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  1. Thanks for the answers, friends. My main purpose is to read books with formulas, so I need big screen. I already have 6" ereader, so 7" will not be enough. I am leaning towards Nook hd+. Even though it is older, it is supposed to be a premium tablet, so hopefully the material used will be of good quality. What cover is recommended. There is one 'book style' cover where the tab gets ON/OFF as we open the cover. But some say it makes the tab thick to carry. Other choice is to add TPU cover and use a case to carry. Any experience on this front (on any tab)? Also, is screen protector necessary?
  2. I have a friend in US who can bring me tablet or phone back to India. I am a newbie in this area, and would really appreciate any guidance from experts. 1. I am looking for a tab with 8-9" screen. I liked a. Asus memopad 8" 32GB at $99 b. Nook HD+ 9" (4:3) at $120 (but no cameras) c. Samsung Galaxy 4 7inch 8GB (at $99 at walmart). All of the above are non-phone tablets. Any other good deal tablet? My requirement is light browsing, gaming and reading technical pdfs. Is the 4:3 screen nook worth ignoring the lack of cameras? Is a camera on tab much useful? 2. Is there a phablet that is best bought in US? I couldn't find any 7" phone + tablet under or around $150 at a significant difference in USD & INR price. Some are almost similar in both India and US. Is there any suggestion regarding the above choices, whether I should go for any of the above, or any other one? Or should I stick to basic iPad (which one?)
  3. But it will cost me 949 per month, whereas this dongle + 1 year will cost me about 500 per month. Besides I am on Nokia 822 so no CDMA data.
  4. There is an offer going on for Mumbai area, that pro 3 + unlimited data for 12 months at 5894. http://shop.rcom.co.in/data-card/236-pro3-truly-unlimited-plan.html#/color-any_color/plan-truly_unlimited_plan_rs_999_month Can I purchase this in Mumbai and use it elsewhere where there is no EVDO.B but EVDO.A or 1x is present? I am currently on an EVDO.A 40GB plan for 1200rs per month.
  5. I have the new OMH sim. Is it supposed to work out of the box on stellar without any rooting?
  6. I have bought Samsung Stellar i200, which is on 4.1.2. Reliance voice and sms work well, but I can't get the data working. Can someone please lay out the steps in which I should proceed? I don't have much touch with the android world.
  7. Suggest a non touch phone around 5000

    Sorry for not updating the topic for so long. I was really in two minds, as I did not want to spend too much on a phone, and wanted something very simple. But I noticed that every Tom, **** and Harry required a whatsapp connection! Be it some document urgently required, or photos of a colleague's new born child, or complaining to my carpenter, everyone demanded whatsapp! India Shining!!! So against my wish, I started looking at smartphones that can use data on reliance. I was almost fixed on Moto XPRT or Admiral, but then Moto G was in sight. Seeing how much it offers for a little more money, I finally bought it today, and it is sailing towards me. I hope this thread will be useful to others who are as stubborn as previous me, or genuinely require keyboard for physical reasons. Thank you all the posters for keeping this discussion alive
  8. Suggest a non touch phone around 5000

    My mom has used this blackberry phone, Hitesh. The scroll wheel at the right hand gets alive after some use, and has a mind of its own! The Kyocera Duraplus is too much of a brick. DuraXT looks great, but I am afraid that if I buy such bulky phones, their ruggedness will be tested on my head by my family! Has anyone used it? Is it too much in an office environment? Does it fit well in pant pocket? Venkatgiri: Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't want to go for china made. I feel they have unknown SAR levels, and have faced issue such as heated handset or headache after prolonged talk on such phones. So ZTE/Classic/Micromax etc are out. Do suggest any other mobile such as Samsung/LG/Kyocera/Motorola/Blackberry etc.
  9. Suggest a non touch phone around 5000

    The Kyocera Dura series looks great, but it is really an overkill. I work in a normal office with absolutely no need for military grade specs! So the Dura series will be too big for regular use. Hitesh: The two mobiles you shown would be great if there were only the front parts and not the inner ones! I had a slider keypad mobile in past (HTC made), and can tell from that experience that I don't have use for the inner keyboard and large screen. I did not expect that search for a simple dumb phone with normal looks would be so tough Any simple phones left still? EDIT: If I were to buy the Kyocera dura from GEB, how to get it unlocked and use it on Reliance?
  10. Suggest a non touch phone around 5000

    Thanks for the suggestions Hitesh. I have a Palm pixi in house, and I find that it regularly gets on my nerves! While I don't want touchscreen, the QWERT keyboard is not needed either. Besides, this touch+qwert is an overkill for my use. Is there a simple reliable phone with 12 numeric buttons and usual menu buttons?! Don't want to venture in Micromax or Samsung Guru series (<2.5k).
  11. I am looking for a new CDMA phone, and I don't want a touchscreen. Saw the Samsung W279 Dual and Mpower TV S239 on Samsung site. But both are not available anywhere online. Can I get them in shops, or are they out of stock everywhere? I just want a reliable work horse (but not absolutely cheapest) that will last a few years, mainly for Calls and SMS, with good looks. EVDO if available would be good. Any button phone in my budget with these requirements? I have been using Samsung Juke for past 3 years and love it.
  12. Buying a new car? Discuss here!

    I would suggest Dezire. It looks good in current avatar, gives you an option of a good boot. Previous i20 (as well as i10) was famous for steering problem, which I faced first hand. I was travelling in an i10 no more than 5k kms old, and while parking its steering simply stopped responding. We had to call the engineer and fix the problem, which was apparently something simple. That i10 owner faced the same problem afterwards, but he had seen how to solve it and so did it himself. Just check whether the problem exists on new i20 as well. Hyundai had never acknowledged the problem on i10 or i20, so you won't get answer from them. Search for reviews and complaints, if at all you are bent on i20.
  13. Buy from here: http://shopclues.com/belkin-f9e800zb2m-gry-8-out-surge-protector.html Additional 20% discount for next 26 hrs, so about 580rs. The discount will be shown at the end page, once you add the item to kart and go all the way to finish the payment, it will show the 20% discount.
  14. Buying a new car? Discuss here!

    I have a beat diesel., Few points: 1. Claustrophobia. Well, on the rear it is bit dark because the usual rear quarter glass is now used as a handle, so that 25% less window area at the rear. But it has benefits too. First no one can peep inside the car to see who is sitting inside! Other, many people put darkest of shades and keep the windows rolled up all the time, so this is taken care of And my mom never complained about too darkness inside. Sure it is not as airy as say Jazz or even spark with its large windows, but it is not bad either. The rear seats are good. 2. NVH. Don't know where people are getting this, but NVH in beat diesel specially when you roll up the windows are superbly controlled. Not a peep of vibration either. I drove it for long distance, and I never felt the noise is holding up the conversation or anything. 3.Peppiness. The engine is really peppy for its size, and specially in city it is very comfortable. On highway 100kmph is its forte. Specially, in city the car rolls on its own in 1st, second and third gear at 2kmph, 12kmph and 20kmph respectively, so you slot it into second gear and totter in traffic at 12kmph without touching the accelerator. 4. Rear space. Again, when you push your front seat all the way back, then the space is less, but who drives with seat pushed all the way back? When seats are placed at human location, the leg space is good all around. Overall I liked Chevy beat diesel. I feel it is a perfect car for city and occasional highway maneuvers. If you primarily need a car for long drives then you can think of other cars, but for city, beat diesel is very good. The design especially has not yet lost its charm even after 1-2 years of introduction. Also, Maruti and Chevrolet quality is not comparable. Chevy cars have bendable bumpers that are 5kmph safe. Also the quality of materials used in cars is much better. All I am saying is that Beat diesel is nowhere as bad as it is sometimes portrayed. Read the team-bhp review as well.
  15. Two months!! Damn. Hope you receive your product soon. I am sure not buying anything in future from Timtara.