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    Many thanks for this. Got confirmation from Airtel CC that port request is rejected. Reason - Invalid ID I had used Adhaar authentication. On followup it turned out that I ported 2 numbers simultaneously and it was not allowed. And I had specifically asked in store. Nevertheless went again and to my surprise Airtel system is not accepting my MNP request now saying number is already on Airtel. More digging and it was found that once rejested same MNP code can't be used. And I can't get a new code from RCOM. Completely stuck. Seems I have to port to Vodafone now Rcom is such a pain even at last breath
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    I dont think its about handsets,operators themselves have dual spectrum and are neglecting cdma business.
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    Actually this high termination charges acts as an officially sanctioned entry barrier for new operators. For SMS atleast, it should be zero.