnect from the extra internet & also remove the extra usb cables if used for extra internet connection. Step 16: Now reconnect your dongle & close the default opening mts dashboard.But,be sure that there is no cdma sim inserted inside the dongle,then read Step 21 before proceeding next step! Step 17: Run the downloaded file and update the firmware of your EC156 Data card EC156Update_11., by putting a check mark on I accept the agreement and clicking Next button. Step 18: On the following window put a check on Auto remove the device after update and click Next! Step 19: Read Warning message on the next window and pay attention to things you should be aware during update. Then click Start button. Step 20: After you click Start button, other window should appear where you need to enter password to proceed with the update.Enter the firmware update code provided by the Kamlesh sir & wait for it to complete.During flashing sometimes default MTS Dashboard sofware will open automatically,if it does close that default MTS Dashboard sofware & leave it & wait for successfull completion of flashing.After successfull completion,click finish! Step 21: If in any case it didn't start to update the firmware or struck inbetween,then pls don't panic.Wait until it displays some error message.Normally it would take 1 hour to display that error message or in your case it may take extra.Don't unplug your dongle until you get that error message.If at all if you unplug your dongle in the middle of the update process or your laptop switched off because of power shortage in between the process then for sure I can say your dongle will not work again.So,please follow it strictly! Step 22: If step 22 errors occurs,then the latest Huawei drivers fromhttp://modemsolution.com/downl... And,then again repeat the steps from Step 16 to Step 20,you will for sure now be successfull! Step 23: Now after successfull firmware flashing you should now Flash your dashboard also which you downloaded in step 2.Kindly do it & in rare cases only it will ask for Dashboard update code. Step 24:Now after successfull firmware & dashboard update,kindly unplug the EC1561 from the laptop. Step 25: Now manually remove/uninstall the default mts software from your system/laptop! Step 26: Now again recconect EC1561 & install the Huawei modem 3.5 software. Step 27: Now close the default opening Huawei modem 3.5 sofware before proceeding next step. Step 28: Again now follow steps from step 8 to step 10! Step 29: After logging in to the Dc unlocker server,you can see that 4 credits are in your account/server! For pics again refer to tutorial from https://www.dc-unlocker.com/ec... Step 30: Now proceed to Modems tab & Select EC156 from the list! Step 31:And then click Detect device! Step 32: Wait till DC-Unlocker Huawei CDMA Modems Unlocker software fully detects device! Step 33: Open Unlock tab and click Unlock button, wait till you see message that modem is unlocked. a)Ruim preffered means Default Mts & also the Network of the cdma sim which you are inserting will also work! b)Ruim Only means only the Network of the other cdma sim which you are inserting will work! c)NV only: Again wantedly locking your device & if you do so only Default Mts network will work! Above mentioned a,b & c can choosed by you according to your own preferences.But,personally I will prefer option (a) as my Ruim settings! Not to worry these Ruim settings can be chaged infinity number of times,because DC-Unlocker - Huawei CDMA Modems Unlocker client is programmed in a way that 4 credits can be used for 1 dongle & whereas the unlock attempts for that single dongle is infinity! Only Cdma sims will work after unlocking EC1561.But,I am still yet to check,whether cdma network of other operators is working in my dongle.I currently have no cdma sim to check.I highly doubt that Bsnl evdo sim will work,because I have heared some where that after unlocking EC1561 only Bsnl evdo sim will work on only Bsnl's 1x network & not on Bsnl's evdo network.But,I have heared that other network cdma sims except Bsnl Evdo will work.If you can & if you have any cdma sims,pls check & reply about which cdma sims are working.I will buy Bsnl EVDO new sim if you confirm me that Bsnl EVDO sim is flawlessly connecting to Bsnl's Evdo Network rather than Bsnl's 1x Network.Also pls state the coverage support of this EC1561 & also if you have/using Bsnl evdo sim pls state how far you are staying from Bsnl's Evdo Tower. If your EC1561 still fails to unlock after following the above steps then,pls reply back in English I will try my best to sort it out!
  4. Last weekend I was approached by a MTS executive in Kolkata for a 40GB Unlimited plan that they have launched in Rev-B. Just got an official mail from him confirming the same. Details of the plan are: MBlaze Plan Name: Super unlimited 999 Rev-B Plan Monthly Rental: Rs.999 + tax Free Usage/ Month: 40GB Unlimited Speed: 9.8 Mbps Attaching plan details as received in the mail.Super_Unlimited_999_Rev-B_Plan_-_TEF.pdf
  5. For this process, HTC One Sprint M7WLS should be rooted and S-off. Google it for the procedure till here. 1. Open your favourite CDMA software and make the RUIM config as RUIM if avail 2. Boot the phone into fastboot and type the following commands a. fastboot oem rebootRUU b. fastboot flash zip CT3G_radio.zip c. fastboot reboot Link for the radio https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BylQ6RZ2mIP_UjBkcWd3T1lITFk/edit?usp=sharing 2. http://www.4shared.com/zip/Wh-_Fvsuce/CT3G_radio.html Your phone will detect CDMA SIM network upon reboot.
  6. Hi RimGuru's I have Zte Mts Mblaze AC2746 simless modem, i want to use reliance in it , so is it possible to do programming for reliance in mts? yesterday i connected modem to cdma workshop i unlocked puting spc 000000 but i dont have much more knowledge about unlocking. Please Help me Help Needed.
  7. MTS has provided details recharge options in its website. For ROWB circle, I found many points which I reproduce below for your amusement. Smartphone data packs. Rs. 44 recharge gives pro-rata more data (125MB) than Rs. 91 recharge (it should be at least 258MB instead of 250MB) Rs. 996 recharge is for 4GB HSD (+unlimited 1X only) but you get 1/4th data at lesser price. Rs. 996/4= 249 >Rs. 246 (it gives 1GB HSD + 1X unlimited + 200 SMS/ day local & national) Who will go for Rs. 996 with lesser benefit? For 1536MB i.e. for 1.5GB the recharge value is Rs. 402 , but who will go for it when 1.5GB HSD data + 100 mins Local+STD is available @ Rs. 195 recharge? RS. 193 gives 600MB data but at Rs. 4 less i.e. Rs. 189 recharge gives only 88MB less but gives unlimited 1X data. Rs. 207 (150 min Local + STD, 150 MB Data) gives much lesser benefit than Rs. 204 recharge (225 min Local + STD, 225 SMS Loc+STD, 225 MB Data) with same validity! Simply Talk Packs: Rs. 202 recharge gives 500 minutes local & STD while Rs. 221 gives 450 minutes! Compare Rs. 249 (200 Mins Free for Local Onnet + 200 Mins Free for Local Offnet + 100 Mins Free for STD Calls) with Rs. 301 recharge (300 Mins Free for Local Onnet + 200 Mins Free for Local Offnet + 100 Mins Free for STD Calls), for only 100 minutes of on-net calls one has to recharge Rs. 52 more. So, on-net calls @ 52 paisa/minute! Tariff packs: All local calls @ 1p/2sec is available for 60 days with Rs. 24 recharge. But with Rs. 48 recharge the same benefit comes with a validity of 90 days. Who will go for that and lose one month’s validity? कौन बुरबक यह बनाया? You can find more items for your amusement if you try, I’m sure.
  8. MTS officially launces MTag 351, MTag 352 and MTag 281 Smartphones that comes bundled with Unlimited data plans and unlimited on-net (MTS to MTS) local calls for 3 months. All these phones are powered by 800 MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 Processor and run on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). These support EVDO data speeds up to 3.1 Mbps. Rudradeep (Inception) provided scoop of launch of MTag 351 and MTag 352 here earlier in a thread. The third one MTag 281 has 2.8-inch (240 x 320 pixels) capacitive touch screen display and 3MP camera at the back. It has 1200 mAh battery, 3 additional back covers (red, white and blue) and priced at Rs. 5,499. It will allow 512MB of EVDO data (and 1X unlimited thereafter) per month and all local calls at 1p/2sec for first 3 months as bundled offer. Like other two models it has 256MB RAM, 512MB internal memory, 32 GB expandable memory and pre-bundled 2 GB card in the box. Other features include, FM Radio, 3G EVDO 3.1 Mbps, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth and aGPS. It has Live MTS TV which offers over 100 channels, Online Music Application and Nimbuzz. source
  9. Hello, I have been trying to contact MTS CC as I needed to activate international roaming on my bro's MTS mumbai no, but no responses... So I came to the forum as my final resort, hoping for a quick response. Actually my brother forgot to activate international roaming on his prepaid GSM sim (not CDMA, was not sure where to post ) while leaving for his offical 2 month tour to mediterranean and european countries. So nw I need to activate international roaming on his behalf. If there is a way to activate international roaming after leaving the country , then please let me know asap, so that this issue can be resolved. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks !!!
  10. MTS will soon launching a new service called Mobile as Point of Sale( mPOS). mPOS user have to put the mPOS attachment (portable card reader) on an MTS Smartphone or tablet through a 3.5 mm jack.They have to swipe the credit card or debit card, enter transaction amount. The total bundle (MTS MTag 3.1, mPOS attachment & One year Data plan) would be priced apprx 3000 INR to 4000 INR. This service will be useful for retailers, home-delivery based service models etc. You can check the details here.. http://telecomtalk.info/mts-launches-mpos-mobile-point-sale/96183/ Thanks "inception" for this news.....
  11. MTS Launches Alcatel OT616C - Unlocked EVDO Rev.A Bar Phone For Rs 3,499 MTS has launched Alcatel OT616C, a bar phone with EVDO Rev.A. This is an unlocked handset. Will be available from MTS and other outlets from next week. Specs: Display 2.4” 65K TFT LCD Qualcomm QSC6085 Processor CDMA – HSD 3.1 Mbps EVDO Rev.A. Pre Bundled apps like Facebook, Opera Web browser, Twitter You Tube, Music and video player Use as Modem with PC 2 MP Camera, Video Recorder Bluetooth, USB 2.0 950 mAh Battery 85 gram weight including battery Automatic Driver Installation: All drivers are in the handset, So no requirement of a CD Offers With MTS Prepaid: FRC 17 Benefit: 1p per 2 sec on local calls for 6 months Paper Recharge Rs 207 (bundled in Box): 150 Local +STD Minutes per Month for 3 months, 150 MB Data Usage for 1 Month from Activation Data Packs MRP:Rs 189 : Benefit - 512MB on HSD EVDO + 1X (Unlimited) Validity 30 Days MRP:Rs 391 : Benefit - 1GB on HSD EVDO + 1X (Unlimited) Validity 30 Days
  12. MTS : Dirty Tricks Department For Unauthorised VAS Deductions in Prepaid I took an MTS Prepaid CDMA Connection on 21-5-2012 in Mumbai Circle. Primarily to test network at my place of usage. Next day onwards, started receiving phone call from the number 01401753863 everyday precisely at 6.03 p.m. For 2-3 days did not pick up the call assuming it to be a pesky marketing call. On 4th day picked up the call, just said Hello, call disconnected automatically and bamm.... Instantly received the following SMS... Dear Customer, You are now subscribed to Hindi Adult Joke Service at Rs 30 for 30 days. Thank You. Have complained on 198. I was told it will credited back in 4 Hours. Nothing Happenned. Again Called. This time was told will be credited in 30 minutes. Still Nothing. Will Wait and then take it up forward to Nodal, PGP etc. Why this Kolaveri Di for just Rs 30. Because it's not merely a question of Rs 30. Basically it's Plain Theft. Imagine a scenario when you are walking on the road and someone snatches your pocket. That's a Criminal Offence of Theft as per IPC. If the police is able to catch the culprit, they will arrest, court will try the offence and conviction will result in a jail sentence. How different is this unauthorised VAS deductions from above? Members welcome to post their experience / resolution in this topic for unauthorised VAS Deductions by MTS.
  13. MTS launched MiFi pocket router which can give maximum speed upto 3.1Mbps downlink and upto 1.8Mbps uplink.Its now available in all circles where MTS presents. MTS also announced prepaid and postpaid hsd tariff plans for MiFi or MBlaze Mobile Wi-Fi Router.MTS MiFi Pocket router is powered with Qualcomm chipset MSM7625.. To know the details of MiFi Pocket router,available prepaid & postpaid plans....click http://telecomtalk.i...-details/91030/
  14. NEW DELHI, MARCH 27: Under intense pressure from the Russian Government, India may consider working out a solution to grant some relief to Sistema Shyam Teleservices Ltd (SSTL). According to official sources, SSTL's case may be treated differently from others whose licences were ordered to be cancelled because it is the sole operator based on CDMA technology. The basic premise for cancelling the licences is that the first-come-first-served policy was not followed properly when licences were given out in January 2008. But in the case of SSTL, the company would have anyway got the licence being the only applicant for CDMA spectrum. The Russian Minister of Economic Development, Ms Elvira Nabiullina, raised Sistema's case during a meeting on Tuesday with the Indian Commerce, Industry and Textiles Minister Mr Anand Sharma here, they said. They added that Mr Sharma told Ms Nabiullina that the Government has taken cognisance of the issue and pointed out that it has filed a review petition in the 2G case. He added that he will ascertain the latest position after talking to other Cabinet Ministers. Inter-ministerial consultations will be on soon to find out what can be done within the parameters of Indian laws, the sources said, adding that the relief could be in the form of relaxed auction rules. One option is to restrict the auction for CDMA spectrum only among new players that would give a reasonable chance for the Russian major to buy back spectrum at lower cost. SSTL was among those companies hit by the landmark Supreme Court order in February cancelling 122 spectrum licences granted during the then Telecom Minister, Mr A. Raja's tenure, on finding that their allocation was carried out “illegally”. Sistema had recently invoked the provisions of the India-Russia Agreement for Promotion and Mutual Protection of Investments in a bid to settle their dispute. Sistema had said if the dispute is not settled amicably by August 28 , it reserves the right to start proceedings against India before an international arbitration tribunal set up in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law and/or in any other available forum. SOURCE:http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/industry-and-economy/info-tech/article3251590.ece?homepage=true&ref=wl_home
  15. MTS Launches International Roaming Services For its CDMA Pre - Paid Customers Source Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited (SSTL), which offers its services under the MTS brand, has launched international roaming services for its CDMA pre-paid customers. The new service will enables the MTS India subscribers to roam across more than 400 GSM networks in 231 countries on their existing CDMA SIM cards. The company claims it is the first telecom operator in India to offer such international roaming services for the CDMA pre-paid customers. The services will operate on the new Dual Mode SIM card, which will work both on GSM (while abroad) and CDMA networks (while in India). MTS' international data roaming covers nations like the US, Canada, Brazil, Chile, the UK, France, Germany, China, Singapore, UAE, Bahrain, New Zealand and Australia. To facilitate the international roaming on its CDMA SIMs, the company will deploy MACH telecom software. "With a view to enhance connectivity and convenience, we have now introduced international roaming services for our customers. This would enable our customers to stay connected while travelling abroad without changing their phone numbers and also enjoy seamless data connectivity on the go internationally," says MTS India Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Leonid Musatov. MTS customers can avail this service by visiting any MTS-branded retail outlet, submitting necessary documents including a copy of valid passport and a request for the activation of the service on their numbers. After approval, the customer's SIM will be swapped with an international roaming card. The international service request form is also available on the MTS India website – www.mtsindia.in. Besides, MTS' pre-paid customers will also have access to the GPRS services in 206 nations across 322 telecom networks while on international roaming. Moreover, they will have access to the high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) services in 114 countries on 145 roaming networks.