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    Ok Guys here is the randomize list: Medicine - ankitdaluka ashishsethi BB Curve - copperco2 BB Storm - phonegeek Please PM me your address so that I may ship them to you, will confirm the shipping charges after shipping the items. Any taker for Palm accessories??? Medicine 1.ankitdaluka 2.ashishsethi 3.sougatadc BB Curve 1.copperco2 2.vahidmomin 3.cooladitya007 4.swapnil05in BB Storm 1.phonegeek 2.aplombx 3.swapnil05in 4.scott1391990 5.deepv84 6.vahidmomin 7.ni0987 8.astrokidvaibhav 9.ashish_1985 10.gpkumaran 11.maniac8828 12.cooladitya007
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    Yes, we all going to do same .tapatalking.... Anyone who first gets the product can post the facts.. I just got sms about shipping along with Bluedart number.. Will update once i get.. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk To everyone who ordered... Pls accept the fact that its only 1 ram n not 5 pcs. How did I find it?? 1. Seller on snap deal is Mil Tec 2. My friend is BD franchisee so he can see all the details. Below is the snapshot of my shipment : 3. This reveled the name of seller that is http://www.millenniumtech.co.in/contactus.html 4. I called him n confirmed... He said it was listing error by SD. You can refuse the parcel. We have shipped only 1 piece... Hope this helps... Still, if some one opens the parcel, can update here...
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    Go for tp-link 3420 with 2 antena.you can use with usb dongle also. http://www.tp-link.in/products/details/?model=TL-MR3420
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    Hmm... Selling the useful CDMA part and maintaining the horrific GSM network? The slow killing posion injected into RCom is working great, imho (and more such poisions are incoming)
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    <p>Great. Happy I won. </p><p>I would like to pass on the medicines to the next winner. </p><p>Bought them locally </p><p> </p><p>Thanks again. </p>
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    Well 1. They will charge you for volumetric weight if they can so make sure your package dimensions are less, it doesn't matter how much your package weight, when they are charging for volumetric weight... So that's not SNS fault.. 2. They provide you custom charge receipt, so Again it's not SNS fault, it's Delhi custom at fault.. Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk 1. No the fault was with SNS. If it was volumetric weight, they would not have rectified the shipping charges. They have rectified the billing in 2 consecutive shipments due to faulty shipping bill. I advise you guys to weight the package and check just to be safe ! 2. Custom Charge & BoE (Original) was not provided despite repeated requests. I was just given a photocopy with their stamp. When I gave that to the customs officer, he said it is not valid and I need original. The duty paid itself was more than the invoice itself ! (I had NOT under-declared the item. The invoice was genuine.Infact, the item was still available with 'Ebay buy it now & amazon at the time of clearing). It was purely the fault of SnS in the sense that I was not even informed before clearing. In such exceptional cases, I think they should inform the client immediately. For 2 months they said they are 'looking into the matter'. Nothing was done at all. Infact after 2 months, I was told to go to the Customs Office myself as they 'Did not have adequate time' (This was told to me by Mr. Das of their Delhi team). When I agreed, I asked them for original BoE which was not provided. The Delhi team simply refused to co-operate. Further, I was told that the time for raising a dispute for re-assessment was over after 2 months. Ultimately it was a loss of about 7k for me. On a positive note, their service was immaculate when they had started. I have decided to give them another chance, hoping I would have a better experience. Lets hope what happened to me was an isolated incident.
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    ^^^ Is this related to your evo 3d, Then this thread will be good for response http://www.rimweb.in/forums/topic/31537-review-sprint-htc-evo-3d-worlds-1st-proper-3d-phone/ for EVDO you just have to send DUMP to phone thru cdma workshop. your vendor must have given you data dump. if not ask him for same. or just PM me your meid , will send. Thanks
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    sns item was cleared from mumbai custom i talked to anuradha regarding this
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    U Go for tp-link 3420 with 2 antena.you can use with usb dongle also. http://www.tp-link.in/products/details/?model=TL-MR3420 HE require adsl connection so your suggestions is no useless to him.. You suggested him wireless router... Op need adsl+router... Just buy tp-link td-W8968... Available on snapdeal for 2288... all online retailer have v1 available with them but buy v2 which is available to all local seller for same price... Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk
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    Oh god, then what can be done to avoid that? I am surely planning to file a case in my district consumer forum!
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    That 1GB is for Rs147 or Rs247???
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    Last one do not work for google voice. If you want to enjoy both google voice and as well as land line, Better to go for OBI110 cupeled with dual line corless landline phone. No hold on please GV will not work with Obi or any third party apps like landline ones that use XMPP after 15 May because Google is shutting down that API due to merging GV with Hangouts - one can still use GV via the native Hangouts app though Please check carefully before buying anything till then
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    Sir i am on 4.3 can u let me know how to switch to NV mode instead on NV,RUIM R530's MEID needs to be registered, but not programmed. Before programming it on Reliance, open DFS and goto NV tab and download R530U.nvf file from DFS server, re flash factory NV items, then program it on Reliance. NAM may not stick easily, may require quite an attempts. For RUIM to NV mode change use any CDMA pc software, spc=000000 and use 16 digit password of R970. Setting this phone on Reliance is little tricky (like Axiom) so as always, its our own responsibility to achieve success.