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  1. List of CDMA + GSM Handsets

    Sorry for the late reply; logged in after a long time. I am using Redmi note 3 with dev ROM. MTS+JIO working well.
  2. Played with blaze 5.0 for five days. Here's my experience with it. Seller: Not very responsive to phone calls. One of three handsets came locked to MTS network. Mailed him for resolution and waiting for his response (24 hours have passed). Good that he is based in Delhi only. Packaging & Shipping: No extra protective packaging was done. All boxes were covered in ebay brand packets and shipped through Aramex. Faced delivery issues with one of shipments. The phone box is a plain white box with a logo of MTS and import label. No other printing. I liked it Accessories: 1Amp Charger, micro-USB cable, ordinary 3.5mm headset, 100GB SIM. Phone Appearance: Not cheap looking; but MTS logo at the back destroys it. Thankfully, on this phone the MTS logo is not red but silver colored. Build quality: Better than samsung Stellar (I have used only one samsung phone). This Blaze has survived a three feet free fall without any signs. But not comparable to any HTC/Moto android handset. Display: Ordinary TFT with 480x854 pixels resolution. Looks too ordinary. Camera: MTS is lying about camera. Its actually a 5MPx camera, not 8MPx. Performance: you will hate it, but you will use it. I dont' play games. so can't tell how it performs while using heavy apps. Pros: Dual SIM Low SAR value. (I am always worried about it) Tethering/Hotspot without issues. Widget switch for turning data on/off. Clear sound through earpiece. Earpiece doesn't leak sound. Good Loud speaker. Good Signal reception for both GSM/CDMA. Uses microSD as default storage for all purposes (installations/data/etc), so you won't feel bugged for low internal storage space. Battery survives the day. Don't forget to charge it for the next day. Doesn't get heated while charging. Takes about 2.5 hours to charge to 99% from 10%. Its Got FM!!! Cons: Not Dual Active. You loose one network while using the other. Ugliest interface I have ever seen, no uniformity across apps (SMS/Dialer/Calender). Senseless choice of colors for SMS app. Can't use different dialer/sms apps, as this phone needs dual-network aware apps. Quad-core is waste as it lags sometimes (this is first time, I am using an android phone that lags). Default BT status is 'visible forever'. Its heavily modified AOSP. Xposed framework doesn't work comfortably. Few options in Gravity module make it slow. You need to experiment here. Whatsapp crashes often. very often. See 3.5mm audio-jack has issues (perhaps reversed pins). Generic wired handsfree do not work. I am using BT handsfree. Gets heated during data usage even on 1x. Bad camera. more cons: google hindi input app doesn't work. google voice input doesn't work. google now launcher doesn't work. See TIPS: Disable MTS apps through apps_info. Though they are not intrusive/hogs. Install a different launcher. Create shortcut to activity: com.zte.emode.NetworkType for switching between 1x/EVDO/Hybrid. Root it with SRS-Root (If you have the itch). To get rid of always discoverable state edit build.prop: debug.bt.discoverable_time=5. It will keep BT discoverable only for 5 seconds, but it will be discoverable for 5 seconds each time you turn BT on. I couldn't find a way to keep it hidden state by default. A matte screen-guard is recommended for this low-res screen. You have to live with a custom-cut piece I have to leave the office now. Let me know if you have any questions. And, this handset is still available at: http://www.thinkofus.in/index.php?route=product/product&path=61_62&product_id=657 update: thinkofus.in lets you add to cart, but when you checkout, it tells you that the item is out of stock o_O Its the same seller, selling it on ebay.
  3. Its not true unless you get it in writing officially. Just ignore the rumors.
  4. Not possible with stock ROM. I am using miui 8 developer ROM.
  5. MTS CDMA + JIO VOLTE in Redmi Note 3.
  6. My nightmare.. became reality!
  7. That means, we can't use LTE & CDMA together in RN3.
  8. I want to use jio 4g sim in 1st slot and MTS cdma sim in 2nd slot in redmi note 3. Is it possible?
  9. Moto E 2015 LTE XT1526 to work with Reliance CDMA

    it's a great news! Please clarify about following: 1- is it sprint/Verizon/boost handset? 2- radio version? 3- which ROM are you using? 4- any mods required?
  10. Yes,, he is using button wala nokia. Even I keep a feature phone with a smart phone.
  11. Right. But my dad is not willing to migrate to a smart phone. My dad will be able to use jio if jio could be connected through a feature phone.
  12. For oldies like us, series is also important. If you belong to delhi, you may be aware of 98100xxxxx.
  13. Vanity numbers?! Look at the series,. MNP is a better idea.
  14. Please post a review of lava x11.
  15. JIO's tariffs may not be appealing for persons who are already using some kind of special plans For me even spending Rs.150 per month for all my family members would be an expensive idea. We are all on MTS and call each other for free. For other calls we hardly spend Rs.100 each. my local internet provider provides sufficient data volume for Rs.500. Further, I am not in mood for spending money for Volte handsets. Though, I will miss JioPlay, no one in my family is addicted to TV. I won't continue with JIO after JPO ends. I see JIO's tariff useful to only those without any good (existing) plans.
  16. Received message: " Dear Customer, Your plan Jio Preview Offer Recharge for 30days for Jio number 70xxxxxxxx will expire on 10:24 PM Aug 31, 2016. To recharge from a range of packs using MyJio, click www.jio.com/GetMyJio. Thank you, Team Jio "
  17. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    @Guru Gopal, you always bring a joyful news for people hurt by RCDMA.
  18. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    Guruji, how many numbers can be ported in by a person at a time? Do you have any info about any special offer for say 5 numbers being ported in simultaneosly?
  19. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    Guru ji, which store in Hyderabad did you visit?
  20. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    I called Jio cc today. They refused about any such offer. I'll try again tomorrow.
  21. Why not Lyf handsets?