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  1. Any suggestions for good 5.1 speakers for home theater ? Prefertably around 10k. Just need the speaker system to connect to my media player. No DVD/blu ray player required. ps: Thanks in advance for your time and advise.
  2. Availability in india ? anyone has first hand experience ?
  3. Chinese Phone With One Year On-Site Warranty On Ebay

    My advise would be to add another 3K or so, and get a real Nexus One. Nexus one, though almost 3 years old now, is still an awesome phone.. much better and other phones in this price range. Don't fall for this seemingly cheap Chinese phone; not worth IMO.
  4. MICROMAX A60 for Rs. 4,500.00 http://www.dealsatclick.com/Products/Mobiles-Mobiles-Phones-GSM-Handsets/MICROMAX/MICROMAX-A60/pid-608731.aspx Anyone with experience on this website ?
  5. Any ideas on ICC world's charges ?
  6. If you're s-on and on 1.5, this won't work for you.The bootloader will detect that this is a hboot downgrade, and just ignore the zip file.
  7. I would have definitely jumped the ship, if there was a way to use Sprint/Verizon phones on MTS.
  8. Single Data Charge Of 10P/10Kb Coming Soon

    2GB: 99Rs on 1x Please God... Make this happen.
  9. Forum Milestone : 50,000 Members!

    Super!! Congratulations and thanks to everyone in the community.
  10. My Health Tips

    Great list of gems, Genius. Didn't go through the entire list, but bookmarked for later.
  11. I got my MEID registered with Relaince. I'm programming the following parameters using EPST: Reliance EVDO PRL from this post MCC:404 MNC: 00 A-Sys Primary: 283 B-Sys Primary: 384 A-Sys Secondary: 691 B-Sys Secondary: 777; MOB_TERM_FOR_HOM /SID/NID: All set to Enable Home Page/Home Orig, Roam Orig: All set to EVRC Home SID/NID #1: 14655 / 65535 Akey: That was registered with reliance. I'm a n00b when it comes to CDMA. Can one of the experts here please verify/correct these values? Is there anything else that needs to be taken care of? I think it will become a valuable reference for others.
  12. Appeal To Reliance For Data Plans

    already signed
  13. Are there any other plans that are not time based ? My requirement is to remain connected 24x7. I won't be transferring a lot of data. Something that has a cap of 1GB per month maybe. I do not need EVDO either, will be happy with 1x, if that's cheaper.
  14. Should I Go For MTS?

    Does MTS have any cheap 1x data plans ? Like 100Rs or 200Rs per month for 1GB or 2GB ?
  15. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    Need advise for buying a geared bicycle around 5K range. The intent is to mostly use it for exercise and fun rides. Occasionally for commute.