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Updated: 3G Auction completed after 34 days of bidding

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are yaar, if India goes to 4G, then what will happen to babus and Mr. A Raja.. they will loss millions of money as there will be only 1 tender.

kisse ke pet pe laat nahi marne ki.... :NOTriste::NOTriste:

besides, our lol cos have already invested in 3g equipments and they will also will not allow 4g without getting any benefit out of 3g investments..

few operators already have pending PO for 4G.

Bharti raised PO to Erricson for 4G almost 2 years before.

and at the end of the day GSM/CDMA/3G etc will terminate into LTE and operators are investing in too. so operators won't face loses but sarkari babu will face the loses :)

and with the advancement of the technology we might have free voice calls(1p per minute) like almost free SMS(15K SMS @ Rs 25)

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Creating confusion: Trai talks 4G, but 2G, 3G not settled yet

NEW DELHI: Trai has floated a two-page pre-consultation paper on 4G spectrum which is already creating a storm in the telecom sector. The paper invites comments from stakeholders by March 15 and promises to generate serious debate for several reasons.

The first among them is the fact that some of the most important and fundamental issues concerning the allocation, pricing, methodology, transfer and sale of 2G spectrum are pending with the Trai for over four months now. With fundamental issues on spectrum and M&A still undecided a discussion on 4G is being seen as unusual.

"The Trai is missing the wood for the trees. It is ludicrous to jump to 4G without settling 2G spectrum issues," said an official with a leading GSM operator. Further, there is utter confusion between ministries on the date of 3G auctions. 3G auctions have been postponed twice in January 2009 and January 2010. The new auction dates are likely to be fixed for the second half of 2010. Since there is no clarity on either the dates or the quantum of spectrum available in 3G a discussion on 4G has taken stakeholders by surpise.

Trai chairman J S Sarma said, "We are taking advance action on 4G as 2G recommendations will be released before the end of March and will then be the DoT's responsibility while 3G is already out of our hands. We don't see any relationship between these issues".

A GSM operator said since it is possible to operate any technology in any spectrum band, this 2G, 3G and now 4G discussion is meaningless. "The core issue is spectrum. Give operators spectrum and they will decide the technology of their choice." However, CDMA lobby Auspi, secretary general S C Khanna said it is a positive move to bypass 3G and leapfrog to 4G as it is a better and cheaper technology.

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DoT still to decide on 3G auction; finance ministry says way clear

With differences between the Union law and finance ministries now over on the thorny issue of auctions for 3G spectrum, it is now for the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to decide on the schedule.

However, while its top officials met to discuss the next course of action and whether the auctions can be done before this financial year concludes on March 31, it appears DoT still needs time.

A Raja, the minister, continued to say he is still waiting for advice from the finance and law ministries. And, a senior official who attended the internal meeting said it would take a few days more for a final decision.

This, when Cabinet Secretary K M Chandrasekhar and Finance Secretary Ashok Chawla both said it was now for DoT to move.

Chandrasekhar was also directly chairing the high-level committee to monitor vacation of spectrum by the defence forces. Asked whether there was a pressing need to complete the auction by March 31, he said: "I don't think it particularly matters if it happens this year or the next year...they (DoT and the finance ministry) will take the decision, based on how the revenue can be maximised."

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee had factored in expected revenue of Rs 35,000 crore in the current year’s Budget from the 3G auction. The hope is to use the proceeds to partly cut the huge fiscal deficit, estimated to touch 6.8 per cent of gross domestic product in 2009-10.

The auction was scheduled for January 14 and then got delayed because of unavailability of enough spectrum and differences over the number of slots to be auctioned. DoT has currently enough spectrum to auction two slots. The third slot would be available by September and the fourth by 2013, in each of the 23 telecom circles.

The Finance ministry had cleared the decks for the auction before the end of this financial year, by assuring the law ministry that it would ensure all successful bidders the availability of spectrum by September 1, instead of selectively releasing spectrum depending on availability. The law ministry had said auctioning slots without the spectrum in hand could cause legal problems. Successful bidders, it had warned, could demand compensation on investments they make to roll out service if they do not receive spectrum on time.

The law ministry has since also accepted the finance ministry’s suggestion of deleting a clause in the draft agreement that provided for a full refund, plus interest, if spectrum was not allotted to successful bidders by December 31.

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PMO wants DoT to complete 3G auctions by Mar 31

KOLKATA: The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) is unhappy with the delay in the multi-billion-dollar 3G spectrum auction. It has asked the Telecom Commission, the apex policy-making wing of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), to take all necessary steps to conclude the auction of 3G airwaves by March 31, 2010. It also wants DoT to ensure that such 3G spectrum is made available to four private service providers in all 22 circles, in addition to the slot reserved for state-owned BSNL and MTNL (only Delhi and Mumbai).

“The PMO is unhappy about the uncertainty in the 3G spectrum auction, especially since the nine-member empowered group of ministers (EGoM) headed by finance minister Pranab Mukherjee has already fixed a definite timeline for concluding allotment of 3G airwaves by September in a specified number of slots per circle. Which is why it has written to DoT to speed up the process and conclude the auction by March 31, 2010, in step with the spectrum auction-cum-allotment timeline approved by EGoM,” a senior government official familiar with the matter told ET.

More news here

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3G auction notice in a week: Telecom Ministry

“The government will issue notice inviting applications for its long-pending auction of third-generation wireless spectrum in a week," Telecom Minister Andimuthu Raja said on Monday.

Raja said after the notice issuance, it would take another 40-45 days for the auction to be conducted.

The 3G auction had been delayed since January over differences between related ministries, including the Defence Ministry which holds much of the airwaves. The lack of this revenue in this fiscal year ending March 31 will impact India's fiscal deficit, which is at a 16-year high.

"I don't think it really particularly matters if (the auction happens) this year or next year," Cabinet Secretary KM Chandrasekhar, the country's top bureaucrat said. "I think they will take a decision based on how you (government) will maximise your (government's) revenue."

To a question whether the auction would be conducted during the current fiscal year ending in March, Andimuthu Raja said: "I can't assure that."

"But NIA (notice inviting applications) will be released this week. Then you can take 40-45 days," he told reporters.

Top firms such as Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications and Vodafone Essar are expected to bid. Analysts say the older operators need the spectrum as their networks are congested and they need to meet cut-throat competition unleashed by new entrants like Norway's Telenor and Russia's Sistema.

India has been signing up 15 million mobile users each month, helped by call rates as cheap as 1 US cent a minute, making it the world's fastest growing market for wireless services.

"For older players, it is like the devil and the deep sea," said Mahesh Uppal, director at telecoms consultancy Com First. "If you lower prices to add new customers, you risk messing up your network. If you reject them, you become uncompetitive." "3G is an efficient spectrum. 3G will give them a way to reduce the pressure on their networks."

Analysts expect each phone company to spend up to USD 1.5 billion to get pan-India 3G spectrum, while building the high-speed wireless networks would cost billions of dollars more.

The auction has been deferred since January on differences with the defence ministry which possesses much of the airwaves, though officials said last week the issues between the related ministries had been resolved.

The government has already budgeted 350 billion rupees ($7.6 billion) of revenue for the current fiscal year and the lack of it could widen the fiscal deficit, which is at a 16-year high.

Cabinet secretary K.M. Chandrasekhar said last week that it would not matter if the 3G auction happened in this fiscal year or the next, and that setting a date would be done according to how to maximise revenue from the auction.

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it seems that PM got lots of "bamboo" from US/EU for delaying 3G. these countries are moving to 4G, want o dump equipments in India. besides, most equipments cos are from US & EU.

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ramesh bhai back 2 back 4 news about 3g/4g, keep the good work.

but no replies ,

i think we are loosing interest in this .

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Govt to hold 3G auction on April 9

Press Trust of India / New Delhi February 24, 2010, 14:59 IST

The government will hold the much-awaited auction for third generation (3G) mobile spectrum on April 9 and will start inviting applications from the prospective bidders from tomorrow.

Announcing the schedule of 3G auction, a government notification said the notice inviting applications would start tomorrow and the last date for submitting the applications is March 19. The government is expecting Rs 35,000 crore from the auction.

While the pre-qualification of bidders would take place on March 30, mock auctions would be held on the 5th and the 6th of April.

The auction date for 3G spectrum is April 9, 2010, it said.

In the past, 3G auctions have been deferred twice even after the date of announcements of the auction. All big telecom majors Bharti, Vodafone, Reliance Communications and Tatas have readied their plans for the auction.

When contacted, most of the operators expressed relief at the announcement of the dates, but said they would wait for the NIA to for more clarity.

The auction has been delayed over differences between government departments over pricing wireless radio spectrum and on the availability of spectrum to be auctioned.

However, the issues were later resolved, Telecom Minister A Raja had said.

Though the quantum of the spectrum available for auction is still not clear, sources indicated that three slots may be put on the block in most circles while a few areas may have enough air waves to accommodate four players.

The move comes after the Law Ministry gave its approval to the NIA last week, paving the way for the government to go ahead with the auction. The Deaprtment of Telcom has, however, dropped a clause in the NIA, which stated that the government will refund the bid amount in case the auctioned spectrum was not allocated by September 1, 2010.

In an emerging economy like India, there would be a lot of unexplored possibilities in value added services after the introduction of 3G, thus resulting in increased revenues to telecom companies.

With 3G, users will be able to access high-end data services, including ultra-fast internet and video-conferencing, by next year when the operators roll out their commercial 3G services.

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At last one more date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope this time at least 3G auctions are conducted as per proposed schedule

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blah blah blah...

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ye lo

Main bhi ek date deta hu

9 apr 2011, :'(

Very simple, no effort required :SI: :SI: :SI:

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thanks arun for giving this news !!!

now i think i should delete this topic from my list :Contento:

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DoT sets new deadline for 3G auctions

To start on April 9 for three slots instead of the original four.

After numerous missed deadlines and controversies for over a year, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) today announced that auctions of licences for third generation (3G) high-speed telecom services would start from April 9.

The delays have been on account of differences between DoT and the defence ministry over spectrum availability. The defence services had signed an agreement with DoT to release spectrum before the original January 14 auction deadline but then backed out, saying the alternative network plan was not ready.

The new schedule misses the crucial deadline fixed by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, to complete the process before March 31 to take advantage of auction revenues for the 2009-10 financial year, which would have helped reduce the government's financial deficit.

It is not clear whether Mukherjee can take credit for the revenue from the auctions, which are expected to be completed by the end of April, in 2009-10. A senior officer in the Comptroller and Auditor General of India said: “The transaction has to be completed before March 31 to credit revenues in this fiscal year. The government accounts are open only for a week after the fiscal year ends.”

In an official statement today, DoT said it would issue notices inviting applications (NIA) for potential bidders tomorrow for three slots instead of the original four, suggesting that revenues would be far lower than original estimates of Rs 35,000 crore. The fourth slot will be auctioned later since spectrum for it will be available only in 2013.

One slot has already been given to state-owned MTNL and BSNL to roll out services in Delhi and Mumbai and the rest of India, respectively. The government had estimated revenues of about Rs 30,000 crore from 3G (Rs 7,500 crore each) and the rest from auction of two slots of broadband wireless access (BWA).

The last date for receiving applications is March 19 and the pre-qualification of companies will be announced on March 30. A mock auction for interested players will be conducted on April 5 and 6, and April 9 would mark the start of the actual auction process, expected to take around 10 days.

Auction for BWA services —- technology that enables high speed broadband — will take place two days after the close of the 3G auction. There are two BWA slots on the offer.

Telecom operators welcomed today’s announcement. Says Anil Sardana, managing director, Tata Teleservices Limited: “We are really glad the government has announced the revised schedule for the 3G auction and we look forward to the entire process being completed within the given time-frame.”

The auction is expected to attract most telecom incumbents such as Bharti Airtel, Vodafone-Essar, Aircel, Idea Cellular, Tata Teleservices and Reliance Communications since the licences come bundled with spectrum, the airwaves that enable wireless communications. Newcomers like Uninor are planning to bid only for certain cities.

Meanwhile, several telecom companies have been lobbying the government to postpone the auction, citing lack of credit as a result of the stiff rate wars following the entry of new players. However most experts say they do not expect many consumers to shift to 3G initially, primarily because of the high cost of 3G mobile handsets, which start at Rs 7,000.

“The 3G market in India will be 5 to 10 per cent of the total mobile users. There are about 120 million GPRS users, out of over 500 million total mobile subscribers,” predicts Kedar Sohoni, president of Informate, a telecom research firm.

Others say the spectrum will help incumbents to grow. Says telecom analyst Mahesh Uppal: “The use of broadband wireless services is not likely to go up immediately with the introduction of 3G. Broadband services like video downloads and other bandwidth-hungry services may take time to grow. But, 3G spectrum is critically required by incumbents who have shortage of 2G spectrum in big cities — without it, they would not be able to expand voice services to their customers or sustain their quality.”

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India’s much aviated third generation (3G) mobile services spectrum auction process begins today. According to the latest schedule announced by Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, the Notice Inviting Applications (NIA) will be issued today i.e. February 25, with March 19 given as the last date for submitting applications for 3G Spectrum. On March 26, the ownership details of applicants will be published and mock auctions will be held on 5th and 6th of April, 2010.

The 3G auction process was earlier scheduled to begin on Jan 14 but got delayed due to uncertainty over the number of slots and unavailability of the 3G spectrum, now the 3G auction process will starts from today and 9th April 2010 is the final date for the 3G India.

The Govt.of India has decided to allow four private telecom firms for the next generation mobile telephone services (3G) and had made a provision for garnering up to Rs 35,000 crore from the sale of airwaves in the current fiscal. Presently the state operator BSNL and MTNL are the only operators licensed to provide the next generations 3G Mobile and Broadband services in India.

The auction process for 3G will follow the schedule given below:

Notice inviting applications 25th February, 2010

Last date of submission of application 19th March, 2010

Publication of ownership details of applicants 26th March, 2010

Pre-qualification of bidders 30th March, 2010

Mock auctions 5th and 6th April, 2010

Start of 3G auctions 9th April, 2010

Start of BWA auctions Two days after the close of 3G auction

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DoT finally issues NIA; except for five circles, operators to fight it out for 3 slots of 3G spectrum

Telecom Tiger | New Delhi | 25 Feb 2010

The DoT today issued the long-awaited notice inviting applications (NIA) from interested players keen on participating in the 3G spectrum and Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) spectrum auctions.

According to the NIA issued by DoT, such players have time till March 19, 2010 to submit their applications. The publication of ownership details of applications will be done on March 23, 2010. The schedule of the auction process for 3G spectrum stretches till April 09, 2010 when the actual e-auctions will take place.

The BWA spectrum auctions will be conducted 2 days from the close of the 3G auction.

Most importantly according to the newly released NIA, the government has decided to auction slots as per their availability in each circle. The move results in five circles namely Punjab, Wes Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar and Jammu & Kashmir witnessing 3G spectrum auction of 4 slots of 5 MHz each.

The other 17 circles will have 3 slots for auctioning.

For BWA, the government has decided to restrict it to only 2.3 GHz band with each block of 20 MHz each. There will be two slots up for auctions.

“Not more than one block of 3G spectrum and one block of BWA spectrum shall be allocated to any single bidder in a service area” says the DoT NIA.

The government has also stated that spectrum for backhaul connectivity maybe provided. But the same will not be related to the auctions and operators will have to separately avail the backhaul spectrum.

Successful bidders will be issued letters of Intent (LoI) by DoT. The successful bidders will be allowed to commercially rollout their 3G services only from September 01, 2010.

In case the government goes on further auctioning of 3G spectrum, the reserve price will be same as the amount bid by the highest bidder in the upcoming auctions.

While recent reports suggested that the government might allow part payment of bid amount, the actual NIA stipulates that the full payment will have to made within 10 days of completion of relevant auctions.

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Most of the foreign contries started 4G. :Sorprendido: In India auctions for 3G not yet started :Equivocado: Brilliant government and donkey public :Riendo:

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No applicants for 3G spectrum on first day

NEW DELHI: Not a single company — Indian or foreign — knocked on DoT's door on Monday, the first day that the department opened applications for 3G & BWA auctions.

DoT officials confirmed that no applications were received but remain hopeful that companies will play their hand over the next few days. "Since the applications will reveal whether a company is bidding for pan India or select circles, prospective applicants are expected to hold their cards close to their chest till the last moment," a senior DoT official told ToI.

The last date for submission is March 19, with DoT expecting to receive between 8 and 12 applications by then. The 3G auctions are scheduled to begin on April 9.

On February 25, the government had released the Notice Inviting Applications (NIA) after multiple postponements. It is clear from the NIA conditions that almost all applicants will be existing operators, who currently hold UAS licences and 2G spectrum either in GSM bands, CDMA bands or both.

Bharti, Vodafone, Tatas, RCOM, Idea, Aircel, Etisalat, Uninor, and perhaps Loop, Datacom and Sistema Shyam are among those that are expected to submit applications.

Government is auctioning three 2x5 MHz slots in the 2.1 GHz band in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu (including Chennai) and Kerala (all A Category circles), Haryana, UP East, UP West, Rajasthan, MP (all B Category circles), Orissa, Assam and North East (all C Category circles). Four slots are on offer in Punjab (Category A), West Bengal (Category B), Himachal and Bihar (Category C).

No new entrant is likely to participate in auctions. The NIA requires Indian firms to have 3G experience and global companies to acquire a UAS licence at a cost of Rs 1,651 crore which promises to keep all new entrants out of the bid. While companies like Bharti, Vodafone, Tatas, RCOM and Idea might opt for pan-India bids, late entrants like Uninor, Etisalat, and Sistema Shyam might just bid for select circles.

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Aircel to bid for 3G, WiMax spectrum

New Delhi, March 16

Mobile service operator Aircel on Tuesday said that it will launch operations in five more circles in the country by June to become a pan-India operator.

The company is planning an investment of $1.4 billion this year for expanding its network across the country. Maxis-owned mobile operator said it will also bid for 3G and WiMax spectrum in the upcoming auctions.

5 more circles

Mr Gurdeep Singh, Chief Operating Officer, Aircel, said, “We have launched services in most of the circles. There are five circles remaining now, and we will be launching services there by June. When we started operations, we had estimated investment of $10 billion. So far, we have invested about $5 billion and will be investing the remaining amount over the next few years. This year we will be investing $1.4 billion,”

Aircel, with a subscriber base of over 35 million, also announced a partnership with handset maker INQ Mobile, to launch two 3G-enabled phones. INQ Mobile is owned by Honk Kong-based Hutchison Whampoa. The INQ phones are aimed at subscribers who are user of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

“We believe the Indian youth want it all - and why not? They want an upmarket product, from a brand that understands their point of view, at a price that's within their grasp. That's INQ,” said Mr Frank Meehan, Chief Executive and Founder, INQ Mobile.

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Most of the foreign contries started 4G. :Sorprendido: In India auctions for 3G not yet started :Equivocado: Brilliant government and donkey public :Riendo:

Two reasons:

1. Try and save the monopoly of the sarkari cows - BSNL, MTNL. They are running scared of the out migration from these.

2. Someone did not get the baksheesh.

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AirTel, Vodafone, Reliance Communications file 3G spectrum auction applications

Press Trust of India - March 18, 2010

Mobile operators Vodafone Essar and Reliance Communication on Thursday filed applications for participating in the 3G spectrum auction, which starts on April 9.

RCOM has applied for 22 circles, while Vodafone is also believed to have submitted the application for 3G licence for pan-India.

Bharti Airtel, the country’s largest mobile operator in terms of subscriber numbers, submitted its application earlier in the day.

The last day for applications to participate in the auction is March 19.

The government is selling three slots of spectrum across the nation with the exception of a few states where four slots will be on offer. The reserve price for pan-India spectrum has been fixed at Rs. 3,500 crore.

According to the Notice Inviting Applications (the detailed guidelines), only Punjab, Bihar, West Bengal, HP and J&K will have four private players offering high-speed content download and broadband services (3G).

The successful bidders would be allowed to offer 3G services on a commercial basis from September 1, 2010.

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Tata Teleservices and Etisalat DB also have submitted their application for 3G spectrum by now.

Meanwhile Tikona, Qualcomm and TATA Communication have submitted application for broadband wireless access (BWA) spectrum by now (which is in addition to AirTel, Vodafone, Reliance Communications who applied for both spectrum).

More may join the fray

The Hindu Business Line

New Delhi, March 18

The Department of Telecom has set Friday as the last day for submitting applications. Some more companies, including Aircel and Idea Cellular, are likely to apply. The Government expects to rake in Rs 35,000 crore from the spectrum sale.

When contacted, a Tata Communications spokesperson said, “The company considers wireless to be the best option for rapidly increasing broadband penetration in India. We will finalise our funding plans for the broadband business, including evaluating the option of a strategic investor, after the completion of auction.” DoT will meet on Saturday to scrutinise the applications. Names of companies that fulfil the eligibility criteria will be announced on March 30. This will be followed by a mock auction on April 5-6.

So far, no new player has submitted an application for participation in the auction, except for technology major Qualcomm. Chip maker Intel's venture capital firm, Intel Capital, had earlier said that it was in talks with Indian players for a potential bid for the BWA spectrum but is yet to approach the DoT with its application.

Meanwhile, the DoT is putting in place a robust IT network in preparation for the auction, which will take place online.

The DoT is expecting about one lakh people to access its Web site to get the latest updates on the auction. The DoT Web site will be loaded on three different servers. A new home page dedicated to 3G auction is also being set up. Emergency back-up will be provided on a fourth server installed in Hyderabad.

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Nine firms to bid for India 3G mobile spectrum

March 19 - Reuters

Nine telecoms firms have applied to bid for third-generation (3G) mobile spectrum in India in an April auction, the government said after the end of the deadline for submitting interest on Friday.

India's Department of Telecommunications said on its website it received 11 applications from firms to participate in a separate auction for broadband wireless access (BWA) spectrum.

The 3G auction starts from April 9, and the BWA auction will kick off two days after it closes.

Following is the list of applicants for the auctions.



1. Aircel Ltd

2. Bharti Airtel Ltd (BRTI.BO)

3. Etisalat DB Telecom India Pvt Ltd ETEL.AD

4. Idea Cellular Ltd (IDEA.BO)

5. Reliance Telecom Ltd (RLCM.BO)

6. S Tel Pvt Ltd BTEL.BH

7. Tata Teleservices Ltd [TATASL.UL] (9437.T)

8. Vodafone Essar Ltd (VOD.L)

9. Videocon Telecommunications Ltd (VEDI.BO)



1. Aircel Ltd

2. Augere (Mauritius) Ltd

3. Bharti AirteL Ltd

4. Idea Cellular Ltd

5. Infotel Broadband Services Pvt Ltd

6. Qualcomm Inc (QCOM.O)

7. Reliance WiMax Ltd (RLCM.BO)

8. Spice Internet Service Provider Pvt Ltd

9. Tata Communications Internet Services Ltd (TATA.BO)

10.Tikona Digital Networks Pvt Ltd

11.Vodafone Essar Ltd

Official List of Applicants

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DoT to announce eligible 3G, BWA applicants on Mar 29

The Department of Telecom (DoT) will declare on March 29 the names eligible applicants, who can participate in the auction for 3G and wireless broadband spectrum, after scrutinising the initial applications put in by 20 telecom and other players.

"The process of scrutinising the applications is on. We will announce the eligible applicants on March 29," a senior DoT official, who is part of the process said.

Nine players have submitted their applications for pan-India 3G spectrum, which will begin on April 9. In addition, the DoT has received 11 applications to participate in the auctions of broadband wireless access (BWA) spectrum, making for a total of 20 applications.

The auctions have attracted most of the 2G players -- Aircel, Bharti, Etisalat, Idea, Reliance Telecom, S Tel, Tata Teleservices, Vodafone and Videocon Telecom. Foreign telcos, however, skipped the process.

The BWA list has four new players -- Augere, Tikona Wireless, Infotel Broadband Services and Qualcomm -- while Spice is making a comeback into the telecom space.

The reserve price for pan-India 3G spectrum is Rs 3,500 crore and for BWA auctions, the reserve price is Rs 1,750.

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DoT to announce eligible 3G, BWA applicants on Mar 29

I hope, DoT will say S-Tel is NOT ELIGIBLE for 3G Auctions... And if S-Tel will ask any question or clarification, DoT will ask S-Tel to pack ur things and go to Bahrain, saying it is a very great threat to National security (than the telecom ministry???? :rofl_200: )... Then S-Tel will say "Sorry sir, Now I understood the reason"...

In Rajaym of SAITHAN, Cannibalism will be the National Sport, Cheating is the Justice, blood $ucking will be the business...

Edited by KanagaDeepan

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