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    Hello Guys, Since last one and half year i have been transforming my self for good, i had been FAT for as long as i remember and one fine day i got tired of it as it started to affect me (i had knee problem, elevated sugar and blood pressure and so on.... i started my journey towards fitness and now i have lost 19 KG of Pure FAT have regained my strength @ 36(age) i feel there are many other like me who would want to know/share knowledge. Last week i won competition on Squats (71 number in one minute) before that i scored gold plus in 51 day program (international) it makes me feel great. being a Doctor(MD)I studied lot of Diets, Exercises, fitness programs, Nutrition guidelines that work I wanna share my experience and knowledge when i have my time... If you have any queries i shall be happy to answer them.... @ Admin if this works please pin it ... thanks I realized later i started this topic in my 100th post - thanks RIMweb List of Q n A i would like to know the best way to reduce abdomen fat. what are things i should train to be fit I am skiny do i need Gum - hell yes Stretching is this an lizard Belt n oil n pills - work? Something about shakes i had long term illness - here is your inspiration I wanna start ex'cise - look here Sprouts My weight loss Guide But i cant KFC, non-veg food.. and Macdonalds... ya i can compromise cheese Weight loss Experience Fast / slow fat loss Buying a Treadmill - guide EDIT: With Kamal going to start for Gym with family i have dug this out again.....
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    @ankit if u wanna assign different ringitones to diff groups use this http://rapidshare.com/files/263635441/Ringtone.Manager.Net.v1.2-farshid.CAB
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    best protiens to build muscles is whey , which is derived from milk then is egg protiens , but one egg will yield only 6gms of protiens to build muscles u need to make sure u put ur body in ananbolic state ( by exercises) and u feed enough protiens ideally ur protien intake shud be twice ur wt ie if u weigh 70kg u shud consume around 150gms of protiens , to build ur msucles optimally also one more good thing to follow is to have milk before u go to sleep the reason is that milk has caesin caesin are long chains amino acids so they take a very long time to get digested it takes 4-7 hrs to digest , so while u asleep ur body keeps on getting amino acids from milk caesin
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    Best bathing soap is Park Avenue as its TFM is 74% and its specified as Grade 1; Always note these 2 things on the soap packet while buying... (like e.g. in Savlon Soap TFM is 61% and its Grade 3, so comparatively its poorer for your skin) Best toothpaste I found is one you get at any Aksharddham Mandir ( I buy from Delhi/Noida one); its Ayurvedic and brilliant; Also comparable is Dant Kanti by Ramdev's Patanjali but its slightly too strong. I would recommend a regime of using 3 toothpastes in a week alternating everyday between 1. Colgate (Plain white) 2. Close UP and 3. Any one of these 2 Ayurvedic Brands I have suggested... This is the best regime for your teeth. Never stick to any single one product...
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    Do you want a program that can provide passwords to DVD's? If you want to decrypt a DVD, then use DVD 43. Use DVD 43 software to decrypt the copyrighted DVD's. You don't want to do anything, once DVD43 is installed, it will run behind and it will decrypt the DVD. Then burn with any DVD programs. thats all, DVD 43 is a free software.
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    i have also found Babaji to be good although i have not done it, i have friends and family doing it, @ Kshah go ahead with yog story we are here to share experience Thanks In March 2007, I was diagnosed TB and lost lots of weight during 6 month treatment. I went down from 72 Kgs to 64 Kgs from March 07 to June 07. Later due to TB medicines (As told by doctor) I got splodylitis and stiffer back - symptoms similar to slip disk. Though xrays and other things were pretty much normal. There as some wear due to sedentary life style we all follow. Later, I was advised to take rest and go thru small small excercises suggested by orthopedic - but had no effect in 3 months. (July 07 to Sept 07) I always had been doing heavy exercises, but since my lungs were not in position to do heavy exercises. I had to look for easy but effective solution for myself. So end of my TB treatment, they do lung test and efficiency of lungs were 62%, Doctor was expecting improvement of about 10% in next 1 year (Aug 07) with breathing exercises he suggested. So I was looking for suitable ways to regain fitness and get rid of stiff neck, stiffer back and low energy levels as well as negligible physical strength. At that time due to my back ground of heavy exercise, I thought that without doing exercise my lung capacity will not increase. One morning I saw Ramdev yog on TV and decided to do yog. I bought many books and CD's. But to my surprise, most Indian yog books and CD's talked more about danger of YOG than benefit of it. They will warn you for "WHAT NOT TO DO" rather than encouraging you to do. Only Radevji's books and CD's were prompting to do it first - for gradual improvement. His claims may not be sustainable at times but they are not wrong claims always - certain amount of iflated claims are necessary these days to market. First I started doing PRANAYAM for about 6 weeks (Oct 4th Week 07) as suggested by them when I sent them email . In my next follow up, my doctor (Pulmonist) and conducted lung efficiency test again. He was very surprised to see than in about 6 weeks my lung capacity increased by 12% to 74%. He conducted tests twice and was very happy. When I asked him for exercise again, he said do what ever you are doing right now. It has a great effect on your health. I gained about kilo and a half in those 6 weeks as well. What I was doing was following exact regime of pranayam shown in Ramdevji's CD for Spondalytis. Then after 6 weeks I started doing YOG ASAN with difficulties due to stiffer contracted length muscles. After about 4 months my back and neck started becoming easier and weight became stable at 72 Kgs (April 08). From April 08, I included 4 KM fast walking in regime as lungs were still not fit for cardio sort of heavy exercise. SInce then I am doing yog. Later from Feb 09, I included surya namaskar as suggested by YOG teacher trained by Ramdevji's institute and my back started becoming even better even faster. Still my back its according to me is 80% fit. But certainly it was an improvement beyond my expectation as TB medicines has some long term side effects. I studies books of even Bikram yog, Iyengar yog and Bhartiya Yog Sansthan (They publish good books) I liked bhartiya yog sanstan and Ramdevji's Patanjali yog ashram books the best. They suggest some of very simple basic exercise necessary for whole body - basic fitness. Once you start getting benefitted, you always look further to get advanced. Then I met few people who are so fit and strong even without touching weights. Means there is no point in underestimating any thing. Conclusion is any type of exercise is good for you as long as you do it regularly and religiously. Doing it rightly is must - if you have doubt about doing it rightly do it very easily so that one reduces chances of injuries to minimum.
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    let me share my experience and knowledge as well i m a total health and fitness freak at one stage in my life i had got rid of my abdominal fat completely with proper toned abs had done a lot of hardwork loosing wt isnt that difficult as getting toned abs are swimming and all wont help much, u will loose wt to some extent but to get toned body u will have to hit at gym , there is no alternative and a proper and healthy diet is must what i use to follow was a 5-6 time a day meal schedule rather than eating conventional 3 times a day divide ur meals into 6 parts timed at regular intervals througout the day the sceince behind it is to maintain a constant level to insulin in ur body rather than having wave shaped insulin level if u eat 3 times the result wud be less chances of fat generation also ur body gets more protiens that way then it normally wud do in 3 meal /day way secondly have a diet with more of protiens and less of carbs and that really helps if u wanna loose wt dont have a hi carb diet at nite and eat atleast 2 hrs before u sleep and as usual i use to follow a rigourous training at gym with 30mins of cradio and 30 mins to excersie with lot of reps to burn out calories and 15 mins of ab exercises which kills u moreover i use to take dietary supplements aka protein shakes which really help u if u cant get protien rich diet and whey protiens have hi biological value copmpound exercises are used when u have to increase bulk of ur muscles and train more than one muscle at once squats are best for ur quadriceps (thighs ) and ur lower back u just need to remember one thing ur number of adipocytes (fat cells) that ur body has remains constant so u need to maintain ur deit and gym if u want to stay fit , when u stop u fat cells again will get filled with fat so u will be back to square one and btw models who have abs or even body builders they dont damege their organs body fat ratio or body mass index depends on other factors also like ht and wt of person believe me nothing gives more happiness than having a good and toned body i have lot of tricks even for wt gain !!!
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    When you're filing your contacts, use the "Category" section of each contact to create separate groups like Friends, Family, Business, Work, etc. Then you can set ring tones to each group or category. If you have your contacts from the phone already backed up in MS Outlook, then add the categories in there and re-sync your MS Outlook contact database with your phone. PS: And henceforth when you keep adding new contacts to your phone book always make sure you add them to any one of the categories to which you would like to categorize them. By default the phone book in WM has about 5-6 categories but you can create your own new categories as well. After creating and filing all your contacts to the various categories that you want you can use a Ring Tone Manager to specify tunes for each category so that you will know if its a friend , work colleague or someone from your family calling you, etc by just hearing the ring tone specific to that category that you have set the tone for. Would suggest the Ring Tone manager that I am using on my Touch Pro. Its a freeware software call VipPimRingTone created by V3patel on xda. Only thing you need to be alert to, is to make sure you sync your phone to the computer after setting the ring tone for every 75 contacts as there is an error in ActiveSync when you try to categorise more than 100 contacts at a time. The work through for this is as follows: Work around is update 75 contacts then sync and update another 75 and sync again. I do it this way connect my mobile to desktop using active sync Start VipPIMRingTone and go to the Category section of the program Replace Current Ring tone in the Options box,Specify Ring tone to the category you want and click the Assign button on the program When popup comes saying more than 75 contacts updated then click sync button on desktop active sync application Once sync completed then click ok/continue button mobile device. Repeat step as needed. The cab file is here for : VipRingTone81.CAB