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  1. Motorola XT901 Hang On Logo - Need Firmware

    In addition to posting this topic here, what effort you have made to find solution to your problem?
  2. ICS/Jelly Bean for EVO 3D - Step By Step

    ICS For EVO 3D - Step By Step Folks, Ice Cream Sandwith for EVO 3D is here. Let's taste it. I have given detailed step by step instruction which may sound elementary to some but helps people not conversant with flashing. Standard Disclaimer: (Still Worth Reading) Everything given here is tested and working. Still if you face a problem, brick your phone or mess up anywhere, you know you have only yourself to blame. No guarantees / warranties whatsoever. At Your RISK. Background: This is MeanROM Ice Cream Sandwich for HTC EVO 3D based on leaked Ice Cream Sandwich for Cricket's version of HTC Evo 3D for CDMA. Cricket's EVO 3D is exactly the same as Sprint's. Mean ROM's are almost the same as Stock HTC ROM's except the optimization, speed and extra features. This Ice Cream Sandwich is nearest to what you will be getting from Sprint by OTA when it's released officially. What's Good: Since this ROM is based on Sprint STOCK ICS leak, pretty much everything works. (USB Micro SD Card Mount when connected to PC is not working but you can use app like AirDroid to copy) Fast and furious. 1.5 Ghz Dual Core Speed out of the box instead of 1.2 Ghz. Requirements: You need to be on latest ver 2.17 Sprint Firmware. Baseband Version 1.06.001216, PRI Version 1.42.003. You can be S-ON or S-OFF. You can be HTC Dev unlocked / unlocked otherwise and rooted. (Rooted will help install 4ext Touch Recovery through it's app directly from your existing ROM instead of fastboot commands.) What You Need: (All Credit / Copyright To Original Developers / Owners of respective files.) 4ext Touch Recovery. Get it from here, Click on Download Free and save APK. >> http://www.4ext.net/ Mean ROM Ice Cream Sandwich For EVO 3D CDMA. Get the latest version. I have V07. >> http://www.androidfi...s/mikeyxda/ICS/ Anthrax Kernel for fixing bootloops on ICS Leak >> http://db.tt/kl2915kV Warning: The below process will wipe out everything from your phone including all user, app and app data. So back up your SMS, other app data if you want to. Additionally have your current ROM on your SD Card if you need to reflash it. Better take a Nandroid backup also as additional safety. Steps: Copy all the files you downloaded in What You Need to your Micro SD Card. Ensure your phone battery is fully charged. First flash 4ext Touch Recovery. Install the downloaded APK on your phone. Enable Data / Wifi. Start app. It should show the latest RC version available. Download and install, grant super user right. It will ask for database not available locally, so allow it download. It should identify the phone as HTC EVO 3D CDMA. OK. It will also ask whether you are S-ON? Say YES if you are. This is important as it will enable SmartFlash which is needed to stick boot on S-ON phones without the help of fastboot commands. Go to Settings / Power / and ensure Fastboot is Disabled. Shut down the phone. Wait for atleast 30 seconds to ensure it's fully shut off. Remove battery, wait 10 seconds, insert battery. Hold Volume Down Button + Power Button together. Once menu is shown, press Volume Down Button once to select Recovery, then press power button. You will reboot into 4ext Touch Recovery. Once you are in touch recovery, no need to use any physical button. It works on touch completely. Install From SD Card / Choose ZIP from SD Card, Select the Modified Superwipe and OK. It should take 2-3 minutes to finish. Repeat the Superwipe process once again by going back and selecting the same file. From Touch Recovery Main Menu, Select Wipe | Format and then wipe battery stats. From Touch Recovery Main Menu, Select install from sdcard, choose zip from sd card and then select MeanROM ICS version you downloaded. Do not Reboot your phone yet. Now flash Anthrax Kernel in the same manner, install from sdcard, choose zip from sd card. (This step is CRITICAL. If you don't do it, the phone will be in constant bootloop after reaching the main screen) Now from touch recovery main menu, Wipe | Format and then wipe cache + dalvik. Do it TWICE. Finally Reboot Now from the Main Menu. Recovery will flash a message saying pending boot operation detected, your ROM will reboot once. That's a good sign. Phone will reboot.It will Reboot once more on HTC screen. Then the first boot. This will take some time. Can sip a very quick cup of Tea / Cofee if it's ready while you wait with bated breath for ICS Nirvana. Wow. The ICS is in front of you. It will automatically enable 3G to complete account setup screen. If you don't have Data provisioned on your phone, ensure you're near a WiFI setup. Else you won't be able to proceed any further and finish account setup screen. Some Screen Shots:
  3. The Off Topic Thread

    The Off Topic Thread Well, the topic title says it all.. There is no topic at all here.. Just chit chat, sarcasm, fun, gupshup on anything under the sun between friends, members, newbies, buyers, sellers, anyone... Anything and everything under the sun... And the Moon too.. I remember when we were all young and particularly in small towns in India, in the evening, friends used to gather near a chawk, pan shop or any meeting point and chit chat about so many useless things which today seems like priceless memories.. Now since we have grown up and particularly in Online World, so many things come between the real and perceived us.. Ego, Image, What the people will say or feel.. But as Devang Patel sings.. Hu chahe aam karu, Hu chahe tem karu.. Mari Marji.. We all are like this only.. We have a very disciplined and neatly maintained forum.. So it's not fair for us to jump into any topic and fulfill our unmet desires.. But desires needs to be fulfilled.. For all that and more, this is the place.. Come one, Come All and have a good time gosipping, chatting, fighting or do what you like.. Someone will join the fun.. I request our Dear Admin / Moderators to be a little patient and more accommodating in this topic and let the juices flow.. But at the same time request all members to be responsible and self moderated for that extra freedom.. No Profanities, Vulgarity or obscene things here or vicious personal attacks.. Satire, sarcasm will do but nothing which should hurt someone beyond repair.. Enjoy.. I can imagine who are going to be some of the first posters here... Vaise it's off topic but let's start with a topic.. It seems Parinbhai will soon start selling Dual Sim Chinese Mobiles going by the demand for it flowing in his sell topic..
  4. ^ ^ ^ I have noticed HTC Desire 510 being sold on ebay india for Rs 9,990 with claim of it working with CDMA SIM for Reliance, Tata, MTS with 1X/EVDO data & Wifi Hotspot.
  5. Happy New Year 2015!

    Lovely Prayer To Start 2015 "Enlighten what's dark in me, Strengthen what's weak in me, Mend what's broken in me, Bind what's bruised in me, Heal what's sick in me, And lastly, Revive whatever peance & love has died in me" Wish you all an extremely happy, healthy and prosperous 2015. May all your dreams and desires come true in the year that follows.
  6. OnePlus invites

    I also have one india specific OPO invite. PM if anyone wants. As mentioned by aalokbhai above, preference to senior members / contributors. EDIT: Invite already shared with a member and not available now.
  7. Any one wants REDMI NOTE? I Have one in cart

    Redmi Note order placed for Praveen Sinha.
  8. ADATA AUV131 32GB USB 3.0 Pen Drive At Rs 727 >> http://www.flipkart.com/adata-auv131-32g-rgy-32-gb-utility-pendrive/p/itme24b2qmguyqgc?pid=ACCE24B2QHPRRAWW&otracker=from-search&srno=t_9&query=adata&ref=c79dc4a7-a041-42e1-b75a-b6bc3a8682bd Buying it from Flipkart App will be at Rs 677.
  9. Any one wants REDMI NOTE? I Have one in cart

    It is still showing in my cart at 9.12 PM! So Flipkart's deadline of 6 PM today evening seems to be a hoax just to prod people to do checkout faster.
  10. Any one wants REDMI NOTE? I Have one in cart

    << Not closing the topic as anyone else who want to share can do it in this topic. >> Please understand the word share, it means one should place order on COD basis for requesting person at same flipkart price. If anyone want to do black market, please stay away & go elsewhere. I am also having Redmi Note in cart if anyone needs it. Please PM with your full name, mobile no and full address (With PIN CODE). If Cash on Delivery is available for your location by flipkart, i will place the order directly at your address.
  11. OnePlus invites

    After a lot of flip flops, Cyanogen has finally clarified that Oneplus One sold in india through amazon will not receive any further OTA OS update on their blog >> https://cyngn.com/blog/2014/12/oneplus-one-global-device-update/
  12. http://www.rcom.co.in/Rcom/personal/3G/HTML/3G-2G.html RComm making 3G/2G data at same price is interesting! news source
  13. OMH CDMA phones available in India market

    ^ ^ ^ One reviewer on amazon india (who actually bought the phone & put up unboxing video on youtube) said in reply to a question that it does work on CDMA but it's only single SIM. Amazon india on the contrary lists as Dual SIM in specs. Great deal of confusion...
  14. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    Asus Fonepad 7 2014 at Rs 6,999 >> http://www.flipkart.com/asus-fonepad-7-2014-fe170cg/p/itme2cfrwcavspuz?pid=TABDYE5B7JPCSFSG&srno=b_1&ref=eb86aa21-e8fd-4555-89c4-2edd11edcb53 It's a good option for requirement you described. Now Android 4.4 kitkat update is also available for this model.
  15. post review without fail Detailed review was posted earlier in this topic >> Review: MTS Blaze 5 CDMA+GSM Dual SIM Android
  16. The Off Topic Thread

    ^ ^ ^ Yes. The unlocked version currently on sale at amazon should work in india but do keep in mind that it has forked version of android (Fire OS) by amazon which means no google play store or other google apps/services.
  17. 1X Data Not Keeping The Phone Engaged! I have noticed a strange (But happy) phenomenon occuring since the last few days on Reliance CDMA Network. Conventional wisdom says that your phone will always come engaged on CDMA network when 1X Data is On. However in the last 20 days or so, while i was travelling and 1X Data was on, i received calls without the calling person getting engaged tone. The calls were completed and upon finishing 1X Data resumed! Thought it to be a one off event but again it happenned today! What's going on? Has Reliance invented/implemented something which was thought to be technologically impossible in CDMA?
  18. What Made You Happy Today / Recently ? And Why Not Share It ? - Let Everyone Know There Are Small Pleasures To Savour Everyday... You Have To Only Look Around & Discover Happiness? That illusive thing... What makes us happy? What makes us happy continuously... First one may be easy... It's the second one that's tough to decipher? Because more often than not, the definition of happiness gets restricted to larger things in life... A New Car... Bigger House... Yearly Promotion... Better Job... Arrival of a Kid... Getting a good degree... Better Business.. Such things don't happen on a daily basis but at a longer time frame... We are happy when it does... Then again the search for a better/larger happiness continues... But somewhere along the journey we have to get through each day & that becomes a source of pain.. The earlier feeling of being too happy on achieving larger things in life vanishes too soon & the journey becomes a struggle.. That's only because as grown ups, smart & intelligent, we either don't care for or enjoy smaller things in life... How happy it was to bunk a day in school, play gully cricket with stone stumps, eat roadside trash with limited pocket money, watching adult film without being adult and so on... Nothing was very logical as such but happiness scale? You Bet... It was awesome... That was only because we did not put our intelligence in measuring the QUANTUM... If you felt happy... You felt happy... Period... Why not rekindle that childlike attitude again and share in this topic "What Made You Happy Today / Recently" ? Can be any small thing... And no bar for larger things... Just share & let other members know there are thousands of things to be happy about every day!!! Spread The Smile & Happiness For All... May be your reason for being happy today/recently will become theirs too and everyone will discover new/unexplored sources... Only possible with your uninhibited and whole-hearted participation on a regular basis... Few Things Which Made me happy recently.... - Received a beautiful handmade glass painting from Sister in Law... Awesome... Took her 17 Days to make... - At last the housing society made parking slots in order with fresh coat of paint... Cars are not crowded any longer... - Got Rajkot's famous Peda alongwith a relative... It's Yummy... Exported till New York... BTW i got it free... - That 5 pair of Arrow socks for Rs 152.. Happy hunting together...

    Wishing a very happy birthday to Kamalbhai
  20. Review: MTS Blaze 5 CDMA+GSM Dual SIM Android

    << This fresh topic created after splitting post from topic "Unlocked MTS CDMA+GSM Dual SIM Android Handsets at surprising prices on eBay" >>
  21. SRSRoot claims to support root on ZTE N919D which is MTS Blaze 5. Disclaimer: Have not tested. Just giving info. Link >> http://www.srsroot.com/

    Happy Birthday Amitbhai
  23. There are multiple such query everyday for various phones. Everyone opens a new topic for the same. So made this as a master topic for all such query. Please post in this topic all query if a particular imported phone works on CDMA RUIM / How to make it work. Changed topic title to "Will this imported CDMA phone work with RUIM of indian Operators?"
  24. ^ ^ ^ Great Post! Now after that easy & comprehensive explanation if someone asks again, will have to say, Dubaara Mat Poochna VIDEO!!!

    Happy Birthday Vinaybhai! Arz kiya hai.. Har disha jine ki ek nayi aas de apko, Har lamha har pal kuch khaas de apko Ugta huya suraj, khiltaa huya phoool Har din taazgi bhara ehsaas de apko Zindagi me kabi koi chiz ki kami na ho, Jo maango rab se wo sab kuch de apko