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  1. International Travel - SIM/Service Suggestion

    Sign in to an SIP provider. Take a data plan at visiting place. Have a local sim. Use SIP services "Phone to Phone" For example if you use smart voip. The call charges will be Call to your China number = free Call to India Number = appox Rs 0.80 Call setup charges appox Rs 2/- So for first min you will pay appox Rs 3.00/min after that appox Rs 1/min. If you download application like Mobile VOIP & use a headphone, the charges will be appox Rs1/min+ Data charges if any anil
  2. Data Plans For Reliance Mobile CDMA Explained

    There is an issue with OMH sets, like Samsung POP. We have been creating a connection with phone number as userid & passwd & selecting it. Using internet charges are RMW PPP and not 60p/min, even activating Rs 5/- plan doesn't help. any info on that please anil
  3. Call Drop Issue on HTC Mogul

    thanks for info. Please let me know, who can help ! anil
  4. Call Drop Issue on HTC Mogul

    Do I need to contact CC.. for that
  5. Call Drop Issue on HTC Mogul

    No its is not. Old mogul, ESN & Min method has been used anil
  6. Call Drop Issue on HTC Mogul

    I have a old Mogul, which is lying unused since long. The issue is calls drop just after connecting. I stopped using this, though still paying the monthly minimum bills ( Its a Post paid). Now I again want to start using it as a Navigator for driving, a wifi router for connecting it to laptop. This was a second hand purchase, buyer bought it from Saddik long back & I bought it from him. I under stand there is a issue related to Akey, but not able to do any thing. Please help anil
  7. I also have a glaxy POP CDMA. I also activated the plan by sending the SMS. Created a new APN EVDO giving user ID & Password as MDN. Selected it. After using it, in 10 min my core balance got reduced by Rs 50/- (may be data usage was around 5md so 5x10 of rworld=50). The 50 MB shown remains as it is. Can any one give the correct settings for POP CDMA so that this plan can be used thanks in advance anil
  8. Single Data Charge Of 10P/10Kb Coming Soon

    We have already stopped using 3 RIM Numbers & have shifted to BSNL, Airtel etc due to high data charges. Those phones & numbers are just lying. It a good data plan comes back, we way again start using those numbers.
  9. Appeal To Reliance For Data Plans

    Sorry guys. Not on reliance now a day so did not notice the post signed toady You are signer #344
  10. RIMweb.in Member Of The Year - 2010

    My vote for Hetal, Dheeraj & Dr How do I vote for all three ??? anil
  11. Reliance 3G Network Goes Live Over Places

    In Kolkata around JL Nehru Road, only Cellone is being shown
  12. Unlocked Usb Devices

    The way things are changing, better to go for EVDO enabled devices & Hope we will be able to enable EVDO on such devices.
  13. Huawei Ec325 With Another Service

    After putting RIUM in datacard,use CDMA works*op & under Nam change the PRL option to enabled, write to Modem save & close