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Old Samsung phones like A9 PRO and C9 PRO used to have that wonderful feature, but Sammy as usual s(rewed it via Nougat update.. During Android 6.0 days in those phones, I use Jio on VoLte and Airtel for 3G only and can switch data on either sim at my wish. All I have to do is, select the "Keep the SIM" option, when there is a query to change network for data. God, I hate Samsung's software...

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5 hours ago, commonman said:

Can you confirm that you can simultaneously get VoLTE in Jio and also functional 3G data in second SIM? I also use RN3 but the moment I select internet data option as second SIM, the second SIM becomes LTE and the 1st SIM becomes 3G without data. There is no option to select connection mode for non-data SIM. Only the internet enabled SIM gives the option to select between 2G, 3G and LTE.

Sorry! The latest ROM (version is not supporting this (today I tried again and it is switching the primary Sim network as well, as pointed by you). I don't remember which ROM had this feature but it was working when I bought the phone and I lost my Vodafone balance because by mistake I enabled data on my second SIM while I was using Jio for calls.

Update has ruined the feature.

Even switching network mode using *#*#4636#*#* didn't help. Some kind of bug... 

I tried in lava X11 and it works but the second SIM supports only 2G (Edge).

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