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    Hi All, I have compiled all the necessary steps from various internet forums to help our forum members . All credit goes to XDA forum members dip_spit, wolfaas12345, pattyboi:), nikme,Elithefly and our forum members. Originally Posted by Rusty! >#include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. * YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. */ >>> Unlocking Bootloader will overwrite any data stored on your device, backup your files before proceeding <<< Prerequisites: Micro USB cable Laptop/computer DFS Software - http://www.cdmatool.com/download Create an account in htcdev.com HTC Sync Manager-http://www.htc.com/us/software/htc-sync-manager/ Adb+Fastboot+Drivers=http://www.mediafire.com/download/qxntl2nbk62ycjx/adb-setup-1.4.2.exe TWRP image - http://techerrata.com/browse/twrp2/a11 SuperSU binary - http://download.chainfire.eu/641/SuperSU/UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.40.zip Attached APK files STEP 1: Get SPC/MSL code · Copy the downloaded SPC Utility to your mobile phone · Use file manager and open the SPC utility apk – read SPC · Make a note of it or Remember J · Now type ##3424# · Select 1. DM On · Enter the SPC Code –OK – Your Mobile is now moved into Diagnostics mode Step 2: Unlocking the Bootloader Power down the device Remove the battery for few seconds and then re-insert the battery press Volume Down and while pressing Volume Down, press Power holding both buttons to start the device into Bootloader mode. This will boot you into hboot Use the Volume buttons to select up or down. Highlight Fastboot and press the Power button. Connect the device to your computer using the USB cable Wait for the drivers to get installed Then navigate to C:\adb In adb folder while holding shift right click on empty space and select open command window here Open cmd and ensure that your device is recognized by typing: fastboot devices You should get something similar to the following: FA4AJxxxxxxx fastboot Now type, fastboot oem get_identifier_token , this is your token you'll need for HTCdev – Copy the token starting at the top <<<< and ending at the bottom >>>>> (refer image) Go to URL - http://www.htcdev.com/ and select unlock bootloader à Get Started In supported devices drop down select HTC Desire * à Begin Unlock Bootloader à Yes to continue Scroll Down to the bottom of the page and select Proceed to Step 5 Paste the copied token in the “My Device Identifier Token” box in the bottom of the screen and click submit Go to the email address you used to register with HTCdev and there will be an email with an attachment named Unlock_code.bin, download the attachment In cmd, cd to the folder you've downloaded Unlock_code.bin to Now type, fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin As I said above, this will erase everything on your phone (pictures, sms, videos, apps, etc) and restore it to stock, so I hope you made backups Your device will now have a screen that asks if you want to unlock the bootloader, use the volume rocker to select and the power button to enter Once it's done your phone will reboot, power back down (or remove the battery and reinsert) and boot to hboot, your device should now say **** UNLOCKED **** at the top Disconnect the mobile and reboot STEP 3: Flash write protection removed kernel Download the latest kernel image from the link http://forum.xda-developers.com/desire-510/development/kernel-rhinstone-a11-t3013989 and paste in in your adb folder and rename the image file to simple name like b.img Power down the device Remove the battery for few seconds and then re-insert the battery press Volume Down and while pressing Volume Down, press Power holding both buttons to start the device into Bootloader mode. This will boot you into hboot Use the Volume buttons to select up or down. Highlight Fastboot and press the Power button. Connect the device to your computer using the USB cable Then navigate to C:\adb In adb folder while holding shift right click on empty space and select open command window here Flash the kernel with fastboot flash boot b.img Press enter and then reboot STEP 4: Installing TWRP If your device is connected, disconnect it Power down the device (if you're still in TWRP from making a backup, back out to the main menu and tap Reboot, then tap Power Off) Hold the down volume and power buttons at the same time to boot into hboot Using the volume rocker select FASTBOOT and press the power button Connect the device to your computer If you closed cmd, reopen it and cd to the folder that you downloaded openrecovery-twrp- Now type: fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp- Let it do it's thing and now you have TWRP installed on your device STEP 5: Rooting Power down your device if it is booted (or by taking the battery out and reinserting it) Hold the down volume and power buttons at the same time to boot into hboot Using the volume rocker select RECOVERY and press the power button This will boot you into TWRP Open cmd and cd to the folder that you downloaded UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.40.zip Now type: adb push UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.40.zip /sdcard/UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.40.zip In TWRP tap install and in the file browser tap sdcard and then tap UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.40.zip Flash UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.40.zip STEP 5: SIM Unlock Install Root Explorer from Play Store and SIM Unlock Helper apk from the attachment Use root explorer and rename HTCOMADM_SPCS.apk and HTCOMADM_SPCS.odex to something else (like HTCOMADM_SPCS2.apk and HTCOMADM_SPCS.2odex) from /system/app Directory now copy the HTCOMADM_SPCS.apk attached in this post make sure you have set the permission rw-r-r and reboot. Open htc on sim unlock helper on your phone it will say htc one device check fail now click the 3 menu dot and click on display sim unlock log then hit the back button it should say Device Verified, now hit start and scroll down to simlock it will freeze for few seconds and then press back button it should be successful reboot Delete the modified HTCOMADM_SPCS.apk and rename the original HTCOMADM_SPCS.apk and HTCOMADM_SPCS.odex to original state which we renamed in previous steps to avoid vdm client stopped error. STEP 6: Make it RUIM Only · Connect your phone · Open DFS software on your computer · Click on Ports – Select your HTC diagnostics port · Enter the SPC you obtained using SPC utility and then click the blue icon, now the log will show DEVICE UNLOCKED · Click on Programming tab and in the CONFIG Section à RUIM Config à Select RUIM_ONLY and click Write · Then click Reset on the top right hand corner to reboot your mobile · Now you can pop in your CDMA SIM J STEP 7 : Enable WIFI HOTSOPOT and Bluetooth Tethering You have to edit /system/build.prop to change these lines: (if you can edit with an editor that shows line #'s they're lines 26,27,28) ro.wifi.hotspotUI=0 ro.bt.tetheringUI=0 ro.usb.tetheringUI=0 To: ro.wifi.hotspotUI=1 ro.bt.tetheringUI=1 ro.usb.tetheringUI=1 SAVE. Then edit /system/customize/ACC/default.xml change these lines: (if you can edit with an editor that shows line #'s they're lines 191,194,867) <item type="boolean" name="tethering_guard_support">true</item> <item type="integer" name="tethering_support_ipv6">0</item> <item type="integer" name="TetheringGuard_Rule">3</item> to: <item type="boolean" name="tethering_guard_support">false</item> <item type="integer" name="tethering_support_ipv6">1</item> <item type="integer" name="TetheringGuard_Rule">0</item> STEP 8 : Disable Hands Free Activation Try renaming HtcOMADM_SPCS.apk Which is located at /system/app/ to HtcOMADM_SPCSOLD.apk. But doing this you may get vdm client stopped error. Congrats, we're done! com.viper.simunlockhelperfree.apk HtcOMADM_SPCS.apk SPCUtility.apk
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    Got the new Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Handset for my son through Amazon. It's the 2GB/16GB model. Costed 9998/- It's a dual sim/dual standby handset. If you want to use the micro sd card port to expand memory then you will have to sacrifice one sim. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 Hexa Core processor with a clock speed of 1.8Ghz, a 5.5" Full HD display IPS panel, 16MP rear and a 5MP front shooter and a 4000maH battery which easily lasts two days with moderate usage. In the box Front Rear Aluminum body with the top and bottom plastic accents for better reception for the antennas they house. Quite iphone like premium build. Very lightweight for such a big phone and very easy to hold in hand. Bottom view of the micro usb port and the mic The left side has only the sim slot Which opens by this provided tool To reveal this sim housing which houses the sim 1 and sim2/micro sd hybrid slot The right side has the power and the volume buttons which are excellently finished and provide a tactile feel The top view which houses the 3.5mm jack, secondary mic, and yes, a IR blaster. You can use the phone to fully control all your electronic devices. A view of the front facing camera and the earpiece. All other sensors (proximity, light etc.) are hidden and not visible to the eye. A view of the rear camera, dual flash and yes, a very fast and excellent fingerprint sensor. A 2Amp fast charger is provided and even though they do not claim fast charging, I can confirm that fast charging works great. A size comparison with my Asus Zenfone 2. Same screen size but still the RN3 is more compact even after having a much bigger battery. It also has more premium feel in hand compared to the Asus which costed almost twice. Yes, it is VoLTE enabled and Jio compatible The APN setting done by the Reliance World chap, in case anyone is interested The preferred network (according to him) has to be at Global. But none worked for EVDO (till now) About Phone The mobile network state stays at connecting while trying to connect to EVDO While it did connect once while it was on 1x Speeds were pathetic on 1x though But amazing speeds on WiFi Some views of the box and SAR values. It is a MADE IN INDIA product. Cheers for now from dkaile Rest, some points I have discussed on the other "Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 supports CDMA" thread. More inputs to follow here.
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    Requirements:- QXDM Not Required:- Root, Bootloader unlock Steps:- Part I:- GSM edge unlock 1. Select LTE from mobile networks settings. Remove SIM and switch off phone 2. Boot into bootloader mode and select BPTools, after phone boots, enable debugging 3. Map the comports correctly to QXDM 4. Airplane mode 5. In QXDM, open command prompt, type spc=000000 6. Open NV browser, look for item 441 and make it 0x383 or 0xFFF in band line, click write 7. Look further for NV item 946, write 0x0028 in band pref 8. Lastly item no 1877 and write 2622339 to rf_bc_config line 9. Reboot 10. Phone now boots in global mode, insert GSM SIM and use with EDGE data. CDMA section remains untouched. Part II:- 3G HSPA+ UMTS 2100 mhz unlock (part II only after getting Edge signal) 1. Select LTE from mobile networks settings. Remove SIM and switch off phone 2. Boot into bootloader mode and select BPTools, after phone boots, enable debugging 3. Map the comports correctly to QXDM 4. Airplane mode 5. In QXDM, open command prompt, type spc=000000 6. NV item 946, write 0x0EA8 in band pref 6. NV item 1877 and write 245891456 to rf_bc_config line 7. Full flash current firmware by fastboot with emphasis on fastboot erase modemst1, fastboot erase modemst2 8. Phone boots in global mode with HSPA+ Note:- Firmware flashing will remove unstable signal issue. All the changes will be permanent. CDMA/evdo remains as it was earlier.
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    I know everybody used to use the following words or came to read at some point of time. But new guys like me may put question what it means. Some may have time to explain or some may say something without full info. I want everbody to share their knowledge about the following terms. What is this and what it means. I invite GURU's here to take up at least one word for a week and explain here about the term and how it will work or what actually it is. ASIC: Application-specific integrated circuit ABR:Area Border Router ADM : Add-Drop Multiplexer ARP : Address Resolution Protocol AS : Autonomous System ASBR : Autonomous System Boundary Router ASP : Active Server Pages ATM : Asynchronous Transfer Mode BGP : Border Gateway Protocol BOOTP : Boot Protocol BER : Bit Errror Rate CDMA : Code Division Multiplexing Access CIDR : Classless Inter Domain Routing CLI : Command Line Interface CLIP : Calling Line Identification Presentation CMS : Call Management Services CPE : Customer Premise Equipment CR-LDP : Constraint-Based Routing - Label Distributed Protocol CSMA/CD : Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Detect CSU/DSU : Channel Service Unit / Data Service Unit CTI : Computer Telephony Integration CUG : Closed User Group DCN : Data Communication Network DHCP : Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DNR : Dynamic Network Routing DNS : Domain Name System DSCP : DiffServ Code Point DSP : Digital Signal Processor DSN : Database Source Name DVMRP : Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol DWDM : Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing DXC : Digital Cross-Connect DLD : Domestic Long Distance EGP : Exterior Gateway Protocol EIGRP : Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol ERP : Enterprice Resource Planning ECS : Enhanced Communication Services EMS : Enhanced Messaging Services FEC : Forward Equivalence Class FR : Frame Relay FTP : File Transfer Protocol FDDI : Fiber distributed Data Interface FSP : Fixed Line Projects GMPLS : Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching (Multiprotocol Lambda Switching) GSM : Global System for Mobile Communication GMMI : Gigabit Media Independent Interface HTML : HyperText Markup Language HTTP : HyperText Transfer Protocol IAP : Internet Access Point IDC : Internet Data Centre IDS : Internet Data Services IEEE : Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering IETF : Internet Engineering Task Force IG : International Gateway IGMP : Internet Group Management Protocol IGP : Interior Gateway Protocol IFG : Interframe Gap IGRP : Interior Gateway Routing Protocol IN : Intelligent Network IP : Internet Protocol IPv4 : Internet Protocol version 4 (Addresses) IPv6 : Internet Protocol version 6 (Addresses) ISDN : Integrated Services Digital Network ISO : International Standard Organization ISP : Internet Service Provider ISUP : ISDN User Part ITU-T : International Telecommunication Union Telecom IXP : Internet Exchange Point LAN : Local Area Network LANE : LAN Emulation LCD : Liquid Crystal Display LDP : Label Distribution Protocol LED : Light Emitting Diode LER : Label Edge Router LMP : Link Management Protocol LQM : Link Quality Monitoring LSP : Label Switched Path LSR : Label Switching Router LASER : Light Amplification By Stimulated Emissions Of Radiation MAC : Media Access Control MGCP : Media Gateway Control Protocol MIB : Management Information Base MLS : Multi-Location Services MPLS : Multiprotocol Label Switching MPOA : Multiprotocol over ATM MSA : Master Services Agreement MMS : Multimedia Messaging Service NIC : Network Interface Card NAP : Nodal Access Point NAT : Network Address Translation NMS : Network Management Service NOC : Network Operation Center NTP : Network Time Protocol NZDSF : Non Zero Dispersion Shifted Single Mode Fiber OSI : Open System Interconnection OSPF : Open Shortest Path First OXC : Optical Cross-Connect OFC : Optical Fiber Cable PCB : Printed Circuit Board PDH : Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy PIM : Protocol Independent Module PoP : Point of Presence POS : Packet over Synchronous Optical Network PPP : Point to Point Protocol PSTN : Public Switched Telephone Network PVC : Permanent Virtual Circuit PBX : Private Branch Exchange PMD : Polarization Mode Dispersion PIM : Personal Information Management RADIUS : Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service RARP : Reverse Address Resolution Protocol RAS : Remote Access Server RFC : Request for Comment RIP : Routing Information Protocol RMON : Remote Monitoring RSVP : Resource Reservation Protocol SDCA : Short Distance Charging Area SDH : Synchronous Digital Hierarchy SIP : Session Initiation Protocol SLIP : Serial Line Internet Protocol SLA : Service Level Agreements SMS : Short Messaging Service SMTP : Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SNMP : Simple Network Management Protocol SONET : Synchronous Optical Network SPF : Shortest Path First SQL : Structured Query Lanugae SSA : Secure Server Access STM : Synchronous Transport Module STP : Shielded Twisted Pair SS7 : Signaling System 7 SSH : Secure Shell SVC : Switched Virtual Circuit SES : Severely Errored Seconds TACACS : Terminal Access Controller Access Control System TAX : Trunk Automatic Exchange TCP : Transmission Control Protocol TCP/IP : Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol TDM : Time Division Multiplexing TE : Traffic Engineering TEC : Telecom Engineering Center TFTP : Trivial File Transfer Protocol ToS : Type of Service TTL : Time to Live TIR : Total Internal Reflection UBR : Unspecified Bit-Rate UDP : User Datagram Protocol UTP : Unshielded Twisted Pair VAS : Value Added Services VMS : Voice Mail Services VLAN : Virtual Local Area Network VoIP : Voice over Internet Protocol VPN : Virtual Private Network WAN : Wide Area Network WDM : Wavelength Division Multiplexing WRED : Weighted Random Early Detection
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    This forum started for maintenance and guidelines for the CDMA user community. If one carrier stops, we switch to a different operator. I am writing this, because no one is sure of any particular CDMA continuing in short future. BSNL can help CDMA users in some regions of service and will help those who have single network handset. I am also aware that BSNL is surrendering cdma spectrum in some states but it still help us. RUIM of BSNL is hybrid type, data works on normal sim based handsets like Moto E, Moto X, Droid series etc and also on handsets like VZW Note 3, Note 5, S5, S6, S7 Nexus 6 etc. A small amount of one time programming is required after sim activation. Note that there is no *228 for OTAF and was removed from network in 2010. MIP profile type:- make simple IP from mobile ip (mainly essential) Ppp user= your10digitmin@AAAVD.in (only required in some handsets) Ppp pass= your10digitmin Dial string/APN= #777 BSNL CDMA back end all India operations are handled from Vadodara and we can directly contact them for any issues. Sent from my K016 using Tapatalk
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    Port to GSM is bull**** ! RCOM already developgin 4G SIM for CDMA as well as GSM customer they just need to get new 4G SIM which will fallback to GSM network for calls ! NO NEED to PORT HERE and THERE ! 4G SIM is in testing ! mya be available after 30 days in select circle ! in Few Circle they might have to surrender CDMA before the 4G SIM comes so they may force to get Temporary GSM by GSM porting ! But again 4G SIM have to be upgraded for GSM customer also /!
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    Many of you must have heard the buzz going on about the new PC/Mac compatible OS which the company claims should work on most Intel based machines. Its essentially an Android x86 project based Lollipop Desktop class operating system with multi-tasking in separate windows, taskbar, right click, notification, free updates and common ctrl commands. Its basically in simple words Android for PC. Here is the official link http://www.jide.com/en/remixos-for-pc Even though the official release is 12th Jan and its gonna be free for everyone. The way of things in todays date is leaked stuff online and so remix os is already available to download if you know where to Google....... Most of the times when we are on our systems its more for consuming content and less for productivity. Its the case at least with majority users. We need something that boots/shuts very fast and responds quick. Gives easy access to basic day to day tasks. Remix OS could be the answer, at least in making. You get access to 1.5 million compatible apps in Google Play Store. Your favourite fun & productive apps. Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. Angry birds or whatever you like most. It supports usb drives and hdd. Hopefully it can also breathe the much needed life in old discarded obsolete machines which can still run android faster than your average phone/tablet. Download it now or wait for 12th Jan. You dont have to take the plunge putting in your HDD partition at first, just install it on a pen drive to run/test if it works and you like it. Please leave your experience/feedback here for rest of the members.
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    Do Not proceed if you don't know how to get your phone back to reliance via flashing PRL and DATA. Following below process may loose network connectivity on Moto G use it on your own RISK !! Hi, Motorola just released soak test for our Moto G XT1031 [boost], I am using this from almost a week now and found working perfectly fine. Now for us (reliance/TATA) users OTA is always an issue on MotoG, it wipes PRL and DATA. But this time one of AndoridForum user SuperR made zip which don;t update Modem/Baseband and bootloader. So you can enjoy lollipop on you 4.4.4 radio and bootloader. If you want to update radio/baseband to 5.0.2 you need to flash PRL and DATA again. To use this zip following are requirements. 1- Moto G should be bootloader unlocked 2- Custom recovery should be installed - I prefer TWRP 3- OTG pen drive of minimum 1GB. [or ADB skills to push files to phone] Both of above can be done using THIS post. And HERE is TWRP 2.7which I use. Before doing this, will suggest you to take full backup of your phone . 1- Contacts - Already on google server. 2- SMS - Use Go SMS or with equivalent tools (CM Backup also works fine) 3- if you want to same applications already installed, use APK backup or EX Explorer to copy all APK. 4- Photos & Other files - just copy to your PC using MTP mode of moto g So now you are ready to update your phone. Download below files 5.0.2 ROM - HERE SuperSU zip - HERE If you are into Xposed firmware get latest from XDA post - HERE Now after your backup, boot phone to recovery [TWRP] 1- Copy all zip to your OTG pen drive. 2- Wipe all partitions including DATA 3- Wipe DATA partition 2nd time for safer side. 4- then reboot your phone to TWRP with OTG connected. 5- From TWRP install option, and select FALCON_220.42.18.ZIP 6- installation will take about 2min. 7- then dont reboot the phone. 8- go back to main menu in TWRP. 9- again select SuperSU.zip 10- this time select wipe dalvik option 11- and reboot your phone . This reboot will take 5-10 minutes. dont panic. After booting it will go for HandsFree activation, wait another 5min and it will give option for NEXT. if you reached till this step then you have installed lollipop on you moto g. now if you want to use xposed firmware to mod you system. boot to recovery and flash Xposed install zip from XDA post. after installing xposed zip you need to select wipe dalvik option other wise phone will show out of space error. you can skip Xposed step if you like normal version of moto G. (i am heavy user of xposed so mention extra steps for others) now reboot your phone to system. after reboot you will again get HandsFree activation. wait for 5min and click next. now let android Setup Wizard run. Add your google accounts and other details. you will be on lollipop home screen. (which looks almost same as kitkat home screen ) now time to get rid of Handsfree activation and get back tether options. to do so follow these threads. HFA Tether While removing HandsFree activation, you will not find sprintOMADM2.APK in Priv-App folder there is SprintOMADM2 folder in Priv-app, inside this folder you will get SprintOMAD2.apk, rename this apk and you are done. Tether works as shown in above thread. Now as we are using kitkat radio/baseband & Bootloader, one small issue occurs. you will find small flicking on phone. this will go aways ones you turn your screen OFF and ON. to get rid of this issue, we need to update radio and bootloader to lollipop 5.0.2 version. But after updating radio and bootloader to lollipop, you need to load PRL and DATA again. So select what you want and enjoy lollipop on moto G. !! now you can either download all your apps from playstore or install it from your backup. restore your data & SMS as per your liking and you are good to go. I am on 5,0,2 with kitkat radio and bootloader. My phone is working fine with this combo. here is the proof.
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    Some BSNL centers take some fees for EvDo 'plan activation' which is permanent and one time, irrespective of sim replacements.
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    Back with some more giveaways...yet again defectives from Titan...defects are faded color, patchy color, minor stitch or pasting defect. Construction wise, the products do not have any defect. Most look excellent externally (almost like new) you can pick them up from here http://www.hidekraft.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=350 First come first serve, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN 1. Shipping handling (1+99). pay through site only. Please do not make the link public. its not meant for public sale and will impact us negatively.
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    Here are few more pics Its my shoe box PC with below configuration 1- Atom 1.6ghz with Nvidia ION chip set 2- 1TB HDD 3-few GB of RAM 4- normal SMPS All fitted in a shoe box [emoji12] Actually wanted to buy itx cabinet , but cost of good itx cabinet is approx 3-4 k. Dont want to spend that much for 1kg metal box. So decided to do something by my self. Didn't had time to design and fabricate custom box. So one day saw a shoe box laying around. And was perfect fit for minimum requirement for my rig. This is just an amateur PC box. Sent from my XT1031
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    Mukesh Ambani is here to do business and not charity. The reason behind giving Free is to import as much as users on their network so that the network gets over saturated (Because the low ARPU users try to squeeze the last bit of data which otherwise they cannot afford to). He wants to make sure that the system shall perform well in future - so by doing so he will be able to test the load capacity and stability of his network as well. Further being a business man he will also be able to release payment of the company who is commissioning the project across India once he is convinced that the system is OK for handling extreme load (conducting real time thorough testing). As far as calls are concerned Jio themselves are responsible for call drops - By doing so they are tarnishing the image of competitors as well as savings money which they have to pay as interconnect charges otherwise. Just the way they have put a limit of 4GB for data - likewise they have also put a limit in their network for total number of calls to through to other networks which costs money to them. Out of total subscribers hardly 20% of the users will be heavy users whereas 70% will be average users and 10% will be light users once the charges are imposed after commercial launch. So finally when FREE scenario will be over the Jio performance will surge up suddenly. But as KanagaDeepan said Jio should not Drag/extend this FREE scheme beyond January otherwise it will obviously have adverse affect as well as give opportunity to AVoID to hold back customers with new lucrative offers (which they have already started). Instead of FREE they should have given the SIM for some kind of advance 3 months deposit/subscription which would be adjusted once the commercial services start and shall be binding - then the things would have been different and only genuine users would have approached for the SIM. At the moment any TOM DIC-K & HARRY is just taking a SIM for 3 months FREE RIDE and believe me will never ever use JIO once the free period is over. So although Jio may succeed in having millions of subscribers in their customer base but the active users will be much less than that after commencement of the commercial launch. Good luck JIO!!
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    From Tomorrow onwards. MNP is going to be started with JIO, only selected persons/companies. Those who opting MNP will be ported to JIO with unlimited preview for 90 days without any phone. Just now got the info from one of the JIO employee. Will confirm after seeing the internal circular, who are eligible to MNP. Initially, all the JIO employee sims (their personal sims of different networks) are eligible. This is confirmed.
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    There is not a single thread which gives all the information regarding the LS980. also i was getting lot of pm's regarding the GSM unlock. so basically this thread will have all the information, if anything is left out please feel free so message me or in thread. Phone Config LG-G2-LS980 Phone Drivers LS980 Drivers My Experience Personally i was a Samsung fan until they came out with the Kn0x security. i had 2 choice the Note 3 and the LG G2, since the Note 3 had issues with data not working on CDMA mode and the G2 was and still is wallet friendly, so i decided to go with the G2 and till date i DO NOT regret it. LAG is something that is simply not in its dictionary, super smooth. Like the HTC One this phone is also sealed and comes in 2 variants 16 and 32 Gigs. Initially only 2 colors Black and White, now the actual(international) site has many different ones. This one is a LCD compared to the S4 with AMOLED, To be frank only if you have the two phones together you might see the difference. I found the G2 to be more vibrant and a lil brighter side compared to the S4. 1000 times more accurate smartstay display than the S4, Same with auto brightness. Feels much lighter than the S4 and the build quality is anyday better than S4, feels solid in hand. Many have debated about the volume and power keys being at the back, actually its something you have to try and then understand, now if i handle any other phone than my G2 i tend to Tap the display 2 times softly to get the screen going, like the home or power button, im so used to it now. Tap 2 times on display to lock the screen & same to to light the display back again. Initially when i first got the phone i used to tap hard thinking that was the right way and 7/10 times it used to work, did not know that one has to tap very lightly as possible. Soft tap 2 times gets it locked and vice-versa 10/10 times. Its actually easier to use volume rockers in the center position then one side like anyother phone. Theres more to this phone and i dont have the patience nor time to explain everything. Phone definitely requires a case to protect it from fall, i have the Spigen Slim Armour. Runs on 4.2.2JB and 2 updates have been released till date. LS980ZV7 (Initial Release) LS980ZV8 (Security Update) LS980ZVA (Sprint Spark and loki-killer) Not used in India so i have not taken it. LS980ZVC (KitKat 4.4.2 OS Update) Also if you are a custom ROM freak DO NOT INSTALL the ZVA update as it removes the ability to do that. People who have taken it do not worry as there is a work around. Custom ROM installation for people who have taken ZVA update. Only if you understand everything mentioned in the above link proceed else you just might end up with a hard brick. Sprint Dialer Codes Source 5689#*980# - LG Hidden Service Menu Thanks to EricDabbs ##RTN# - RTN Menu ##SCRTN# - Erases any info that has been OTA provisioned. Forces a reboot and re-activation. ##DIAG# - Enables diag mode. this menu blocked by MSL. Simply enter your MSL ##DATA# - Advanced data menu. ##DEBUG# - Debug Menu ##CLEAR# - Reset network settings ##UPDATE# - Forces Activation ##GPSCLRX# - Clear GPS ##GPSTESTPRL# - ?? ##WLAN# - WLAN info ##LOG# - syslog info ##MRU# - MRU Clear ##SSDRTN# - Reset SSD ##TEST - Data Test menu ##YOUROWNMSLHERE# - Service Programming menu ##443336772# Shows MSL code near the bottom of the screen thanks mojo4321 ##4433386368# - Developer menu ##4437736368# - Producer menu How to back up EFS Its already confirmed RUIM data only works if used before flashing anything to the phone, Out of the box phone can be used for RUIM with calls sms and data. so its very important to back up complete stock state EFS partition Two ways to backup EFS, below i have mentioned how to root, during the root process at one stage EFS partition is backed up auto. Or after root use FreeGee from Google Play (Requires root access) Install and backup EFS. How to get you MSL/SPC Easiest method to get SPC: Dial ##443336772# and your SPC/MSL will be displayed on the screen! Probably this will work for other LG phones also. [Credit goes to phonegeek] How to Gain Root Access Root FIle Works with All Baseband Updated ioroot.zip where did i get this ? SOURCE 1 After you have downloaded the file required for root, Put the phone in Debug mode, for this under settings go to Developer Options. If you do not have Developer Options under settings simple go to Settings/About Phone/Software Information under this tab on Build Number 10 times continuously and it will enable the Developer Options in your phone. 2 Under display settings set the screen timeout to 5 minutes(you can set it back to your liking later when you are done with root) 3 Connect your phone to PC/Laptop 4 Under pull down notification change the USB settings from MTP to Charge Only 5 Unzip the ioroot file and from the folder execute the run.bat file 6 The command prompt will ask you to press any key as show in pic below 7 You will be prompted to toggle USB connection shown marked in red, three ways you can toggle that, show in marked yellow, select the first one, remove usb connection from the phone and re-plug it back. the PRESS ENTER. 8 Your phone will show toggled notification and also it will ask you to allow USB Debugging with the computer showing the computers RSA key, Mark "Always allow from this computer" & select ok. The command prompt it will warn you again about loosing warranty and more warnings, this is the last point to decide to continue or press CTRL+C to cancel. PRESS ENTER. Your phone EFS will be backed up like shown in pic below and again it will ask you to press enter, PRESS ENTER. 9 Phone is rooted and phone will reboot. check if you have SuperSu or SU in your phone. How to Unroot Access Superuser app, go to settings of the app & look for Full unroot. Select it and wait for the phone to reboot. Recovery for KitKat 4.4.2 LS980ZVC SOURCE GSM Unlock For G2 LS980 This is a temporary GSM unlock & not a permanent or a solid one. Two known issues, you cant access Wi-Fi settings, as it crashes if you try to access, and you cant dial any number without adding 0 before it. Example: Sunny Leons phone number is 6969696969, to call her you gotta dial 06969696969. If you dial direct 6969696969 the phone app crashes and your phone switches to GSM mode if you are in CDMA mode. As far as i know these are only 2 known bugs this unlock has. hope we get a more stable unlock. Install ROM Toolbox Lite 1 Run Rom Toolbox Lite and select performance marked in red 2 Select build.prop editor marked in red 3 Select search using the magnifying glass icon below marked in red 4 In search field type "build.target" as shown in pic below 5 Select "ro.build,target_operator" as show in pic below 6 Change value from "SPR" to "spr" as show in pic below and press ok marked in yellow. 7 Reboot popup will come, select ok and reboot the phone. Your phone should be GSM unlocked now. Install HIAPN or Tweakker for APN settings of your service provider. Install Telinfo to switch between CDMA(CDMA Auto PRL) & GSM(GSM Auto PRL) Permanent Unlock for the LG-G2-LS980
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    Additional settings and information that can be useful for everyone: http://www.andaman-nicobar.bsnl.co.in/evdo_pre.html http://bsnl-evdo-datacard.blogspot.in/ http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/f803/bsnl-evdo-android-smartphone-success-1741143/ http://www.maharashtra.bsnl.co.in/cdmalist.asp http://www.keralatelecom.com/cdma/evdoloc.asp http://hackingrt.blogspot.in/2014/05/new-bsnl-cdma-and-evdo-udp-trick.html http://telecomtalk.info/bsnl-launches-4-true-unlimited-evdo-data-stv/95214/ **All information sole rights of the respective publishers. I have no connection with any website apart from gaining knowledge. The following files are shortlisted from BSNL SNEA. They are BSNL official files for standard CDMA programming and configuration. Sancharsoft for CDMA - Guidelines.PDF Linux+Seetings+For+NIC+EVDO.pdf NIB-II DNS Change.pdf EVDO roaming implementation 050411.pdf Implementation of full mobility in CDMA Network 02-06-15.pdf To Know CDMA prepaid data usage - Procedure.doc EVDO Config Procedure.doc Install Droid VPN and use UDP port 9200 and we will get 1.5 Mbps speed on 1X
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    Enough of this endless waiting for 4G. I warn these Ambani brothers to get in line and start 4G. Otherwise..... I will be compelled to get 2 rcom 2G sims, insert into my dual sim phone, activate data in both and forcefully extract 2G+2G = 4G data from rcom network. ☺☺☺☺
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    BSNL CDMA works on any sim based or non-sim cdma handset. The attached prl works in non sim handsets with the below programming. Pri ch A= 279 B=320 (latest prl 7 works on any channels, other prls use 279 for 1x voice and 320 for evdo rev 0) Sec ch B= 384 NID/SID= 14499/65535 MIP type= Simple IP PPP user= cdma, ppp pass= cdma, AAA= cdma BSNL_evdo_1X_no_7.prl BSNL_6.prl BSNL_7_cdmaws.prl
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    everyone is so eager for 4g, its like the moment these sims get activated and the ultra high speed bandwidth starts working..........something is going to explode and give way to new means instantly. it is going to be exciting but doesnt matter if these connections start working in a week or few weeks from now. its not going to be a life altering experience straight away, yes in longer run it will lead & pave way for great possibilities. till then hold your horses all the enthusiastic people. being prepared for the new tech is great, the anticipation is fascinating but there isnt gonna be much change once the top of your smartphone screen shows LTE instead of EV, 3G or H+ i know this is not going to stop any of our forum members craze but i just had to vent out here.
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    Aa gayi bhai logo, aa gayi....lolz The amount taken per sim is Rs. 25/- (sim cost) + 97/- for 4G Recharge which includes UNLIMITED local and std Reliance calls + 150 minutes of Local & STD calls + 1GB Data for 30 days. These benefits start immediately on existing CDMA sim/number. It is a modern pre-cut sim which you can use in any phone (no need to get it cut from outside). Then you need to sms 4G<space><19 digit 4G sim number> to 1299 from existing cdma sim and you will get a confirmatory message that Dear Customer, your request for 4G upgrade has been registered on SIM <number>. We will update you regarding upgrade. Thank you. RCOM. Please note that the 4G sim is yet NOT ACTIVATED and you can't use it. They are saying that it should be activated max by 5th May. After activation you get an additional 10GB 4G data for one month besides the above benefits. So that is the exercise till now. Cheers...
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    Free 10GB Data on Upgrade to LTE for Postpaid as well as Prepaid. Postpaid user shall get by default. Prepaid user for recharge with FRC(Circle Specific) Prepaid user shall get additionally 150 Minutes Free to All India + R2R All India Free apart from 10GB. For Delhi Users; I shall be providing the LTE Sims Online. So stay tuned to RIMweb.in
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    Reliance CDMA with data is working on Redmi note 3 16Gb which I just got from 23rd March sale. Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
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    Proceed with caution. I will not be responsible if you end up bricking your phone. So, I got this phone some days ago and thought I'd make a helpful guide for people who are using this handset or planning to buy it to use with Reliance CDMA. You will need: 1. DFS (Google it) 2. The APK attached to this post. MSLUtility.apk 3. Reliance/ Other CDMA RUIM 4. HTC Drivers 5. Android Platform Tools for troubleshooting if required. (RECOMMENDED) 6. Some knowledge of the UNIX shell and DFS The steps I explain in this guide will help you have the most painless experience with this device to get it working properly on Reliance CDMA. 1. Get S-OFF using Sunshine. It will cost you $25 but it is very important that you get S-OFF. 2. Unlock the handset using this method. (OPTIONAL but recommended) 3. Flash Custom Recovery and ROOT the device using THIS. Feel free to skip to step 23 because the rest will be taken care of by Sunshine anyway. 4. Download and install MSLUtility.apk 5. Run the above utility and connect to a WIFI network before doing so. 6. Press READ SPC button on the utility and it should give you the SPC for your handset. Please note it down. 7. Open the dialer of the phone and press # # 3 4 2 4 #. Now enable the diagnostic mode on the device and connect it to your computer via USB. 8. Open DFS and send the SPC that you got in step 6. 9. Now get into the programming tab and switch the CONFIG setting to RUIM ONLY. After this click the WRITE button. Now you have successfully enabled the handset to use any OMH RUIM. 10. Exit the diag mode. 11. Pop in your RUIM card into the phone's SIM tray. 12. It should start working off the bat along with data. Notes: 1. All your numbers must be saved as 0xxxxxxxxxx and not +91xxxxxxxxxx, otherwise it will not be able to send texts or make calls. 2. To get delivery reports consider using the Messenger app from Google instead of HTC stock messaging app. 3. To make a conference "MERGE CALL" button won't work. You need to press the three dots, tap "PEOPLE" and swipe to the dialer. Then press 3 and tap CALL. This will establish your 3-way conference. 4. Use a custom ROM instead of the stock SPRINT ROM. I use ViperOneM8 and it works perfectly. 5. Remove /system/app/HtcOMADM_SPCS and /system/app/HtcOMADM_SettingsPlugin_SPCS, to get rid of the SPRINT Hands Free Activation Nagger. You can do this by mounting /system in TWRP and using the TWRP file manager. Before this step read Further Notes below. Further notes: 1. After flashing a custom ROM, you may need to go into TWRP, mount /system and in the terminal there enter the following commands. This is to enable adb on the device before you get into the first boot. It may be required to get rid of the Hands Free Activation screen: ok mount data cd /data/property echo -ne "adb" > persist.sys.usb.config chmod 600 persist.sys.usb.config chown 0.0 persist.sys.usb.config chcon u:object_r:property_data_file:s0 persist.sys.usb.config This will enable ADB on the device for some further troubleshooting in case you aren't able to get past the Sprint Activation Screen. 2. After this you will need to disconnect the USB and let the phone boot. Then you will need to extract the process list using the command: adb shell ps > pslist.txt 3. Now open the pslist.txt file and search for htcsetupwizard, note the process ID and type this in: adb shell kill -9 <process_id> 4. You will need to repeat steps 2 and three once more and then do step 5 from Notes. Feel free to ask questions in this thread for any help. All credit goes to the developers of Sunshine and Team Venom for helping me out with these steps. They're wonderful people and I urge you to support them.
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    I was hesitant to buy this smartphone as the options from HTC viz., Desire 728 and 826X were tempting. The negative in HTC was second sim supporting only 2g and poor battery life. As a Reliance CDMA Zero plan user, my data usage and voice calls are pretty heavy. The ultimate choice remained Gionee Marathon M5 owing to its 6020 mAh battery and CDMA support (Box says CDMA+GSM, GSM+CDMA, GSM+GSM). I bought the phone which was delivered on 11th Dec. I went for the white colored model as it goes well with Formal image of mine. Coming to the one week review of this phone, I feel that the phone is decent to look at with average finishing. The chrome skirting is uneven at some locations. The screen is good and has deep blacks owing to AMOLED. The resolution is acceptable but would have been better if it was HD. Connectivity is good in both slots and is better than my earlier phone (LG G2) in terms of network lock. There is NO NFC but Gionee compensates this by bringing in HotKnot, which I haven't used yet. Infrared shortcut exists on Lock Screen, and the blaster works fine. I noticed a major glitch in terms of messaging. SMS which is longer than 160 characters is not received by the recepient when sent using this phone's sim1. I haven't tried SIM2 yet. SMS is classified into conversations, service and others. GPS performance is good. The major doubts which people may have on EVDO Rev B is not clear as the download speeds are not crossing 200kBps (roughly 2.3Mbps) which corresponds to under Rev A limits, even though I stay in Delhi. I doubt that Rev B is provided although Gionee claims. User Interface is without the App Drawer and has control drawer from below, which is not editable. The lock screen is customisable as per our choice according to genre. Feel and appearance is wonderful and without any hassle. The weather animations are very creative and rich, while the gesture support enables knock on feature you could find on LG phones (believe me it's a blessing). Video playing is not smooth maybe due to poor GPU. Audio playback is loud and is clear. Battery performance is great and is as per expectations. I use EVDO data 24x7, and yet I get 48 hrs+ on my phone on a single charge, which takes about 6 hours. There is not much heating even on playing games or using browser/internet. Camera quality is above average. It has a 13 MP rear cam and it could manage decent image quality. Video quality is good. Storage option of expanding upto 128GB exists but the 128 Gigs are expensive as of now, and cost upwards of 4k (unless you buy on ebay from HK/Singapore). Overall, I feel this is among the better available phones for a CDMA user. I rate this at 8.5/10. Other Alternatives: 1. Infocus M810 (Single Sim) 2. HTC Desire 828 (GSM/CDMA/4G+3G, battery is small) Improvements which will make this phone rock solid: 1. Better processor and GPU 2. At least an HD screen 3. A little lesser weight (maybe with some compromise on battery) 4. Regular updates.
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    Got the new Zenfone 2, Gold, LTE, 2.3 GHz, 4GB, 32 GB EMMC, 5.5", 5MP/13MP in hand. Just 17k on Flipkart sale. Great feel in hand for now. Initial experience with the Asus Zenfone 2 - First the cons - 1. The screen though very good by a 17k phone standard does not match to the HTC One or the SMOLED's of the Samsung. It's brightness is a little less though the color gradients can be adjusted. Few shots - 2. The camera too is quite good but still not as good as the HTC One's (before the pink tint issue). But color saturation is better. 3. Plastic body compared to the all aluminum of the HTC One M7. 4. Lots of Asus apps. And by lots I mean lots. 5. Still on android 5.0. A flagship should be on the latest version. Pros - 1. I was most afraid of the battery life and that is quite decent in fact, especially after taking the new update it has increased quite a bit - So take the update immediately. Incidentally the update failed on wifi continuously but went through in first attempt through the mobile data. Still I have ordered the Asus Power Bank for my long trips. 2. Great metallic feel back cover and soft golden hue color. Great build quality. 3. Camera with HDR is pretty decent though not top of the line. 4. Fast charging really works. In 5 minutes it can give you a couple of hours backup. 5. Lag free and very fast even after so many crappy apps. the 2.3 Ghz processor and 4 GB of RAM really works. Some Asus apps are pretty decent in fact. 6. 3G speeds are pretty decent for Meerut (UP-W circle) on Airtel. Initial verdict - For a flagship of a company it still needs to go some miles compared to HTC and Samsung. But for the 17k price tag (in fact I can buy 3 for the price of a S6) I will take this any day over those over priced phones. It does 100% of what those flagships do and then some more. Where it lags just slightly in the body and the screen can easily be overlooked. Fantastic piece of hardware. Recommended as one of the best value for money flagship offerings in the market today. Enough of the CDMA crap.
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    Finally Generated the UPC after 90 days of Miserable, Pathetic, Crappy Network of Reliance "4G" As far as I felt, 1 went for 4g From EVDO and Landed in No G at all Moving to Idea, My Secondary Network which kept my phone services Alive, RIP CDMA, But Reliance Sure did a KLPD of the Climax for Me at least!!!
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    Hey guys... Both of you need to take a chill pill, garmi bahut badh gayee hai. Temperatures are soaring, literally. Lol. I request members to avoid personal attacks / insinuations / digs at other members. We are all here to give and receive knowledge. Lets keep it cool. Cheers
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    If u not willing to leave cdma don't hurry just wait and watch As there is no official public announcement to close cdma from Reliance It's all verbal from web world Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The new Nexus 6 is very easy to program. RGERUC and RECRUC068 work out of the box on this device. Data needs simple steps by DFS. Required:- Latest Motorola BP drivers, DFS Not required:- Root, bootloader unlock 1. Boot the phone into BP tools and select port "diag mdm" with no SIM inside and airplane mode turned on. 2. Make RTRE config to RUIM pref and reboot back to BP tools (can make it RUIM only after programming is complete) 3. Write omhxxx in ppp usr and S1912xxx in ppp password 4. Continue in data section in DFS, HDR SCP force AT config= RevA_MFPA HDR SCP force rel 0= Evdo_RevA Hybrid mode=enable Data MDR HSPD mode= MDR only 5. Insert RGERUC SIM and continue programming 5. Enable all six profiles in MIP section and write omhtestxx in all the six fields with MIP=Mobile IP 6. Reboot and enjoy.
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    Dear common man, The rates you have specified is almost fully wrong. Incoming calls are free [for all operators] even before Rcdma launch. It was BSNL which first started that trend long back. Before Rcdma launch, local calls were Rs2.40 per minute and STD calls were Rs3.60 per minute for prepaid numbers of both Airtel and bsnl. But bsnl prepaid has 30 sec pulse, all others have 60 sec pulse. Whereas in Airtel postpaid numbers there are even plans with local Rs1.00 and STD Rs2.00 / Rs3.00 [mobile/landline] for Rs399 monthly rental plan with Rs150 free usage. The same was available in Bsnl postpaid Rs525 plan, but with 15 sec pulse. When Rcdma was launched there was only postpaid with only one plan for Rs500 rent [Rs200 extra per month if bought handset in subsidized price, which I didn't] called DAPO plan - DhiruBhai Ambani Pioneer Offer. The call charges are Rim to Rim local/STD Rs0.40, Rim to offnet mobile Rs1.20, Rim to local landline Rs1.00, Rim to STD offnet Rs2.40, Rim to STD landline Rs3.40.. unlimited local/STD Sms free, R world browsing [slow as hell now, but hit at that time] unlimited free. But 400 minutes of 40p discount available with roll over/carry forward benefit upto a quarter year makes the deal sweet. It effectively means for first 400 minutes [too much for that day] the call charges will be like Rim to Rim local/STD Rs0.00 Rim to offnet mobile Rs0.80 Rim to landline Rs0.60 Rim to STD offnet Rs2.00 Rim to STD landline Rs3.00 I remember this well, because at that time my dad was using Bsnl postpaid, me using Airtel postpaid, which I gave to my mom, so that I can get Rim DAPO plan with Nokia 2280 [not sure about model number] bought for Rs5600 outright cost. The call charges difference is very huge in onnet calls + ROAMING CALLS only. Since it's a wll number, there is no need to dial STD code for local landline numbers. I got the connection mainly because roaming is free, with outgoing calls equal to home charges [incl freebies]. But we have to dial *555 [not sure about number] when we move to another SDCA, and we will be assigned another local number apart from the main number. This is actually reliance misusing the loophole in WLL phone service. This scheme became super hit, once they sell the phones for Rs500 [subsidise price, extra Rs200 x 24 months applicable] each and they also gave 2 mobiles for Rs500 with special offer name monsoon hungama.. But many people misused that offer, but that's another rant for another day. sent from my Lenovo Vibe P1 using Tapatalk
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    time for my review. 32gb internal storage, 3GB ram, 6050mAH battery and 5.5" amoled display, 4g on both sims or u can use cdma+gsm or gsm+cdma. u can set data to work on either sim. What else do u want !!!!It is a true world phone. am using it with reliance cdma + dolphin as gsm and signals r great. even better than my earlier HTC one dual sim. evdo works awesome with cdma. U can use any of the 2 sim slots for cdma or both for 4g gsm. i am a heavy user and easily get 2+ days with some juice remaining. Thou a bit heavy but u get used to it. GOLD color is the best and it has premium looks. The flip cover along with the phone is of nice quality but the plastic screen guard is a waste coz its not tempered glass. Better to buy a tempered glass screen guard online or after market shops @ 100 bucks. camera quality @ 13mp is seriously good. Low light pics are also good. front cam @5mp also shoots sharp pics. smart screen gestures work ok. double tap to wake and sleep etc make life easy. coming from HTC family, sense is much better than the native amigo 3.1 and it takes some time to understand the features. They have packed a lot of innovative features like everyday changing lock screen wallpapers @ mood card, new wallpaper app for this phone , smart gestures, theme park etc etc. There is no app drawer which can be addressed by using any other launcher. Anyways I have not felt the need for an app drawer till date. can always fall back on nova or next or halo etc launchers. music effects are awesome both via speak and headset It has DTS with various pre set modes and also u can adjust the equalizer thou u wont need to. I like heavy bass and the native music app does not disappoint. u wont regret purchasing this phone.
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    Dear friends, I bought this Haier E718 handset from snapdeal and using this for the past 3 months. Actually I bought this handset for my mother but seeing it's amazing voice clarity, good signal capturing and good battery backup, I gave my ZTE N919D to my mother (her secondary phone and using rarely) and I took this handset for me. Yes, believe me friends, this is the best voice clarity handset I have ever seen, I used, MTS Blaze 4, MTS Blaze 4.5, MTS Blaze 5 (ZTE N919D), HTC Desire XC, Xiaomi Redmi 1s CDMA, LG Volt LS740 etc. comparing to these handsets, this Haier E718 handset gives superb voice clarity with loud volume. So I can talk in noisy roads, fast moving vehicles without any hearing difficulty. In other words if your purpose is CDMA voice calling this is the best phone for you. Earpiece volume is crisp and clear with sufficient loud volume, better than the above handsets I had mentioned. No overheating, touch is smooth, no lagging, overall highly recommended for calling purpose. Seller : Snapdeal.com Price : Rs. 6245/- Shipping : Through BlueDart courier to Kerala, received on the 4th day of order. Packing : No extra protective box packing. Handset box was covered in snapdeal brand paper and plastic cover. Total size and weight of package was small. Accessories in the box : Charger with USB cable, headset, booklet, warranty card and a free screen protector. Phone Appearance : Good looking Build quality : satisfactory, but compared to "HTC Desire XC CDMA" it is poor. Display : Avarage 4.5 inch with 480 x 854 Pixels. Best size to keep in pants pocket Camera : Avarage Speakers : Good Perfomance : Avarage CDMA Signal Capturing : Best Battery backup : Good (only 1750mAh but I am getting 2 days with moderate call use, LG Volt LS740 is best in the above given list) Ringer Volume : Good. Loud and clear SIM Size : regular R-UIM and regular SIM. No need to cut short. No Flip cover or screen protector are available in the market. Ordinary plastic screen protector is included in the box. If tempered glass protector is required you can try "Xolo One" tempered glass protector, length is exact but breadth is 1 to 2 mm smaller (http://www.amazon.in/DEFENDER-Shatterproof-Protector-Disinfectant-Xolo/dp/B00SWSLYSO/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1426368757&sr=8-2&keywords=xolo+one+tempered+glass) If flip cover is required you can try "Xolo q800" flip cover. Needs some alterations, Volume key and Mini USB port cut with paper knife, speaker hole can make with hot soldering iron and lower extra length of back plate can be reduced by showing the lower (bottom) portion of backplate in hot heater or flame and folding the plastic inwards when it becomes soft. Call can accept or reject without opening the flip cover. Name or number can be seen through the square window. (http://www.amazon.in/Iway-Table-Caller-Cover-BLACK/dp/B00P0YMYUU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1426323964&sr=8-3&keywords=xolo+q800+flip+cover) (One picture shows comparison of size with LG Volt and ZTE N919D. One picture with the above mentioned flipcover. Applied screen protector is different than mentioned)
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    Kaafi sannata chaya hua hai is thread me, let me make some noise Few Cases and tempered glass for giveaway, you only need to pay Rs 99 for shipping. 1. White soft case for Lg G3. 2. Black Note 2 Case. 3. Tempered glass for Samsung S4. 4. Soft silicon case for Note 4. If anyone is interested, let me know.
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    i purchased airtel locked huwai B310s 927 in olx for Rs. 900 and unlocked. Now it is accepting all the 4g sims of india (idea, airtel, JIO, and Rcom4g) and also all 3g sims. Except with JIO sim all other sims working not only data and voice also (landline phone can be attached to this router) Jio working with data only. It is covering Nearly 100 feet area (through Wifi). This may be moved to appropriate Thread.
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    Update: Did some RnD on Engineering Mode (*#546368#*371#) IMS setting and VoLTE Enabled on LG Phoenix 2 At&t. Now i can make voice call using Phone dialer without 4G support.
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    I am try with Three different Band of 4g. Via my mtk engineering mode. Screen shot Below Sent from my F103 Pro using Tapatalk
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    Software update message from my friends' Moto X Play. Finally motorola ready to support rjio volte.
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    RCOM CDMA used Lucent network cards and ATC hardware, Tata CDMA and BSNL CDMA used Cisco network cards and ZTE hardware. Reliance GSM used China made cheap hardware, some components costing a mere Rs 60. Moreover RGSM is based on 1800 mhz hence frequent maintenance. Reliance cannot improve voice quality after some extent so they have made illegal icr to Tata Docomo GSM even where it's own network exists. Idea and Vodafone have invested astronomically in 4G components so they will any day provide superior quality. If the upcoming 700 Mhz LTE slots are bagged by idea, it will be pack off time for RCOM-RJIO alliance. RJIO has an obsession to create and expand it's LTE capacity because it feels even if they dont get enough subscribers of their own, they will trade 4G icr with other GSM operators like Videocon and Uninor. 4G monopoly of RJIO will be destroyed further when 3G operators will give narrow band 4G on their same spectrum. There is no sim card ICCID IMEI binding like Jio in other networks. Reliance will definitely be instrumental in providing cheap 4G as LTE revolution but ultimately other networks will succeed. Sent from my K016 using Tapatalk
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    LG stock firmware links for public download. LG Tribute 2 LS665 TOT w dll:- https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B_Hol5T47S-baExha2dCWThrQTQ&export=download LG Tribute 2 LS665 bin firmware:- http://www.4shared.com/archive/b3TqOMtgce/pro_yemen_ls665.htm LG Stylo LS770:- https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24533100289589827 https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24545065934258674 LG Tribute 2 GSM Unlock:- http://www.4shared.com/zip/le0cW_7Ace/LG_LS665_unlock_SIM_DIAG-Arab_.htm LG Stylos LS770 GSM Unlock:- http://www.4shared.com/zip/7OK7kD3Xce/Root-and-unlock-LG-LS770-Arab-.htm File share courtesy:- Yemen CDMA Team Sent from my K016 using Tapatalk
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    एक पत्र आदरणीयट (अछे दिन) प्रधानमंत्री मोदीजी के नाम *रिलायंस का 4G घोटाला, बहुत बड़ा भ्रष्टाचार होने से पहले उठायें कदम* जैसा कि आपको मालूम ही होगा, रिलायंस कंपनी CDMA सेवा बंद करने जा रही है | उपभोक्ताओं को लिखित में 28-05-2016 शनिवार शाम 7 बजे SMS message मिला कि रिलायंस कंपनी 31-5-2016 से CDMA सेवा बंद कर रही है | 30-05-2016 को रविवार | यानि कि उपभोक्ता को कोई समय नहीं दिया गया कि इसके खिलाफ अपना कोई पक्ष रख सके | जबकि पिछले 1 महीने से रिलायंस के लगातार SMS messages आ रहे हैं कि आप अपने 2G CDMA Card को मुफ्त में 4G में upgrade करवा लें | मगर कभी ये नहीं बताया गया कि CDMA सेवा बंद की जायेगी | यह उपभोक्ताओं के साथ बहुत-बड़ी धोखाधडी है | *लाखों-करोड़ों CDMA फोन बेकार हो जायेंगे और यह जनता का नुकसान, राष्ट्रीय नुकसान होगा* तथा मजबूरन 4G के लिए जो मोबाईल फोन ख़रीदने पड़ेंगे, वे *करोड़ों- अरबों रूपए रिलायंस कम्पनी तथा उनसे जुड़े लोगों की जेब में भ्रष्टाचार के रूप में जायेंगे* एवं कितने ही रूपए *चीन की कंपनियों* को जायेंगे और हमारे पास पड़े CDMA Phone बेकार हो जायेंगे | ऐसा लाखों लोगों को करोड़ों का नुकसान होगा | यह नुकसान, जनता का यानि देश का नुकसान है | तथा कम्पनी अपनी जेब भर रही है | अतः तुरंत इस बड़े भ्रष्टाचार को रोकने की कार्यवाही करने की कृपा करें | और तुरंत रिलायंस कम्पनी को आदेश दें कि CDMA सेवा बंद न करें | आशा है, जनहित और राष्ट्रहित में आप तुरंत कार्यवाही करेंगे | और 31-5-16 से सेवा बंद कर दि गयी है | जबकि कम्पनी ने इसकी वैधता तारीख 11-09-2017 तक दी हुई है | धन्यवाद ! आपसे नम्र निवेदन है कि ये सन्देश कृपया आपके सभी whatsapp Groups एवं Social Media सभी में इतना फैलाएं क़ि मोदी जी सुचना-प्रसारण मंत्री श्री रवि शंकरजी, TRAI सभी को पंहुच जाए [emoji378] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Due to a large section of buyers now opting to purchase GSM enabled CDMA device, I add another device for CDMA data provisioning. There are no special requirements to enable CDMA data on VZW G3. Root is not required. This is applicable to those users whose manual APN of #777 does not enable data. 1. From the dialpad, ##PROGRAM985, go to port test, switch it on. Diag mode will be ON. 2. With data enabled SIM inside, using DFS, go to data section and select, evdo_MFPA 3. Enable all the six profiles with omhtest@omh.relianceinfo.com in the MIP section fields and write. 4. May sometimes need to make APN as #777 if data does not start.
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    Jio has pan india spectrum in band 40 - 2300Mhz. It also has Band 5 - 850 Mhz sharing with Reliance. It further acquired in auction band 3 - 1800 Mhz in some circles. If Jio's 4G for Reliance CDMA upgrade customers is deployed on band 5, it will also deploy 4G in band 3 & 40. Otherwise what Jio will do with spectrum in band 3 & 40? My proposition is that a 4G handset with band 3 support should work in some circles & with band 40 support should work in all circles for data. (VOLTE will depend on handset support). Handset without VOLTE support should also work for voice as Jio has Pan India agreement with BSNL & Reliance Communication for 2G/3G voice fallback. So the conclusion is, All handset with particular deployed 4G band in respective circle but without VOLTE will latch on either BSNL or R COM GSM network for voice All handset with particular deployed 4G band in respective circle but with VOLTE will use Jio data network for Voice & will switch to 2G/3G voice fallback where Jio coverage ends. Is my understanding correct?
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    Jio working stable on Redmi Note 3 Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
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    GSM with 3G HSPA+ unlocked on LG Tribute5 LS675 using SPR LS990 method after root with Kingroot 4.8.3.apk. After placing node.db file in carrier folder, look for the cust.prop and edit the lines ro.cdma.home.operator to Chameleon and ro.numeric to 000000. Save and exit. This will bring GSM/UMTS selection option in mobile networks settings. Do not rename or delete any system files in Tribute 5. Only freeze them by de-bloater pc app. Do not unroot after GSM unlock process. To be safe, take a qcn backup in qpst before beginning this process. Sent from my K016 using Tapatalk
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    Run multiple accounts on various apps for Facebook, Whatsapp, etc (without root) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lbe.parallel.intl
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    Hi everyone. After long time I login again to rimweb. Yesterday during flipkart December offer Got this phone at rs18000-1000-1700-500=14800. Feeling like best deal crack. My previous HTC desire 700, started giving poor battery 🔋 backup on CDMA and some firmware issue. U ll find many review of this handset, but no one given this observation SIM 1. Airtel 4G, SIM 2. RCDMA. There is option to choose which SIM will be used for data service. Once I selected RCDMA, them other SIM change its network to EDGE MODE, SECONDLY POOR ****ING AIRTEL WONT ALLOWED ME CONNECT 4G network, then I changed SIM to 4G, and f*@ki#g airtel deactivated my sim, and got my mums activated on some unknown SIM. My observations says u can't use CDMA SIM and other SIM at 4G network standby mode. If R JIO launch pure 4G network with no fallback on, then this handset won't support. Regarding battery performance. With 100% to 15% with heavy usage on EVDO and 3G network data on after 16hrs. Charging with normal 1A charger it took 6hrs from 10% to 96%, although Gionee original charger is 2A , IR blaster working perfectly with my LCD and DTH STB. Day light and artificial light camera performance is very good. Selfie camera OK. Although it's quad core processor, but some times lack while switching between apps with Ram of 3GB. Sounds is loud, distortion at 100%volume level, Really missing HTC boom sound dual front speaker. Touch screen is not feeling like feather touch. Improvement expected 1)slightly faster processor 2)smooth touch panel 3) faster charging Good things 1) unique feature of using G+C, or c+g or G+G 2) support all current LTE bands. 3) highest battery 6020mAh 4) IR blaster 5) box is included all accessories ,headset(which generally missing in other Chinese brand like Xiaomi), flipcover, screenguard . I have fairly conclude that this handset won't support REV B, when using RCDMA it latch to only Rev A.
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    As of Now, I have 4 RGE blank SIM cards for giving away. I post it by postal service and do not charge any thing. Following conditions I put myself. 1. No PM for purchase, All the request are here only. 2. One sim for one person. 3. Selection of name by lottery. I will select 4 persons in draw on Saturday night and obtain their address on sunday post them on Monday. 4. As and When, i receive RGE sims, i will send reaming persons also by selecting on Draw basis. 5. Once a sim is send, I will remove that person name further draws. 6. No correspondence on this aspect. I will not reply for PMs or SMS, Whats's up for Blank RGE SIMs 7. Do not make any request for buy. If I am able to clear request of every person asked till Saturday night then only i will go for sale. 8. Those who wants to use in Andhra Pradesh, They can PM me. I will give them without draw, But those Sims works with Andhra Pradesh MDN only. I have 6 Andhra Pradesh SIMs as of now.
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    Really sad that people jump to post claiming giveaway but just dont feel to acknowledge the receipt of the item even after reminder. Anyways, keep the goog work going.
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    I forgot to say I am on 5.0 [emoji14] I forgot to say I am on 5.0 [emoji14] LollipopOdin flash cf-autoroot-G900p.tar, or use towel root. If no root access, then install UPDATE-Supersu-2.46.zip after flashing Odin openrecovery- Copy rooted NK4.zip and flash by twrp recovery. All hidden menu will work. *SRS-root, kingo root also works. Sent from my Droid Turbo
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    For Sprint Tribute:- ppp user=omhtest@omh.relianceinfo.com, ppp pass=S19121NB15CB112D in data in DFS also works. Disable all MIP profiles and make the first one active. This can be seen with SIM inside. For removing Sprint hands-free activation:- dial ##3282#>6digitMSL>go to device self service and erase all ip, proxy and port entries. If blank section is not permitted, use your own https://xxxxxxx, port=xx, ip=xxx.xx Phone will reboot and hands free activation is gone. Tested on RUIM pref mode with PRL 5 flashed while on NV mode. Happy flashing !!