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    i dont think display strip is common with any other HTC model... plz check. it will cost around 2500 rs. Melting due to heat is rare.... Most common reason is opening & closing.... the strip might have had a bad close which might have bent it or streched it a bit to put some pressure & causing it to tear from 1 end...
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    ^ The Mugen Power Battery could be the culprit for the overheating issue causing this breakdown... Try at an HTC Service Centre... The display strip used is common with many HTC Models being repaired by them, so you could be in luck...
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    Ur display looks to be gone bad If u can't get it done in delhi..send it to mumbai I know some people in mumbai who can repair the phone , and over here they don't charge for opening and looking at phone....I always turn to them when others or htc service centre can't repair phone
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    Hi Friends, I just bought a new handset called coolpad 288, was working fine for few weeks then i started getting problems like "Restricted Number" whenever someones calls me up, i got that resolved by upgrading the software from service center. Then i started getting problems with messages as i could not send neither received any message and whatever i use to send message it sends a junk message. Is it that you also getting same problem and different kind of problems.... do let me know on j_123_in@yahoo.com