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My Jio app version 3.2.10 was giving the option "Get jio SIM" though I was already having the Jio SIM in my mobile and connected to Jio 4G network, but after updating the My Jio app to 3.2.11 it is not offering any more. I got the SIM without generating code so it was not required though.

May be the IMEI of my slot got registered. I will check by swapping slots - not yet tried.


I think it was due to detection of Jio SIM and Jio Network - I found a workaround which again gives the option to generate code with Jio SIM in my handset and connected through Jio 4G network.:D:D:D

Workaround: Disconnect Internet - Force stop My Jio app - now open My Jio app - it will show no internet on top - wait for few seconds for the app to settle background checks - now connect internet and wait for a while - within seconds you will see the option "Get Jio SIM" without fail.;)

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Jio is undergoing a Renaming session:

JPO is converted to JWO.

JioPlay is now JioTV.

JioOnDemand is now JioCinema.

JioBeats is now JioMusic.

JioJoin is now Jio4GVoice.

JioDrive is now JioCloud,

SwitchToJio is now JioSwitch.

JioNewsPaper is an addition to Android exclusive apps with existing Jio4GVoice & JioSecurity.

JioBroadcast (unreleased works along with JioBroadcastAgentv1 & JioBroadcastAgent2) is an upcoming app for Live streaming.


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MyJio App app update 3.2.23 released on 2nd Jan 2017 has incorporated some New features as mentioned below :-

  • Now there are 2 tabs DASHBOARD and BALANCE on the main page - see below.

  • Balance tab shows the amount of Data balance out of total 1GB (valid for 1 day / 24 hours) along with the Reset time below when the 1GB fresh quota will get renewed again. Please note this Reset time is different for different users and not Midnight (I compared my and my wife's Data reset time to find out this).

  • Under the plan now only Current plan is visible unlike before where all the plans including Base plan valid till 2036 was also shown.

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