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    There is a big 'Price war' in telecom sector while trying to pull more customers. As far as 'Quality of service' is concerned, it needs more money to maintain it and cannot be achieved using handful of customers with 'High pricing' but can be achieved by increasing the number of users on board and the marketing heads of Airtel, Idea & Vodafone are well aware of it. As I said before, Mukesh Ambani is here to do business & not charity but by its liberal pricing policy has been successful in achieving targets (increasing its subscribers) in a very short period of time as compared to other operators in India. Every one is playing his own card whether Jio or AVOID to sustain their business so we cannot blame either of them but yes, we have our choices and can opt for the services best suited to us from the operator of our choice, reason why MNP is there. Yes, I agree that the choice is limited now but switching to any of these provides nationwide services too. Vodafone is a strong and reliable network in Mumbai now, but when I took the connection several years back it was "Orange" (later became Hutch & finally Vodafone and may become Idea after two years) and did not have much towers unlike "BPL" (the main operator in Mumbai at that time). It was people like me who kept writing about network issues to them and at least three new towers were installed as the outcome of my effort alone. I still have the confirmation letters from them regarding the installation of the towers in the areas against my complaints. I even forced reliance (CDMA) to erect one tower in my area. It wasn't easy switching operators as MNP was not present in those days and switching operator meant losing number. But today we are free to switch network if we are not satisfied instead of complaining and getting the things fixed. One thing should be clear in our mind that we cannot force any company to change its policy but can pressurise them to improve services. A customer rules - Companies are providers and we are the choosers these days.
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    I am not sure, how long Airtel or other service providers will be able to provide quality if they also start to engage in tariff war. Moreover they can never compete with regarding tariffs. So they should concentrate more on quality.