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  1. I agree, i also got the news from an inside source, but he said that all 3 are sharing the network now, MTS, Tata & Reliance. I do not have a reliance or MTS connection to verify, but Tata indicom's signals have really been very good lately . Good for us users if this is really true as the coverage would improve locally and while travelling.
  2. Well, something has definitely happened for the good. I am seeing a jump in tata indicom signals big time, getting full signal in most of the places now. Was in Jaipur last month and experienced this now coming back to Bangalore experiencing the same in my area. Heard a rumour that CDMA providers are sharing the network among themselves so signal has improved. As Reliance, MTS and Indicom all 3 are sharing network with each other, don't know if its really true, but if it is then it is definitely good news.
  3. Planning to get a Gujrat sim to try out and see, if the 4gb option is really working or not, asking my bro to pick 2 sims, one he will use other he will send to me in Bangalore. Just to ensure , all i need to do is the Rs 94 recharge from any online site like Free recharge or Paytm and it should work right. Anything else required from my end.
  4. I have used this model a lot, couple of years back, on BSNL 3g and Airtel 3g, speeds were good and did not face any issues. I mainly used this for travel , at office or wherever i wanted a wifi hot spot, did not use it as a full time router at home as i already had one.
  5. Well, got a EC 156 today and tested my sim, everything seems to be working fine. Only issue is that no way to check data balance, When i send msg DP BAL TO 12524 then I receive reply msg that "u are not currently subscribe to any internet pack".MBAL & send to 55333 also not working, Calling 12524 not working. The only thing that worked is calling 12527 and hear the balance amount and promotional data balance. Only issue with the above is that i have to take the sim out of the dongle or the mifi hub to check the data balance, which is a painful task on a regular basis. Wish there was an easier option out to try.
  6. On BSNL WiMax 512kbps UL plan (750 per month), even with 10-15 days downtime of BSNL, I am consuming upto 80GB data (mainly for copy.com automatic file sharing services).... How 70GB is enough for 50Mbps connection? Well, i don't download stuff, i watch online mostly on Netflix or play CS online.Rest all is browsing so even it is sufficient. For me low latency and high bandwidth is more important as at any given time multiple users would be using the internet for browsing etc. @Shashank: the service is good, have not faced any issues in the last 3 weeks. I am in HSR layout they are providing service in nearby areas like Sarjapur and Bellandur also.
  7. Its home, at office download speed is at 1 mbps. I am on the Hathway Docsis 3.0 network at home. currently on the 40 gb plan with 50 Mbps speeds. Initial cost was Rs 4500 for 3 months, which includes installation cost of 1.1k. Next quarter would moved to 70 Gb download plan at Rs 1500 per month.
  8. Well here you go : Enjoy , just did an upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1 on my other PC in under 4 minutes.
  9. Went roaming, visited Jaipur and back, did a 1 gb recharge for Rs 95 on my indicom sim, data worked fine did not face any issues. Surprisingly Indicom connectivity for voice is much better in Jaipur than in Bangalore. My bro is planning to get a new prepaid connection to use data in Baroda. Let's see how it works, Going off topic any good cdma modem on which he can use the sim in Baroda for data to work. How is HUAWEI EC156
  10. The 64 bit drivers do not work on Windows 8.1, found it the hard way post troubleshooting for 30 minutes. They work fine on Win 7 64 bit, tested the same and got my phone recognized.
  11. Thanks Hitesh, it worked just tried the code. On reboot i got the message warning bootloader unlocked. Now will root the phone. Also i had posted on Motorola support forums, the mod there asked for the string and some other data. He tried the string and said that it should work. After that when i tried on the motorola site the string worked and it said they would email me the code. So motorola support guys are aware of this issue as many people have posted there and the mods have fixed the unlock tool and updated it from the back end after receiving non working strings from users. Good to see this kind of support. Once again Thanks to Hitesh for helping out.
  12. Tried again, no go, same message.your device does not qualify for bootloader unlocking. Have posted the issue on Motorola support forum also, as many other folks having the same issue. @ hitesh : sent you message with the fast boot details. Also once you get the details for Happy please share. I have already set the SPC to zeros. Next was to unlock the bootloader and root the phone. I am really excited after seeing many posts saying that Moto G has better signal strength that other CDMA devices and many users saying they can see the improved signal quality.
  13. Tried step 1 and did not work after putting the string on the Motorola website got a message that you do not qualify for boot loader to be unlocked, which is surprising, did anyone face such issue. I am trying it on a Boost Moto G upgraded to KitKat 4.2
  14. Why go that route, you can always directly order from Global ebay seller and get it at home. The old listing is over and a new one has been created. http://www.ebay.in/itm/GEB-141184309081-Motorola-Moto-G-Android-Smartphone-03-23-21-40-/171289611499?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_203&hash=item27e1a80ceb&_uhb=1
  15. Bought a couple of Iphone 4s 16 GB from US, - Both are locked Sprint is on IOS 7.1 and Verizon is on IOS 6.13. Need to get them unlocked or use interposer sim for using.
  16. Sprint iPhone 5 on Reliance CDMA?

    In the same boat, getting a Sprint Iphone 5S, which is 2 months old . Is there any way to use it on GSM locally in India? , Will any interposer sim work on the same. If not i will drop the purchase and refuse payment to the seller.
  17. This is bad news, i swtiched to Indicom from reliance couple of years back as signals were not good in my place, looks like time is coming to move to a new provider.
  18. Samsung 16 Digit Password

    I got these 2 years back when setting up my Nexus S : Hope it helps amsung (Default) - 01f2030f5f678ff9 Samsung a130 - 7754630762536473 Samsung a160 - 20055574a8800822 Samsung a310 - 0000031020020502 Samsung a375 - 0000037520011210 Samsung a460 - 4E4F56494E4B4921 or 444f43544f5220a9 Samsung a475 - 0000047520020206 Samsung a505 - 2d48435335303541 Samsung a530 - 0000053020020815 Samsung a562 - 01050f045f678ff9 Samsung a595 - 0000047520020206 Samsung a603 - 2D48435333303641 Samsung a605 - 2d48435333303641 Samsung a610 - 0200361020030314 Samsung a620 - 01F2030F5F678FF9 Samsung a630 - 12f3141f6f789ffa Samsung a650 - 0200365020030403 Samsung a655 - 0200365020030403 Samsung a656 - 0000000000000000 Samsung a660 - 01F2030F5F678FF9 Samsung a670 - 0200361020030314 Samsung a685 - 2d48435335303541 Samsung a700 - 01F2030F5F678FF9 Samsung a725 - 2d48435335303541 Samsung a740 - 2d48435335303541 Samsung a790 - 0402022406210509 Samsung a810 - 1A04120C090CF0D2 Samsung a815 - 0402022406210509 Samsung a850 - 2004071020040331 Samsung a870 - 1981091019770418 Samsung a880 - 20055574a8800822 Samsung a890 - 2004071020040331 Samsung a895 - 2004071020040331 Samsung a900 - 01F2030F5F678FF9 Samsung a915 - 200509226500a915 Samsung a930 - 2005100720051021 Samsung a950 - 2005020220050531 Samsung a970 - 1967041020000214 Samsung e250 - D5D3C920C2D1C5CC Samsung F519 - 0000140073000000 Samsung i325 01 F2 03 0F 5F 67 8F F9 Samsung i500 - 0000000000000000 Samsung i910 - 3334353334000000 Samsung L160 - 7754630762536473 Samsung L210 - 1004062010f22560 Samsung L310 - 2505062010f32560 Samsung m300 - 01f2030f5f678ff9 Samsung m800 - 01F2030F5F678FF9 Samsung n181 - 0000037520011210 Samsung n191 - 0000037520011210 Samsung n195 - 0000037520011210 Samsung n255 - 0000000000000000 Samsung n345 - 6905110834560250 Samsung n356 - 0000037520011210 Samsung n362 - 2D48435333303641 Samsung n375 - 0000037520011210 Samsung n380 - 0000037520011210 Samsung n392 - 2d48435333303641 Samsung n395 - 2d4843533539334e Samsung n415 - 6905110834560250 Samsung n480 - 6905110834560250 Samsung n485 - 6905110834560250 Samsung n530 - 7754630762536473 Samsung r400 – 1981091019770418 Samsung r410 - 1981091019770418 Samsung r430 - 2007111420080131 Samsung r450 - 2007111420080131 Samsung r470 - 2007111420080131 Samsung r500 - 2005100720051021 Samsung r510 - 2005100720051021 Samsung r550 - 2007121420071231 Samsung r610 - 2005100720051021 Samsung r800 - 2008060620081231 or 872576A7549DD8CF Samsung s259 - 5903365113726913 Samsung T191 - 0000037520011210 or 0000353736303000 Samsung u340 - 01f2030f5f678ff9 Samsung u350 - 1945081520081106 Samsung U340 – 2006082211901320 Samsung U440- 2007111420080131 Samsung u470 – 2007091020070470 Samsung U520- 2005100720051021 Samsung u540 - 2006100620061204 Samsung U550 - 2007010120070505 Samsung u620 - 916310BDE04A5078 Samsung u650 - 1945081520070115 Samsung u700 - 0200672020060815 Samsung u740 - 0110131637430677 Samsung u810 - 1A04120C090CF0D2 Samsung u900 - 2007040920071231 Samsung u940 - 0200672020060815 Samsung v122 - FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Samsung V420 - D54E321F5577CC33 Samsung x430 - 01050f045f678ff9 Samsung x839 - 2d4843532d303641
  19. Any luck in getting the same working with Tata. I am still on my old Nexus and want to move to Moto G. Is there an option of getting Tata indicom working on boost Moto G.
  20. Motorola Droid Razr M (Global)

    Thanks, it worked. its rooted now.
  21. Motorola Droid Razr M (Global)

    Download the attached file... Extract it.. Make sure you have USB debugging enabled... Run .bat file and follow on screen instructions, it will hardly take 2 minutes... Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk It would be great if you can post the Safeboot file here, when i click it is giving a QR code to scan. Unable to download on my pc.
  22. I use dropbox for everything, easy and convenient to use and have been using for many years now. I also have over 60Gb space with them currently.
  23. Just got my TV delivered finally. Samsung 64F8500.Also bought a Sony BDPS5100 - BlurayPlayer from Canada for $121. Will arrive next month.
  24. Motorola Droid Razr M (Global)

    It works by defualt for my airtel, don't need to do anything specific, when on 3g it shows H+. Just make sure data services is on and see what sign it shows on the signal bar and the color. .