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    all i would say is that it is looking more fancier than before ... though i would really like to see a thanks feature ...though i see an option for voting a post also in member profile we see "gender"....i dont think there is need for it
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    ^^^ yeah + and - is for reputation every time one uses it it will increase/reduce reputation though the funniest part is u can use it to increase ur own reputation i think its a bug or something coz the + and - shudnt be available for member for his own post ..it shud be visible in others post , otherwsie everyone will just increase their repuatation also there shud be a time constarint like a member can use + or - only once in an hr ( we use this on daily mobile) ...this is to prevent anyone mischieving with the repuation buttons
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    the + and - adds to the reputation. I 2nd Mufaddal with thanks button. How is the reputaion used? If I give + to someone then how can I change that to - later if needed and visa versa?
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    Finally Invision Power Board 3 has been released and RIMweb has a new look and feel now. Even though v3.0.0 was released couple of weeks ago, it had some bugs and 3.0.1 was available yesterday night with most of the issues sorted out. IP.Board 3 comes with a lot of new features and improvements. A review of the new features introduced in IP.Board 3 can be found in the PDF attached with this post. There are new features not listed there as well which you will come across when using the forums. There will be changes/updates done throughout the day as the custom settings in the old skin were not imported to the new skin. Please use this topic to report any issue that you have come across so that we can check it or ask the developers to check it. Note: Internet Explorer 6 will not be fully supported. All functionality of IP.Board (registering, posting, reading, etc.) will work under IE6 but IPB will not look the same cosmetically in IE6 and some areas may give errors. IPB3.pdf
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    @MOBILE FAN: 1. It will show all active topics since your last visit. If your last visit was 7 days ago, then it will list all active topics within the last 7 days 2. "Today's active content" link was in the same place in IPB 2.3.6 too. The link can be added on the top as well. "Today's active content" and "View New Content" are different. 3. "View New Content" will show only topics that have new content activity since you last visit as the name says. For the "Active Topics for past X days/week/month" option, we will have to wait and see as I have submitted a feature request for it.
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    The option is already there. "View New Content" has two modes, the default is to fetch active topics posted in since your last visit (as per 2.3.x) OR based on the topic marking system (as per 3.0.0). The option to switch that is in your "My Settings" > Settings tab > General Settings. The only difference from the earlier version is that you do not have to option to show ONLY past "week/s" or "month/s" active topics, instead it will lists all active topics from either your last visit (default) OR all content that you have not read (if you changed in Settings). The topics will be listed based on the date, so if you just need to go through the active topics in the last week then check the date and read the topics since the last week and ignore the ones listed after that. This "New feature" has made the life complicated. Here is - how: 1. "View New Content" on each page at upper right corner : As explained in earlier posts in the same thread, if we go by the default search setting - "Show me all new content since my last visit", then we are not able to get yesterday's post or for that matter this weeks posts. 2. If we want to see post of last 24 hours, we need to navigate to index page, scroll down to bottom and click on "Today's active content" which is above the Board Statistics. 3. Since both of the above processes are on different locations, cumbersome and neither of them offer the options that we had in the earlier version (eg. Today, this week, past 2 weeks, this month ...), I tried your suggested option. I changed the default search setting to - "Show me all content that I have not read" So has the life improved ? No. Here is how: 3A. Clciking on "View new content" now showing all the posts but the visited ones. Lets click on one - for example "The All New Rimweb!". After reading into the thread if you once again click on "view New Content", the thread disappears. Reason ? Because now "View New Content" shows only the new threads which you have not visited ! 3B. So, if after reading 3,4 threads if you want to post something in one of the visited thread, you need to search the thread from home page. or you need to keep "Your options" page open and keep changing the Search settings. so that it can show you the earlier thread ! I think all our members must be facing this issue. Is this new look woth this excercise ?
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    @arun yeah saw that ...i can no longer see them for my post so sad , i cant increase my reputation now .. lol
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    Removed some fields now from the profile display in posts to save screen area. The removed profile fields can be seen by opening the profile page of the member. There is an alignment issue for the custom profile fields where they align to the left instead of center and Invision Inc. will be fixing that soon.
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    Really very cool & nice look..... gr8 work man keep it up
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    ^ I tried the changed settings to list all posts I have not read, and om my gosh, it gave me a list of 491 pages!!!! and that did not include the pages I had already read, so it was damn confusing to search for stuff which I may have read from say 1 week or 1 month ago but would like to refer again... I was unable to do so... I will try to get used to this new change, but that was a damn good feature, if it could be incorporated back somehow...
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    Arun, I fully agree with Dkaile. The option to check the topics for Today, This Week, Past 2 weeks etc... were extremely useful and that was one of the features, I think hundreds of our members were using. This is one of the things which differentiates our forum from others. I think this feature is unavoidable and without which we all will miss a little old threads. I think we should not compromise on feature at the cost of the looks. I am not sure about others but I am ready to go back to the earlier looks if the feature cannot be enabled with newer looks. You may infect create a poll on this.
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    Congratulations... but somehow it seems to be taking too much space on the screen....
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    it depends on the issue and solution. for me reliance have not yet solved tower problem. not only me but all reliance customer in my area is having the same problem. i was complaining without gap for last 4 years.. i have received calls from nodal officer, mumbai corporate office, technical department etc. tower incharge visited my house 2 times. every one promised me of improvement and nothing happened.. even MTS failed to fulfill their promises of imporving network in my area. I think tata people should have heard about my problem and they selected proper place for gsm tower which is giving me full signal inside all rooms..