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    Out of all the operators, MTS will get back the spectrum at a cheap price(base price to be assigned by TRAI) since there'll be zero competition for CDMA spectrum. I expect neither RCOM nor TATA nor BSNL nor MTNL to bid for CDMA spectrum. Now, it's imperative upon TRAI to complete the auction process within the grace period of 4 months in order to avoid trouble for subscribers of prospective re-winning operators of shifting to other operators during interim period.
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    No Need to De-register for Receiving Messages from School :: TRAI http://www.trai.gov.in/WriteReadData/trai/upload/PressReleases/802/pressR-clarification_School.pdf
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    It is problem of Maharashtra bsnl 3g circle. No 3g data card other than their own 3g data card work in Maharashtra circle. I have unlocked Huawei E1750 7.2 Mbps 3g modem. I try every setting for bsnl 3g ,upgraded firmware and dashboard but bsnl 3g not working. gives the error code 619 OR 628 randomly. It is problem of Maharashtra circle only it work in other state with no problem using same hardware.
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    Dear Friend I am using 3G SIM for nse trading on now software with AT&T unlocked aircard bought from EBAY. It's really good and is more or equal to landline broadband. One of the dealer in Nellore he is selling TMOBILE unlocked modem upto 7.6 MBPS and my cousin also bought it and he is saying it is equal to AT&T AIR CARD. Regards Babulu
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    the data card cost 2500rs and 120rs for 3g sim.
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    ^^^ @ICU Yes you are right my dear friend, it is the problem of resolution. Thanks for your kind attention. @arun My dear Arun the allignment problem I had mentioned with the forum is only with 800x600 resolution mode. While on 1024x768 resolution mode it is perfect. So can it be possible for you to correct it for 800x600 resolution also ? Regards.
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    Dear Moda, I want to post a funny spoof on appli phone. bt the catch is it is greater than 2mb. what to do?
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    I tried using the apn bsnlnet without the un and password but then also it is not getting connected thru data card
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    3G GSM?? If looking for only data please do not go for GSM. Go for CDMA in any ways. Even CDMA EVDO performance is not as satisfactory so expecting it from GSM is really too much. Even in US 3G of AT & T is no where closer to VERIZON and SPRINT Read this too http://www.rimweb.in/forums/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&section=findpost&pid=190221