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  1. Apple iPhone 5 & iOS6 discussion

    I felt, It is a welcome change. Somebody stood up and said "We screwed up and We are sorry" compare to the old arrogance. Gives me hope about Apple.
  2. Discounted/Free apps on Market/Play Store

    Bought 4 apps for my Nexus7 (Granny Smith, Angry Birds, office pro and Sodoku). Thanks
  3. ^^^ Tried it. Did not work. In fact, first time i logged into the tablet without proxy, it did not give me the free credit. Did a factory reset, Logged in with a proxy, added a credit card to google wallet and it offered me $25 credit. But it is useless. Hopefully it will get enabled sometime in future.
  4. Finally got my Nexus7 16GB. A friend bought and sent from US. 7 inch of real estate feels great. Logged in and got $25 google play credit as per google offer. Unfortunately cannot use it as it is greyed out. Otherwise the tab is great.
  5. Bought a Samsung Galaxy Nexus GSM for wife. She is loving it. Bought it from google store in US and a friend sent it to India.. It shipped with ICS but got the JB update within a day. Looking for a case. This one is for S3. Is there anything similar for Galaxy Nexus.
  6. Google Nexus 7 Tablet

    This being a Wifi only device. One cannot be on the cloud all the time even in USA. The good news is, according to Anandtech review here USB-OTG (On The Go) is supported !!
  7. Google Nexus 7 Tablet

    Lack of SD card slot is a let down. But I would still buy the 16gb version. Hope it is available in India soon. As per the keynote yesterday it will be availble first in US, UK, Canada and Austraila, followed by other countries.
  8. Samsung Galaxy S III

    is n't this the 2 year contract price?
  9. ^^ As soon as I clck on the BUY link it changes to SOLD and It says the item is out of stock
  10. Wow. Finally some good new on data front.
  11. I am looking to buy an iPOD dock. Is there something decent available less than Rs 5000. I have a iHome which I picked from USA about 3-4 years ago for about $100 and it is serving me well. Any pointers will he,p -Thanks Kuldeep
  12. Awsome news!! Thanks Hetal Ji, for your hardwork.
  13. WiFi issue with Samsing Nexus S

    1) What is the IP address assigned to "Wifi Modem" and "Main Modem". Both cannot have 2) Is the Wifi modem running DHCP server? If yes how many devices can connect at a time? 3) Can you try this -> Disconnect alll other devices -> Swtich off Wifi model to make sure all devices disconnect-> Switch ON the Nexus S. Basically only Nexus S is trying to connect.
  14. Jagjit Singh Passes Away

    He will be missed. May his Soul Rest in peace.
  15. Steve Jobs Dies Aged 56

    Feeling very sad today. Don't know what to say. May his soul rest in peace.
  16. iPhone 4S Launched!

    Siri needs data connection which isn't a big issue. If wonder how well it will work for Indian accent. Definitely a step in right direction.
  17. I am having a bad experience with Indiaplaza too. Ordered Sennheiser CX200 Street II earphones from them on Sep 27. Still not shipped. Opened a ticket through their website yesterday. Nobody has looked into that. Called customer care, After half an hour of wait in the queue, got through and the concerned person who is supposed to know the status is "out for lunch". Can you believe that? I was promised a callback and it never came. Do not have the patience to wait for another half an hour to get to their customer care. There does not seem be an option to cancel the order once the payment is authorized. It should be there till the order is shipped. what to do? Will never buy from them again.
  18. Handset Launches - News Snippets

    Galaxy Y looks like a good entry level smartphone. Though I would love to see a AMOLED screen on this even if the price is bumped to 10k.
  19. Airtel Hikes Call Tarrif

    If it is upto Airtel, It will **** the blood of consumers to make money. Look at their Broadband plans which are same for years and have even gone worse with FUP. That is why i have ported out of Airtel. Only way to punish these companies is to not give them any business.
  20. How do i find put if my processor supports the VT or not? is there any utility that I can download and try.
  21. My BB8130 trackball is not working in vertical direction but works in horizontal direction. I am unable to read any SMS and cannot even scroll the contacts. I would like to get it repaired. will it be possible to change the trackball? if you know anybody reliable in Bangalore who can repair it, Please share. --Thanks
  22. Blackberry Repair in Bangalore

    Thanks a ton Guys!! I will give it a try.
  23. Blackberry Repair in Bangalore

    Thanks. I was hesitating as this is a Sprint BB and is a cl**ned set so was looking for somebody else.
  24. Forum Software Upgraded to IP.Board 3.2

    Thanks. I can find it now.