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    Dear Mr. Shiva, I would like to inform you that the STV 25 (Juice Up) is available as stated on the website. Probably the retailer you approached might not be aware of this. In the retailer SIM card given to retailers there is a sub-menu called 'SPECIAL RECHARGE'. If they recharge through regular recharge sub-menu it will be considered a talktime value since Tata DoCoMo E-recharge for talk time is not fixed.....you can recharge anywhere between Rs. 10 to Rs.10,000. So what ever value he enters in the regular recharge sub-menu, whether it's 25 or 75 or 777, it will be considered as talktime by the server program. So the next time you visit that retailer, please tell him to recharge through SPECIAL RECHARGE sub-menu and insist that if he makes a mistake, you'll not pay him. If he says he doesn't know what a special recharge sub-menu is, then please tell him to "go to that sub-menu from where he does that Rs. 51 recharge", which every retailer does immediately after activation of a new number. I think you got this. Should you face any problem with regard to this, please feel free to post the same. The third-party retailer segment is woefully un-structured and they don't present with any professional behavior. We can't take the word from such third-party retailers and mistake the service provider for that. Best Regards
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    Looks really good and fresh but new software do not work well with Opera Mini on E71 and N97 both. Is there any thing you can do Arun - on server side? You know accessing discussion forums using pathetic GPRS is pain in A**. And not accessing RIMWeb leaves me lost. Please do something if possible.
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    All plans are listed here: http://www.airtel.in/experience/ Very good plans indeed, I hope other providers will follow suit soon
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    When someone gives you a + or - for a post of your's, it will add to your overall reputation score. Yeah, you had a lot of Interests, didn't you?
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    ^ very true... @Arun - I liked the the displaying of the Interests field that u have now removed... every action has an equal and opposite reaction, I suppose... lol
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    ^^^ yeah + and - is for reputation every time one uses it it will increase/reduce reputation though the funniest part is u can use it to increase ur own reputation i think its a bug or something coz the + and - shudnt be available for member for his own post ..it shud be visible in others post , otherwsie everyone will just increase their repuatation also there shud be a time constarint like a member can use + or - only once in an hr ( we use this on daily mobile) ...this is to prevent anyone mischieving with the repuation buttons
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    Friendly URLs URLs to topics, forums, profiles, etc. in IPB are now formatted without a query string where possible. For example, yoursite.tld/forums/index.php?showforum=10 becomes yoursite.tld/forums/index.php/forum/10/general-chat which is much more human-readable and friendly to search engines. URL seems to be in old format Also a mobile friendly version like m.rimweb.in is welcome, right now i am using low-fi version in mobile..
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    for corporate CUG b/w GSM & CDMA is available.