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    No use, nothing will come out of complaints as they use international gateways to send spam SMS' Anothr thing I wanted to point out was that beyond 100 SMS' per day, Vodafone is charging at base rates. This is totally unjustifiable and unethical. hey are enriching themselves due to this stupid TRAI rule. In my RGSM connection, I cannot send a single SMS beyond 100 SMS per day at all, no matter whatever I try to do. Atleast RCOM is not enriching themselves like the greedy Voda, No idea about the other gangsters...
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    HTC Sensation Arrives in India Rs 29,299 (After icicilb Code Rs 1,200 Discount http://www.letsbuy.c...nsation-p-18158 It's a beauty and worthy contender to Galaxy S II.. Fight begins now.. Official HTC Webpage http://www.htc.com/w...n/overview.html
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    Just got this sms from Vodafone : "Good News, you can send unlimited sms on 25-26 Oct, capping of 100 sms/day is not applicable for these days. Pls note, sms charges will be as per the base rate"
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    After the cost, the other dis-advantages are Lack of Hardware_Soft_Keys and LCD_Touch (NOT AMOLED) screen... Otherwise this phone is ok-ok type with VGA screen (640x480), 1500mAh battery, slim and beautiful, Comes with JoikuSpot_Premium (first S60 phone to come with) for WiFi tethering..