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  1. can u please guide how to unlock band 3 and band5 for 4620L
  2. Has anyone thought of adding bands to handsets? i have seen some sprint apple phones which work only on CDMA can be unlocked through imei and then it needs to be connected to itunes for unlocked and it starts with any gsm / lte network... the imported also have lte modem... i am think there has to be a way to add / unlock lte bands in the device... Guru's pls guide or put a light to this...
  3. One of my customers have one device updated and data not working... I'm going to work on it tomorrow... Will update once I have done it...
  4. startupwizard renaming not success.... any other thing?
  5. any custom recovery not supporting cp logging so far... and yes you are right what i said was in samsung... similar to it in LG you have to enable hidden mode... type ##PROGRAM985 & Call ##PROGRAM*** & call *** stands for your model number i wrote 985 stands for verizon g3 = VS985 .... and there you will get enable cp logging mode (port check in LG) enable that and it works...
  6. Go to recovery... You will find "cp logging" enable it and then try...
  7. try complete wipe out data , dalvik, and cache
  8. Yes for cdma... Works for Sim and nv both
  9. sms working with custom rom...
  10. Tried rooting fire wifi tethering... But towel root fails... Any other method??
  11. The Radio download link is not working can you please upload the files to some dropbox... or provide any other link... !! Download here Thanks buddy...
  12. The Radio download link is not working can you please upload the files to some dropbox... or provide any other link... !!
  13. You can export contacts to a csv file and then again that file can be imported to outlook... Then sync your blackberry to outlook with desktop manager... (blackberry pc suite)
  14. Yes it works perfectly on 4.3/4.4.2 USC and VZW S3. Some handsets may require additional tweaking via DFS. A particular SIM series only will work for data. Pls enlighten the process about the additional dfs tweaks...
  15. Its not original Samsung. Just a chinese copy. Available locally at much cheaper price. Praveen ji is right... Its available in local market here for Rs. 890/- I have seen this handset all Chinese language and quality is very bad I would say worst I've ever seen...