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    palm pre is a unique handset , and as such all methods are also one of a kind pre doesnt accept 1x prl u have to load evdo prl pre will show international roaming sign 1) connect pre in pass through mode 2) open up qpst 3) load evdo prl 4) phone will show sprint banner name 5) close qpst and open up cdma workshop 2.7 6) go to memory and to nv items 7) click write and load the text file i have attached 8) banner name changed ( for changing banner name we have read nvitem 9047 to edit ASCII of sprint with ASCII of reliance /tata and then load it back ) rr.rar
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    its simple just go to any file/image hosting site upload image get a link of that image and just copy paste that link by clicking insert image icon on forum i use FileAve.com
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    1) i have been telling people who have asked me for palm pre to buy new non activated phones , aka virgin palm pre 2) if u have a pre activated phone , still its possible , but u will have to try over and over 3) if ur phone goes offline u need to use only the roms with modem bypass like xxrake 4) u shud never , never hard reset ur phone or upgrade to any official rom , or else ur original meid will be restored and ur phone will go offline 5) palm pre only accepts evdo prl on any network , it wont accept 1X PRL BUT EVDO PRL WORKS FINE FOR VOICE , SMS AND DATA , INFACT I FEEL ITS BETER THAN 1X INTERNATIONAL ROAMING PRL THAT WE ARE USING 6) i agree with kshah , palm pre is such kind of handset , which shows u new things everyday , so have patience with it , and dont go off limits , or modem will go off permanently 7) ur phone will go offline at some stage even if u r successful , it will go offline all this is from my own experience after playing with more than half a dozen pre s
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    Good! News Guys. Now you can Convert TATA Indicom Plug2Surf to Reliance Plug2Surf, to access the Internet on Reliance R-UIM[/size] After a lot of Experiment and Strugle, I m succeeded in converting TATA PLUG2SURF to RELIANCE PLUG2SURF. I brought a Sungil Make scx-1080 USB 1.x CDMA modem form TATA TRUE VALE SHOPE without Activation, after I installed the TATA dilar software in my PC, I placed the Reliance R-UIM in modem and connectd to PC, launched the dilar software, Dilar sofware asked me to enter PIN Number then I enterd the PIN no and MOdem is instlalised but i did't found the Signal on dilar software and message is appeared "MIN VALUE IS OUT OF RANGE" after inserting the R-UIM more then five time my phone is locked. and message is appeard "PHONE IS LOCKED CONTACT SERVICE CENTER". I tried to contact the Authorised service center and I aske him to convert this to Reliance He said taht is operator locked and it is not possible to convert. After doing Throughly investagation and experiments I got the clue wher the phone is locking and MIN value is comparing with R-UIM. Ther I have done some modification I pluged the modem inserted the Reliance R-UIM and I got reliance signal (if signals is available modem will display green LED otherwise it display orange LED) Manually I have done the configration of modem setup and Internet connection setup after this i m able to connect the reliance to access the internet.