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Found 41 results

  1. This guide will eliminate the process of HI-APN or any other APN backup apps, strings or scripts. Download the attachment apns-conf.xml on your desktop. This method works from 4.0.4 LF2 to MB1 4.1.2. Phone has to be rooted and bootloader unlocked. Install Root explorer.apk on the phone and place the file apns-conf.xml in system>etc folder. SU will grant permissions. This file contains APNs of the entire GSM networks worldwide, got it from Google code. 2G/3G will work as usual. This mod works on any custom ROM. 4.1.2 and rooting guide:- http://theunlockr.com/2013/04/02/how-to-root-the-verizon-samsung-galaxy-s-iii-running-android-4-1-2/ apns-conf.xml
  2. Reliance CDMA Andoid Tab EVDO

    The new Reliance CDMA Android Tab has better speeds on EVDO than my GS3. Looking desperately for USB drivers of the same. I want to extract the PRL from the TAB and want to read the NV of the TAB. Its Internationally known as AHA AHA Coolpad M31. just cant seem to locate drivers the same. can anyone please help regarding the same. it would benefit all CDMA EVDO users.
  3. New 3G (HSPA) Data Packs?

    i called reliance CC to find out about the 848 plan (10 gb / 30days), but was disappointed to find out that it was only for West Bengal but the CC told me about a few plans i've never heard off, it's not on the reliance website and i cant seem to be able to connect to reliance CC again here's the plans ( it maybe for my state only chhattisgarh) 1002 - 10gb / 30days 1200 - 15gb / 30 days 1500 - 6 gb / 90days (3000 or 5000 , i'm not sure) - 18gb / 180 days So , has anybody heard of these 3g (GSM)plans?
  4. Incoming calls on some Android phones using Reliance CDMA shows 0091xxxxxxxxxx, which the phone contacts may not recognise preventing outgoing calls in this format. I have devised a build.prop tweak which will revert back to 0xxxxxxxxxx number format with ease. Remember, always backup your build.prop before tweaking so we can switch it back when in trouble. 1. Using root explorer, from root file system locate the 'system' folder 2. go to build.prop and long press select open in text editor 3. opened, got to the line #ro.config.hwft_MatchNum=____ change from whatever to 7 ( RCDMA only accepts 7) #ro.config.hwft_MatchNumShort=____ Change from whatever to 7 more CDMA build.prop tweaks will be continued........
  5. I have a friend's Sprint Galaxy Nexus S 4G to be workable on RCDMA. MEID is registered well and clean confirmation SMS was recieved. After putting NAM manually, we contacted Reliance WW yesterday evening, as always Reliance system for MEID swap was down and assurance of 24 hours was given. The friend had a OMH ruim previously linked to his number. Query is as of now still the *228001 does not go though and says your phone cannot be activated. I have screencasted his MIN on his laptop, Can I manually update the MIN to start on Reliance network?
  6. Reliance presenting a plan exclusively for college student My College Plan.Get voice,SMS and social network access at very low rate with this special plan. Shout loud,sms and chat with your buddies all day and month with My College plan which comes for MRP Rs.16 and validity 30 days. This plan is applicable to only selected Indian colleges and maximum number of colleges are listed in the Reliance website. How To subscribe Just sms SUB to 51111 and enjoy these out-of-the-world services at just Rs. 16/- per month! At any point, if you wish to unsubscribe just sms UNSUB to 51111. Conditions: 1.You can be part of only one college group at a time. 2.Any data consumed by browsing external links from Facebook will be charged. 3.Unless Un-subscribed, the plan will auto-renew every 30 days. 4. Users interested in activating the plan for their connection must note that under the plan any browsing or access to external links through Facebook will be charged additionally as per existing data charges. http://www.newstelecom.info/2012/09/reliance-my-college-plan-calls-and-sms-5p-with-unlimited-facebook-and-whatsapp-access/
  7. Is it possible to transfer a number from a Netconnect+ card to an RUIM card?? I`ve unlocked my ZTE AC 2737 that came with Reliance and can now use it with RUIM but the pre programmed number in that card is not working now.. so, i`m thinking if i cud say to reliance that my data card got lost and ask them for an ruim card for the same number, i can use that also .. PS: I have backed up the NV,NAM Settings before unlocking and tried restoring it.. but now it picks up reliance signal(PRL Ok) but when i try to dial #777 it dials for a long time and then, gives error 628 remote comp dint respond???
  8. Hey i have just purchased a palm pixi plus from ebay.in, and seller send me phone already activated for reliance with a new number just went to service center and the guys there transferred my number on this handset. now the problem is that i am unable to find out solution for following things 1) Unable to access app catalog it says : The action could not be completed. Try again later Please tell me will i be able to use the catalog by any trick, if yes then please guide me ( please take me as a noob because i have very less experience in webos ) THANKS @akash for the fix 2) Unable to run apps which are somewhat heavy : Though the app catalog was not available I tried and managed to get ipk of games ( like angry birds and some other from web ), and installed them using webos quick install software, but when i tried opening the app they didn't open, their card just opend and the app icon was blinking forever, also I installed few small apps using preware and i was able to run them, but in preware there were some heavy apps like webosm ( web os maps ) which acted in the same way 3) How to update from web OS 1.4.0 to the latest version ( will updating it make me lose the reliance network and will i have to again make reliance work with some meid registration ) THANKS IN ADVANCE, PLEASE GUIDE ME AS I AM FRUSTRATED SPECIALLY BECAUSE OF SECOND ISSUE WHICH I HAVE WRITTEN
  9. Weirdly to my dismay... I am not able to locate any option to recharge my newly bought prepaid reliance 3g data card online on http://myservices.relianceada.com After registering with the site using my 3g sim number and clicking on online recharge, there is no option to recharge my 3g sim with any 3g data packs. I am particularly interested in 10 GB unlimited data recharge for Rs.1002/- which is listed here.. http://www.rcom.co.in/Rcom/personal/3G/HTML/PrepaidDataPacksUSB.html Any idea guys on how to recharge my 3g data card? What am i missing???
  10. I understand that the call rates in reliance are 0.012p/sec in my circle. So why is it that the balance is shown only upto 2 digits after decimal. eg Rs 21.56 /- ? Whereas other operators show the account balance upto 3 digits after decimal. eg.Rs 21.561 /- Even reliance has this facility in delhi circle.. So why not in Orissa circle ? When this is taken for a single individual, the figure might seem low., But for total of 38,92,072 subscribers in Orissa, for every second that each subscriber makes a call and reliance rounds it up to the next paise ( eg 0.012 p is shown in balance deducted as 0.02p) Reliance makes a profit of( Rs 0.008 x 38,92,072) = Rs 31136.57 UNETHICALLY. Correct me if I am wrong :-)
  11. I have samsung galaxy SL android phone, its my first 3g phone which i bought few weeks back. Whenever I am trying to make a video call it says out of 3g network, can anyone tell me how do i activage 3g network/video calling on my phone? I heard that on airtel you can simply activate it by sending an SMS, but I don't know how to do it on reliance GSM.
  12. Hi friends, Thanks for loads of wonderful information on this site. I am on reliance CDMA and looking for a new smartphone. Currently I am using verizon blackberry 8330 bought from Dr. Muffadal. ' Ideally, a good tablet with voice-calling is what I prefer - so that I can work on it while I talk (bluetooth). None found so far. Best handset I have figured is Samsung Galaxy Touch S2 Epic 4G. But unfortunately it is exceeding my budget (~20K). Is there any phone that is next best thing to this one - in the given budget? Or shall I wait a bit and go for this phone only? -- Regards, Nik
  13. Hi, I have newly purchased Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA on 11-October-2011. I got OMH SIM for rs 25 on same day got it activated immedietly. after inserting OMH card, phone is showing two signals, top one is showing as "EV" and below it is "1x" can anyone know or explain what this "EV" signal means??
  14. Hi , Inviting everybody to share views Which CDMA android phone using EVDO last the longest in battery
  15. My brother had a reliance gsm sim which he was not using so i took it from him. when i called reliance cc because i wanted to find out the 3g plans .... this is what i hear ( a recorded message) " You are listening to the default VoiceXML application. Congratulations, If you can hear this message your system is configured correctly" It's in an American female's voice and sometimes i hear this recorded message "This facility is not available on your reliance india prepaid. Please contact reliance customer care" (what!! i'm trying to call the cc itself. very confusing!) What is the problem ? has anyone faced this before? What is the solution? Are there any other reliance cc numbers? i tried 198, but it always says this route is busy.
  16. Hi, I bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 phone last week for my Reliance GSM connection, and after inserting the sim, I found that it says "No Network". I checked with other networks like Airtel, Vodafone, Uninnor, etc they all work perfectly. As soon as I inserted the sim card and switched on the phone, the network was detected. But with reliance sim it is not detecting the network. I went to reliance web world, and an employee check all the available sim's and the same thing, it does not work. The reliance sim works perfectly in other phones, but not in samsung galaxy s2. Anybody, is facing similar problem kindly help out. Thanks.