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    here is the solution for people using blackberry who want to send / recieve sms thru pc and most importantly thru mac sadly it is made to work only over bluetooth , so it requires u to have ur bb paired up with ur pc/mac over bluetooth if u dont like the idea of using bluetooth , then look elsewhere so here it is in simple steps the installation involves installing pcsms cod file Requirements : u need to have java v1.5 or above installed on ur desktop , if u dont have get it from here http://www.java.com/en / A :Pair ur blackberry with ur dekstop Go into your BlackBerry's Options screen > Bluetooth Press the BlackBerry (menu) button and choose Add Device (search for a new device) Once you find your computer select it It will ask you to put in a pairing key, choose whatever you want (i.e 0000) Your PC will then ask you to input that same number. Put it in, and you have now paired your BlackBerry with your PC B: Install SMSLink Onto Your Computer Macintosh :Unzip SMSLink.app.zip into any location on to your computer, and move SMSLink.app to your Applications folder Windows :Double click on SMSLinkInstaller.exe and follow the on-screen instructions. When the installation is complete you will find the application under Start>Programs>SMSLink>SMSLink.exe C: installing cod file on blackberry in the attachment there is pscsms .cod which has to be loaded on ur bb to do so just install blackbbery master control program , go to java commander and just jad/cod tab and browse to cod file and press load , it will reset ur phone and .cod file will be loaded on ur bb D: now just open smslink application on ur desktop Go into your BlackBerry's Options screen > Bluetooth Select your computer and press the BlackBerry (menu) button to go into the Device Properties Press the BlackBerry (menu) button and select "Refresh Service List" Once it is done refreshing, make sure that PCSMS appears in the list. E: ON ur blackberry Open up the menu (press the BlackBerry button) Press the "Start SMSLink" option it will show connecting , and finally will be connected smslink .rar BBMC.zip smslinkdesktop old version .rar
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    Meet Palm Pixi.. Soon on Sprint.. Mid-level, Affordable smart phone.
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    I promise u all to sell this Sub 9999/-.. Hahahahaha..