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    This is really funny... A Die Hard Apple Loyalist... Can't do without iPad in Jail too... 2G case: Delhi HC denies iPad to Asif Balwa Source The city government and Tihar Jail authorities today told the Delhi High court that Asif Balwa , an accused in the 2G spectrum case, cannot be allowed to use I Pad in jail. "It is not possible to ensure that I-Pad may not be used as a communication device. Removal of some features from it does not ensure that other large number of applications available are rendered unusable," Delhi government told Justice S Muralidhar. The court after going through the detail note submitted by jail authorities, however, allowed Asif to suggest an alternative device through which no communication is possible. "The petitioner (Asif) will suggest alternative device whcih can be used only for reading files. The officers of Tihar Jail will again examine the alternative device," the court said. Vijay Agarwal , counsel for Asif, also sought the court's permission to be allowed to suggest an alternative device. "I am not in love with I-Pad. They can provide me a dead laptop," Agarwal said. Meanwhile, the counsel for Delhi government also sought directions to make the CBI a party to the case. The court issued notice to the CBI to make it a party in the case. The court had earlier asked the jail authorities and the city government to examine the I Pad, to be used by an accused for reading digitalised case files in prison, to ascertain if the equipment can be misused for communication. It had also asked the accused's counsel to deposit the I Pad with the jail officials who would get it checked by the IT department of Delhi government as to whether it can be misused for communication or not. The court's response came after Delhi government said that Balwa, Director of Kusegaon Fruits and Vegetables, cannot be allowed to use the I Pad as it is not permitted by the jail manual. The government counsel had said security personnel are not equipped to detect any tampering with the gadget. The corporate executive has been arrested for his alleged role in facilitating the transfer of a sum of Rs 200 crore to DMK's party-owned television channel Kalaignar TV through his firm in a "circuitous manner". He is lodged at Tihar Jail along other 12 accused persons including former Telecom Minister A Raja , DMK MP Kanimozhi, Swan Telecom promoter Shahid Balwa .
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    It will be really helpful for subscribers whose operator doesn't have the 3g spectrum in there respective areas.
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    AFAIK, if a operator uses another operator's network to offer 3G services in a circle where they do not have 3G licence, then how will they bill for voice services or can they use the other operator's network only for 3G data? Will it not be roaming for the subscriber? Maybe all operators will remove roaming totally pan India - only then, this is possible. I had asked RCOM about Chennai since they do not have licence here - how they will offer 3G services here? This was the reply I got from them. But anything is possible in India. Though they did not divulge any details, they did hint at tie-ups with other operators, but then voice roaming will apply. Lets wait and watch as things unfold.... And IMHO, competition will not allow 3G pricing to be very ultra premium. Maybe for the first few months, operators may want to make merry, but even then people will start comparing BSNL's pricing for 3G services.
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    Dear Friend I am using 3G SIM for nse trading on now software with AT&T unlocked aircard bought from EBAY. It's really good and is more or equal to landline broadband. One of the dealer in Nellore he is selling TMOBILE unlocked modem upto 7.6 MBPS and my cousin also bought it and he is saying it is equal to AT&T AIR CARD. Regards Babulu
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    the data card cost 2500rs and 120rs for 3g sim.