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  1. Add LTE bands To samsung S5 for Relaince 4g

    Jio join is more of a dialer like application which routs voice on data. So if one doesn't have VoLTE handset, jio join will allow voice services on LTE connection Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  2. Since last update yesterday 7.3.2, volte is working on my handset. Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  3. @gurugopalji Yes there was nothing to share. But why VoLTE was working on LYF handsets when it was not working on RN3? Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  4. Those who are buying for jio sim, be aware that VoLTE is till now broken. It doesn't work. I am not sure whether it is device specific or generic problem. On miui.com there are few threads starting this problem.
  5. Economics doesn't justify price but in era of startups and venture capitalism, company may prefer to loose few hundred crore to establish brand on one go. Wait and watch cautiosly is only way.
  6. OnePlus invites

    one plus 2 invite valid for 72 hours. Received today only. IN3F-5BB1-062A-D4FB O
  7. With windows 10 even windows tables are good reading devices. PDF files read best on windows devices. If you are planning to read eBook formats than android devices are equally good. I have no idea about nook HD.
  8. Two unopened toys. Bough long ago when PYRAMID STORES were closing for experiment. Never used them. Found from my office junk Will let know courier charges once it is shipped.
  9. Sprint Samsung Epic 4G - The Beast Is Here!

    If it starts in recovery just wipe. I doubt though. Do you want to give away? Lmk. I still love epic.
  10. Does any one want REDMI NOTE? I have one in my cart. I have to complete order by 6 PM today.
  11. Deposit Refund After MNP?

    I have good experience with airtel voda and idea. They all sent me security deposit within 2 months by courier. Just before a month ported out of reliance let's see about them.
  12. Xiaomi MI 3

    YU is indeed a good handset. I switched from note 2 so it is not a great upgrad but I was more than satisfied with NOTE2. I never got attracted to any other handset after note 2. All seems to be just upgraded CPU and RAM without any tangible gain in productivity. I will write my experience with YU once I get time. @mr flops. I have your phone number but saved as your forum name only. Thanks for remembering me.
  13. Xiaomi MI 3

    What about YU YUREKA? why not in discussion any where? Good handset at rock bottom price.
  14. In Samsung I have seen option (in diag / hidden menu) named DDTM. when it is enabled WHILE ON DATA phone is always busy even on EVDO. Check that option of you know how to enter in hidden menu of your phone.
  15. Switch to CDMA ?

    If you are using evdo phone will not remain busy. In 1x yes it will become busy.
  16. ordered for digital nirvana. Please close the thread
  17. I would like to have suggestions for VPN services which truly makes my emails, browsing and internet activities annonymous. I read many articles but unable to decide which one is the best. My requirement is for 3 machines on VPN. Why I need VPN?, just like any other Indian we have loads of software on computer which may not be having valid permissions. In last one year, I came across two instances where I was called and asked for usage of some 3D modelling software on some of computer on our network. Software like this was used http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_3D_modeling_software Due to such inquiries, I am unable to use them on existing set up and need non online infrastructure to use them and it is tedious. Please suggest.
  18. I checked free to see how it works. Buying today.
  19. Thanks. Checking it and seems to be fast and stable even on free plan.
  20. Import of used handset is not allowed by custom rules. If using bad esn phone is illegal then using it with ruim does not make it legal.
  21. Handset Launches - News Snippets

    Same is in moto e. Data active sim will become 3G.
  22. List of CDMA + GSM Handsets

    Moto e support 3g on either of sim. Means data enabled sim automatically become 3g. Be it in first or second slot.
  23. News Snippets

    Interesting and frightening GOONDA ACT of karnataka http://www.bangaloremirror.com/bangalore/cover-story/We-the-goondas/articleshow/39564603.cms?utm_content=buffer4d68e&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer