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    Any good brand induction cooker if used properly will come more than year without any problems. Lot of house wives switch off the cooker as soon they are done with cooking, when actually one should not switch it off till the cooling fan turns off. if it's turned off early the heat dissipates through the plastic and makes the plastic go brittle, over a period of time the plastic simply breaks. This is one of the main reason induction cooker gives problems. There maybe other reasons too. Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
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    Reliance EVDO Rev B. Multicarrier Successfully Tested and Implemented in Halol, Gujarat BTS towers. Next is Chennai, Non 3G circle with lower voice traffic or spare 1x Spectrum will be given priority.
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    http://www.teamandroid.com/2012/10/21/samsung-galaxy-s-duos-s7562-recovery-mode-tutorial-windows-mac/ http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/Samsung_Galaxy_S_Duos/GT-S7562 http://youtu.be/rSThMn5nfJk
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    ^^^ if our CID saab says avoid it, then you must avoid it
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    ^^^ because both TATA and DOCOMO are waiting for someone to buy their shares.
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    Try this...i hope every thing will be fine http://www.galaxyforums.net/forum/fascinate-rs-guides/4595-how-return-stock-eh03-gingerbread.html @vahidmomin It will work only if he is using the Verizon version but i think he is using the official reliance model SCH-I500 he will be struck at modem.bin as verizon and reliance modem files will be different @lit_n_lite : 1. If you want to get back to stock official reliance rom then PM with your mail details to me and will share the link for u 2. If you want to get to 2.3 Gingerbread the u can modify the file which u have downloaded from post 1 i.e u need to remove the modem.bin file the package and repack it with android tools like "CYGWIN" and flash it via odin he should menton it ,whether he is using verizon or official reliance.this topic is for verizon fascinate. and and and why not sharing link here ? so it will helpful to others our members too. Sorry for previously not sharing the file as it was in the iCloud now i have the file to Google drive also and the link for reliance stock rom 2.2 Froyo is here<a href='https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0TTCS-xcui4VjNidlJIMDN2TjQ/edit?usp=sharing'> (Thanks for @Maverick75-Swapnil for providing the stock ROM when i got stuck at same stage and searching for stock ROM who shared the ROM to me) As per the discussion from lit_n_lite he asked me "Ya I was initially on reliance stock rom. Also i would like to ask you that after getting stuck at modem.bin i removed the cable and started the phone. the phone starts perfectly but a screen comes up which asks me to choose the language. when i select desired language the screen doesnt go away instead it again asks me to do the same continuously." So @lit_n_lite : The solution for the problem is u need to connect your mobile to programming tools and need to modify the MDN number as presently it will be showing as "000XXXX" and get that modified and be sure you are not modifying the other parameters(Thanks for Amit Bhai who helped me i when got struck at the same state) it will resolve your problem
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    I have bought Airtel 4G, getting good speeds around 10-16 Mbps. Wifi router - 2500/- postpaid - 2000/- > 40 GB data (wifi router locked plan)
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    Official Declared by APPLE Apple iWatch to be launched in October 2014Apple is one of the companies that still doesn’t have its own smart watch. While it has been rumoured for quite some time now, seems like the company is finally going to announce its smart watch next year. According to reports based in China, the long rumoured Apple iWatch is currently under testing and is expected to be launched in October 2014 possibly alongside the new Apple iPhone 6. The company is apparently testing two different prototypes of the smart watch, both of which are equipped with a 100 mAh battery, which is comparatively very small. Sources believe that the Apple iWatch would support wireless charging from a distance of up to 3.2 feet. But nonetheless, given the complaints received for Samsung’s 315 mAh battery in the Galaxy Gear smart watch, it’s hard to imagine what a small 100 mAh battery could provide. And recharging the battery every now and then (even wirelessly) is not a comfortable option.
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    My review ZTE N799D Hardware Notification Light Not Powerfull like Samsung galaxy series Two LED lights 1 Red for power and 2. Green for missed calls and sms and mixed red and green power indication No proximity Sensor ZTE N799D touch 4 " screen need Proximity sensor so very bad experience during call ( but it vibrate when so one attend call ) battery 1400ma Not good for android 4" touch device 1 day when fully charged battery drain fast with simple calls and 2 hr net use Radio ok good GPS good Indoor Test Outdoor test Software Two new software Software screen My Final review for ZTE N799d Good Price Size light Weight Large Screen Android 4.1.2 Ram for this price Notification light BAD Battery No proximity Sensor No LED Flash Light ( i miss my torch light ) Problem i face Many times it shows my all sms from Cdma sim but actually from gsm sim During calling from cdma sim +91 number not dialed i manually changed with 0 I am not professional so kindly note down this my personal review
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    Datawind PocketSurfer range of affordable 5 inch smartphones launched starting at Rs. 3499 Datawind has launched three new entry level smartphones – the Datawind PocketSurfer 5x, the Datawind PocketSurfer 5 and the Datawind PocketSurfer 3G5. All the three devices have 5 inch display with dual SIM capabilities. The PocketSurfer 5x is powered by a 1 GHz Cortex A8 processor while the PocketSurfer 5 is powered by a 1 GHz Cortex A9 processor and the PocketSurfer 3G5 has a 1.2 GHz dual core Cortex A7 processor. While the PocketSurfer 5x and the PocketSurfer 5 have just 2G connectivity, the PocketSurfer 3G5 has 3G support. However all the devices have a front facing camera. The Datawind PocketSurfer 5x is priced at just Rs. 3499 and the Datawind PocketSurfer 5 is priced at Rs. 4999 whereas the Datawind PocketSurfer 3G5 is priced at Rs. 6499. Speaking about the new Datawind PocketSurfer series, Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO of DATAWIND said, “On the 10th Anniversary of DataWind’s PocketSurfer – the fastest internet device operating through a GSM SIM beating all other internet devices at that time in speed, we’re very excited to introduce these amazing new devices at unbelievably low prices. Intended to again create benchmarks in the smart phone category, DataWind’s new products break the affordability barriers of smartphones and bandwidth constraints of cellular networks to deliver calling facility and internet access to anybody who can afford a simple mobile phone. Currently simple phones in the market cost as much as the smart phone on offer by DataWind. Our primary focus is to bridge the digital divide and deliver an affordable means of accessing the internet. We want to be form-factor agnostic. Globally the massive shift from feature phones to smartphones is being driven by the appetite to get on the internet. We want to be the enabler.” Specs of the Datawind PocketSurfer 5x:5 inch display 960 x 540 pixels resolution 1 GHz processor 0.3 MP front facing camera Linux OS Specs of the Datawind PocketSurfer 5:5 inch display 960 x 540 pixels resolution 1 GHz processor 2 MP rear facing camera 0.3 MP front facing camera Google Android v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Specs of the Datawind PocketSurfer 3G5:5 inch display 960 x 540 pixels resolution 1.2 GHz dual core processor 5 MP rear facing camera 0.3 MP front facing camera Google Android v4.2 Jelly Bean
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    No matter how powerful person u r...if ur wife tells u to swap the seat u have to do it! tapped from DNA
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    Lol. On the contrary I would rather say Moto makes one of the the most manly phones out there. Solid build quality. No wonder Moto has found use in military communication equipments..
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    I am using copy.com. Its having better referral program and sync is instant and as good as Dropbox.. It gives 15GB of storage for FREE and 5GB extra for referal to both users. So if you register yourself you get 15GB storage, but if you followed existing users referral you will get 20GB storage and 5GB for the friend who gave the link. My link if you want to try is HERE.. It has almost all the features of DB like camera upload, support for multiple platforms, etc... If you want more storage space, then its relatively cheaper than DB too..
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    Baggage rates applies for HS Code 9804 imported by Air/Post (& NOT COURIER) for Personal Use or for Gifts above Rs. 10,000/- by Post/Air. Custom duty on Gifts are charged as per their Price in country of Origin. Electronics good below Rs. 2000/- are exempted from Custom Duty if Imported by Post. For Couriers with Licence, Baggage rate are not charged. They are charged as per Schedule of Charges. Duty below Rs. 100/- is exempted from Payment.