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  1. S3 SCH-i535 stock firmware needed urgernt. Help me mobile is hanged while booting... and no solution. Before this I rooted and installed fonts and rebooted. I missed to make backup help me. t is displaying the 4GLTE screen while booting and it is struck in that process. I tried Boot into recovery clear cache and dalvik cache. and trying to work Odin with stock ics rom but I cant find the file. I need Flash ics 4.0.1 or 4.1 please give me link. I googled but all where in broken file share sites not able to download.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S3 SCH-i535 stock firmware needed

    Thanks Brother Problem Solved...
  3. Samsung Galaxy S3

    But previously it was going....
  4. Samsung Galaxy S3

    In my Galaxy S 3 sch-i535 VERIZON my texting with long sms has worked good but than stopped. Tells me message failed and the error code reads Addr.Trns. B. I did a hard re-boot, removing the battery. But no use. HELP.
  5. Samsung Galaxy S3

    No option like that in the app. but previously sms went fine. even now in same handset without any change in settings of sms app, I could send sms of more than 160 char via BSNL GSM
  6. Samsung Galaxy S3

    I can't send sms from my Samsung Verizon S3 CDMA if it above 160 character for past three months, non-sim (MEID/ESN of the handset is registered with Reliance) based handset, even via phone info app installed in custom rom I can change to GSM, where i use BSNL as network. In bsnl it is working good, even in RCDMA it was working good previously. Complaint launched but no use. what to do...? Do any one face this problem....????
  7. Source: http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/new-version-of-internet-addresses-available-in-india-297597 The Internet addresses under the present version IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) are limited and service providers often assign single IP address to many users, making it difficult to identify the end user. How it is possible.... If so how the data is send and received if many have same ip address.
  8. Don't file a complaint for deactivating the number. Instead get sim replacement (for which we do if sim is blocked by entering wrong PUK code several times) in this procedure they won't deactivate the sim. They are right, if they deactivate and activating again it seems to be a new connection. May be as per their rules new subscribers can't get the old plan. For special case they have workout for you to make the same plan aval. it is headache for them.
  9. Reliance EVDO Rev B. Multicarrier - Reliance Pro 3

    Apart from speed does the RCDMA users have any other benefit like video calls... Etc.
  10. Reliance To Offer Full Length Movies On 3G Platform

    Not Possible... Site checks apn settings before download. If your download is from PC...!!! I think you mean this only.
  11. Cloud Services

    Using Adrive for 4 years and satisfied with it...!!!
  12. Awesome plans Landline Tariff war Starts.!!! Alternative Tariff Packages for Landline Having CDR Based Billing Add –on Tariff Packages for Broadband Combo Plans Customers....... :Sorprendido: Source: CLICK HERE
  13. What is CDR Based Billing? Also currently I am on One nation plan. plus 99 Rs add on pack(all bsnl LL within city and mobile is free) Is their a better alternative to my current plan call detail record ( CDR) - which is 'Real Time call detail record.
  14. 4G Spectrum Auction

    SAME here... then what kind of license does RIL have... and Y auction now.. Somebody explain...
  15. Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos GSM + CDMA

    AVAILABLE in ebay Source: Click Here. FYI: No 3G in GSM (HSPDA)
  16. Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos GSM + CDMA

    3G in GSM as well as CDMA mode (capable of EVDO Rev. A download speed of 3.1 Mbps). No it has no 3G(HSPDA) in GSM only EVDO in CDMA
  17. Congrats & n thank u very much to Hetalji n Team...
  18. Please suggest Dual SIM CDMA+GSM handset

    I think its not dual stand-by... Correct me if I am wrong.
  19. Appeal To Reliance For Data Plans

    Kindly Update.......!!!!!
  20. Check this picture is it available in TN & Chennai... I choose the location correctly but below they mentioned for circle WB and CL only. !!! which is true!!!???
  21. No way... but I too have the same dreams... reliance customers can only dream...
  22. New Rs.197 Offer for Reliance GSM

    For TN??????
  23. Buying a new car? Discuss here!

    YES Some body say about Ford Classic!!!
  24. I cant get you. What's there to worry about 3g. Throw lights..??!!
  25. Buying a new car? Discuss here!

    How about Ford Fiesta Diesel... Throw some lights... !!!