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Found 31 results

  1. I have samsung galaxy SL android phone, its my first 3g phone which i bought few weeks back. Whenever I am trying to make a video call it says out of 3g network, can anyone tell me how do i activage 3g network/video calling on my phone? I heard that on airtel you can simply activate it by sending an SMS, but I don't know how to do it on reliance GSM.
  2. I want to buy a dual SIM CDMA+GSM handset with following specs: 3G in GSM with speed upto 10.2Mbps. (internet usage charges on CDMA are more than 10 times costlier than GSM). Browsing and downloading capability. Unlimited phone book memory. Unlimited messaging memory. Office viewer and editor. PDF viewer. Mass sms sending option. High resolution capacitive touch screen. Sunlight viewable Screen. Accelerometer, Compass, GPS, proximity. Multitasking capability. Stable & Reliable OS. I intend to use Reliance for CDMA & will choose any other operator for GSM. CDMA will be used only for calls and GSM will be used only for Internet. I hate GSM for calls! Please suggest some handsets which meet above criteria. I like using a particular phone for years.
  3. New 3G (HSPA) Data Packs?

    i called reliance CC to find out about the 848 plan (10 gb / 30days), but was disappointed to find out that it was only for West Bengal but the CC told me about a few plans i've never heard off, it's not on the reliance website and i cant seem to be able to connect to reliance CC again here's the plans ( it maybe for my state only chhattisgarh) 1002 - 10gb / 30days 1200 - 15gb / 30 days 1500 - 6 gb / 90days (3000 or 5000 , i'm not sure) - 18gb / 180 days So , has anybody heard of these 3g (GSM)plans?
  4. My brother had a reliance gsm sim which he was not using so i took it from him. when i called reliance cc because i wanted to find out the 3g plans .... this is what i hear ( a recorded message) " You are listening to the default VoiceXML application. Congratulations, If you can hear this message your system is configured correctly" It's in an American female's voice and sometimes i hear this recorded message "This facility is not available on your reliance india prepaid. Please contact reliance customer care" (what!! i'm trying to call the cc itself. very confusing!) What is the problem ? has anyone faced this before? What is the solution? Are there any other reliance cc numbers? i tried 198, but it always says this route is busy.
  5. Data Plan Related Unified Data Plans Use it any where On Phone or Tethering Mode (Use on RWorld Password or NetConnect ) (RWorld + NetConnect = SimpleNet) = DONE = Achived as MobileNet All SimpleNet plan must be Activated by SMS short code reducing burden on Web World or Customer Care People = DONE Default SimpleNet plan is Rs 0.50 / Minute / IT MUST BE Volume based like Rs 2 / MB = DONE More Dynamic Combo Plans for Voice + Data Usage = Can be done but not need now EVDO Related Automatic EVDO Activation for Fresh OMH or EVDO Based Devices = Comming Soon Unprovisioned / Old Deactivated OMH / Devidce must have EVDO Deactivated Automatically = Comming Soon Provisioned / Newly Activated OMH / Device must have EVDO Activated automatically = Comming Soon Activation / Reactivation / Deactivation of EVDO must be SMS Based = Will be only via Web World Additional MEID Based PPP Login ID ( A0000012345678@ppp.rcom.co.in) and Password sud be password / So all New Device like Samsung Atlas I500 should not require OS Modification to accomodate MDN / MDN based UID Provisioning = Comming Soon Device Related (Handset Change - Non RUIM) As per the old Methos HCC or Retain MDN both method is confusin HCC is either not available or not working on many devices, Retain MDN is too much time consuming and Device goes in Lost state, I appeal RCDMA to come with Voice Portal for Device Swap so no Funny HCC or Retain MDN is Involved
  6. I am opening this thread to put all real cracker deals for Electronics, Gadgets, Mobile, PC hardware which are advertised in media, not advertised in media but you are aware of at one place. General Format Guideline Deal Category: Put the deal category like Electronics, Mobiles etc. Deal Source: Put the source of media where the advertisement is seen including edition Deal Advertiser: Name of the Entity which advertised the deal or you came to know. Website Link: Of the Entity offering the product. Deal Applicability: Put the locations and deal period if any. Deal Products: Here put the products alongwith prices, Website Link to specs if available, Short description why you like the deal. Product Photos: Can be shown if available. We all want good deals and when we come across one, it should be shared for the benefit of everyone. Many people miss such deals for the hectic life we all live. Will it not be beautiful if we all share such deals for the benefit of everyone when we come across one? Request all members to participate. I am starting with the following, Electronics: 42" Full HD LCD Television. Source: Mumbai Mirror 15-10-2010 Advertiser: Vijay Sales. Multi Brand Electronics showroom having branches in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat, Delhi. www.vijaysales.com Deal Applicability: Till stocks last Deal Product: AOC L42 DK99FU 42" Full HD LCD Television for Only Rs. 34,990/-. AOC is the world's largest manufacturer of displays like LCD Monitors. Recently it has entered India market for LCD Televisions. Currently as far as i know, no 42" LCD Full HD Tv of reputed branded manufacturer is available at this price. Generally 42" Full HD LCD of good brands in Gray market will be around Rs. 45k and officially more than 55k. Hence i find this deal irresistible. Product Specs Link http://www.aocdispla...ail.aspx?pid=31