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    She should think positively and use the time to compose more poetry... with the condition that she does not inflict it on other hapless inmates.
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    If you are talking about MTS HTC pulse, YES both Voice and Data work.
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    I still have doubts whether these telcos will verify address proof throughly or not , may be the initial spirit will be for a month or two... After then, I doubt thorough verification may NOT be possible with any telco, imho...
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    Now Sonia shows sympathy for Kani since she is a woman. So all female under-trials should demand release on bail. Then Gender Equality will have all males also demanding the same - so Raja, Kalmadi, and co. can all get out. As very rightly put by Mr Padgaonkar on TV yesterday, one should not forget that in his earlier avatar - Karunanidhi was a champion script writer. So expect all the melodrama to unfold in the next few days.